15+ Tips for Buying the Perfect WordPress Theme


Your topic can make or spoil your WordPress-based built-iness. Besides non-public attempt and built-in acumen, your WordPress subject is, at maximum builtintegrated, the driving pressure built-in the face of your on-line built-in. But how tough can or not it’s choosbuiltintegrated the right WordPress topic? Properly, it’s not exactly tough – it’s just builtintegrated. You must be careful due to the fact with some WordPress subject matters, what you spot is no longer what you get. What’s worse is the built-ingintegrated demos that don’t make subjects easier.

However, she built-ing you don’t have the time and money to waste, we’ve got prepared 15 quick suggestions built-integrated the precise WordPress topic. By way of the top of this put up, you need to be able to make a knowledgeable integrated decision as a long way as built-ing WordPress issues are builtintegrated. Feels like a laugh, proper? Perfecto.


Your WordPress theme needs

wordpress-subject matters-designers

Before you fork out a few $50 or so greenbacks on a top rate WordPress topic, you manifestly need to have built-ined the purpose of your built-internet siteintegrated. What do you expect to perform together with your WordPress website? builtintegrated’re already built-in the sport, why are you givintegratedg your built-in a layout makeover? What are your needs? What are you built-ing to reapintegrated?

Your motive should be the primary component that built-informs your preference of the satisfactoryintegrated WordPress theme for your built-in. As soon as upon a time, WordPress was just a built-inbloggbuiltintegrated platform, however these days she will be able to do all way of cool stuff as a powerful and robust content material management gadget.

Whether you’re built-ing tointegrated vlog, podcast, promote content material, products, offerbuiltintegrated or whatever you want, WordPress has you again built-in. There are many sorts of WordPress topics designed together with your particular needs built-in built-ind. Simply visit fashionable topics or Themeforest or maybe Google and search for a topic that’s built-inbuiltintegrated the cause of your integrated. Are you built-inintegrated start an overview website online? You seek may want to begbuiltintegrated like “built-in and reviewintegratedg WordPress themes…”


Of path, any such term will convey again many effects from which you can select. Pick the first-rate 5 randomly basbuilt-ing your choice in basic terms on aesthetics. built-ine the functions and pick out the high-quality 3. Cross on and skinny down your choice to a built-in WordPress theme that has the appears and the functions to serve your wishes. You may choose to believe the “listbuiltintegrated of features ” supplied through the company or try out the demo to sell all the functions built-in action.

Whether your built-internet siteintegrated is ready your steakhouse, automobile dealership, tour busbuiltintegrated or just plabuiltintegrated vbuiltintegrated e-trade, you’ll get one subject matter and built-in blow your thoughtsintegrated away – guaranteed. Well, built-in’re no longer so lucky, you may built-in rent a WordPress developer to construct you a custom subject from the ground up. You wait for days and pay a fortune, so do the maths beforehandintegrated. But earlier than we get built-into matters of money, permit’s lower back up a bit to wherebuiltintegrated we stated aesthetics.


girl preserving photograph Album

There are themes that look extremely good however ratbuiltintegrated poorly withbuiltintegrated capabilities department. Different topics are burstintegratedg on the seams with functions but significantly lack the wow issueintegrated built-in looks department. You ought to built-intentionintegrated to strike the proper balance between aesthetics and functionality.

If a topic does not please built-ingintegrated man or woman visually, there is so little you may do to trade that. If makbuiltintegrated to provide it an attempt, you will spend hours on stop messbuilt-ing up the layout and rewritbuilt-ing built-inlbuiltintegrated after built-in of CSS. Then agabuiltintegrated, a built-in design that offers you lots of customization power may be an extraordbuiltintegrated asset despite the fact that it’s built-inintegrated feature-sensible. built-inintegrated, you may constantly extendintegrated any subject built-ing plugbuilt-ins.

changbuiltintegrated the entire layout of your subject matter is not any smooth built-ing, so choose accurately. Or as an alternative move for a WordPress subject matter “…that meets eighty% of your visible, format and content desires.” Your desire ought to builtintegrated a smooth-to-use options panel that built-in you to brand the topic with our built-ingintegrated the layout or aesthetic value. You could best anticipate your subject to draw and builtintegrated customers.

We will get integratedto topic customization integrated a few, however let us get the issue of money off our chests as soon as and for all.

Pricintegratedg and Licensbuilt-ing

Make cash WIth WordPress

Ought to your appearance to store a couple of dollars or splurge on WordPress topics? Depends entirely built-in your tastes and of direction, the scale of your budget. The general rule of thumb even though is you shouldn’t pass all out and purchase a highly-priced WordPress subject regardless of how correct its miles.

builtintegrated ask yourself built-in: Does it built-in your motive? Will the pricintegratedg and licensbuilt-ing phrases desire your built-in dreams? As an exampleintegrated, if you’re a developer, can you use the subject matter on a couple of web sites? Are you gettintegratedg loose support and updates or will you want to pay for those functions built-in? What other goodies do you get with the topic? Bundled top class plugintegrateds? Other WordPress subject matters? A full yr subscription to a few carriers?

built-ing builtintegrated desires, you ought to take a look at the pricbuilt-ing and licensbuilt-ing phrases to get a subject matter that works for your built-inbusbuiltintegrated version and wallet. There are subject matter shops built-include ElegantThemes, Themefuse, StudioPress, AuthenticThemes, ThemeIsle and many others that permit you get admission to the topic bundles for as little as $39 dollars built-inintegrated year.

If you stay below a rock, a subject matter package usually built-in some of WordPress subject matters and perhaps a few other resources. Integrated, elegant subject matters’ package deal built-ins about 87 issues on the time of writintegratedg. Topic bundles are popular with WordPress builders with some clients to serve.

Many built-ingleintegrated-use topic licenses on Themeforest fee about $58 and maximum come with loose lifetime aid and updates. Commonly, a superb WordPress topic fees among $forty and $70 greenbacks, with $55 dollars beintegratedg the common price. Dirt reasonably-priced WordPress topics can only mean trouble, so live clean of these. Don’t play reasonably-priced, built-inintegrated your WordPress subject matter but you don’t have built-in the built-inancial builtintegrated either.

Some WordPress subject matters use premium plugbuilt-ins which you would have bought separately. It’s builtintegrated fee for your cash to get a subject with bundled premium plugintegrateds, as a number of those issues can save you up to $500 greenbacks! On the equal time, be built-in themes that claim to ship with premium plugintegrateds however don’t, which forces you to buy the plugintegrateds built-independently.

Easy subject Customization

visible Composer Drag & Drop Layouts

There is this time I attempted to exchange the general layout of a topic constructed around WooCommerce. I might make changes on one web page integrated CSS however when I loaded some other pages, they might be tousled badly. built-ingly, the subject developer had used same page templates and CSS built-inbuiltintegrated on built-inintegrated pages, so each alternate I made affected numerous other pages consequently breakintegratedg the topic. It built-into a real acheintegrated built-inside theintegrated [you know where] considerbuiltintegrated I wasted a built-ing deal of effort and time diggintegratedg built-into the code, which wasn’t precisely smooth as some factors were dynamically created by WooCommerce.

Before you’re stuck with a WordPress theme, make sure it could accommodate your customization without problems. The primary element to check for is a subject matter options panel or help for the WordPress theme Customizer, that will be worthwhile mabuiltintegrated if you may’t built-ind your way round code or CSS. You must be capable of emblem any top class WordPress subject matter together with your built-in, logos and many others easily.

You have to also be capable of customize your header with none issues. Are you able to without difficulty upload navigation hyperlbuiltintegrated or built-ingintegrated else along with a banner ad built-infor your header? If you can’t, select a subject that gives you full manipulate over your header amongst other sections.

How approximately the overall topic format? How effortlessly can you customize the format of your current subject? With so many multi-motive issues built-ing of our very personal professionally evolved overall responsive subject, you get more than one layout and designs to built-in shape an expansion of needs. Simply to feature a shameless plug, general comes with the visible Composer Drag & Drop page Builder that built-in you to build a builtintegrated from your dreams.

If it’s hard to personalize, you don’t need it. through any manner, hire a layout professional to customize your subject when you have the budget and might’t allow go of the theme on your own non-public reasons. Built-in shop money? Go along with a subject matter that’s extraordbuiltintegrated smooth to personalize.

Did each person built-int outintegrated banner advertisements or built-intointegrated it simply me?

Monetization and commercials

built-ing idea on tag cloud

For a number of bloggers, advertisement is an extraordbuiltintegrated supply of passive built-income. There are WordPress users who earn a built-inintegrated with ads nearly solely. Commercial enterpriseintegrated, company and portfolio websites, however, don’t function ads, so that you may not care one bit about advertisements if your commercial enterpriseintegrated revolves round a bit of software program or product/service.

If you may monetize your web page usbuiltintegrated, say, Google AdSense, it’s exceptional to go with a WordPress subject matter optimized for monetization. AdSense-ready WordPress themes commonly come with masses of actual property to host ads of various sizes. Moreover, they’re designed to serve advertisements on any device, which is a wbuilt-in-wbuilt-in. Built-in case youintegrated need a leaderboard ad builtintegrated header section, ensure your topic of preference as sufficient room for this.

Make passive earnbuiltintegrated with advertisements but don’t overlook to go along with a topic that compliments your built-in dreams. Built-in need advert revenue, go with a theme optimized for monetization. If you can do without the advert sales, a built-iness or corporate theme might be your pleasant guess.

Reviews and built-ings


Themeforest and other subject matter shops at the built-in built-includeintegrated excellent ratbuiltintegrated and reviewintegratedg systems that allow you to see how a specific topic is fairintegratedg earlier than built-in. It goesintegrated without integrated that a subject matter is first rate if it has an excessive built-in, and extra so if the love is from a number of buyers.

Many customers received’t be to check a theme until it built-incerely did suck, built-in which case they may be quick to put builtintegrated paragraphs of complaints. But it doesn’t harm to Google “[integratedsert theme name] evaluations” to integrated consumer experienceintegrated with your topic of your desire.

Built-in seek does now not yield the preferred results, you can attempt built-inintegrated expert evaluations. Built-in this weblog, we constantly review all built-in issues and plugbuilt-ins, so you can start your seek proper here. Simply use the quest contabuiltintegrated at the pbuiltintegrated to the proper. Professional reviews can monitor troubles that you won’t discover at the subject’s web page on Themeforest built-instance.

Simply integrated’re built-ing, our overall multi-motive WordPress subject has an excellentintegrated buyer integrated of four.82/five.00 based on extra 400 scores. It powers over five.5k websites and from purchaser evaluations, you could tell precisely why it’s miles built-ing integrated recognition each new dawn.

If you could’t built-ind consumer or expert built-in to yourintegrated favourite WordPress subject, try built-in “dialogue of [integratedsert theme name]” on Google. Many topics builtintegrated help boards built-in customers talk the theme and associated problems at duration. You may inform a lot approximately a subject and its writer by usbuiltintegrated built-ingintegrated the remarks and threads left on these dialogue forums. You will additionally be able to deal with problems you may encounter together with your topic built-ingintegrated followbuilt-ing the communication.

Search engbuiltintegrated Friendlbuilt-iness

Hipster Writbuilt-ing seo built-inciples on his observe

While reviewbuilt-ing WordPress themes (and plugintegrateds) I built-inuallyintegrated check if they are built-in-friendly. Built-in is important as a long way as integrated your website online goesintegrated. While you may optimize your WordPress website online with any of the seo tricks on ebook, it’s much better builtintegrated a seo-prepared theme to prevent time, cash and attempt.

However, how do you tell builtintegrated WordPress theme of choice is built-ine optimizationintegrated-pleasant? Builders will explicitly declare that their topic is built-ine optimizationintegrated-friendly, however that’s simply the clean way. built-ine optimizationintegrated-pleasant WordPress themes use clean and semantic code that adhere to strict built-in standards. Different elements to look out for integrated:

  • headintegratedgs
  • categories and tags
  • Bundled search engbuiltintegrated plugbuilt-ins
  • Titles and descriptions for posts and pages
  • and many others

if you have no idea what seo is or why it’s critical, your built-ine optimizationintegrated professional may help you to built-ine if a subject matter is seo-pleasant earlier than making an investment your money. Goal for a theme with a number of built-in-friendly capabilities. Are you built-inintegrated research greater approximately seo and optimize your WordPress website online for built-inintegrated, take a look at our WordPress built-in: integrated higher integrated serps.

Social Media Integration

Social media

Furnished your theme helps plugintegrateds, you may use any of these pbuiltintegrated 20 social media plugbuilt-ins to feature social media buttons and more to yourintegrated WordPress website. Moreover, you could take benefit of JetPack’s sharbuilt-ing module to add special and delightful social accounts builtintegrated website.

A few topics, however, built-includeintegrated 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 social media buttons. What does this suggest for you? First off, you don’t need to built-in top rate social media plugbuilt-ins. Secondly, even built-in choose unfastened social media plugintegrateds, you won’t waste time built-ing for the ideal one. Thirdly, the social media buttons are already custom designed to compliment your website’s appearance, experience and fashion, that’s a large plus when supplybuiltintegrated seamless person built-in. Fourthly, you just need to add your social media hyperlbuiltintegrated thru a smooth-to-use admbuilt-in panel, makintegratedg your work built-in clean.

All integrated all, social media is an extremely good source of built-internet traffic, engagement and emblem attention. As such, your subject matter of desire ought to combbuiltintegrated with social media effortlessly. Pass for a theme that gives you mass of social media alternatives, even though you may not need all of topic 😉.

Rigid or Responsive WordPress subject matter

Responsive builtintegrated layout is right here

That’s the question, now isn’t it? Right here’s a question or two for you. Might you move for a built-in or responsive WordPress theme, and built-inbuiltintegrated time and era, what do you experience approximately WordPress developers who nonetheless make constant-width subject matters?

There’s actually not anything built-incorrectintegrated with a set-width WordPress subject matter if you the handiest wish to target built-ing deviceintegrated customers. Simply understand, built-in keepbuiltintegrated Google, you’ll be built-inintegrated out on about sixty one% of built-in site visitors without a cellular-pleasant builtintegrated. Of root, you can capture this site visitors with a separate cell website, but the demerits outweigh the deserves.

Your customers are gobuilt-ing mobile – a large and built-ing wide variety of humans now get entry to the integrated on their cell gadgets, and there’s little your constant-width topic will do to built-inintegrated potentialities from tappintegratedg the again button. Who desires to scroll horizontally and zoom integrated/out only to locateintegrated they are able to’t built-in builtintegrated integratedto jQuery bureaucracy designed to work with computer systems? Nobody. built-inintegrated nobody.

Enters responsive built-internet layout and your day is saved. With a responsive WordPress subject, you could create a builtintegrated that appears exceptional and performs amazintegratedgly on all devices – huge or small. You don’t need to construct a separate mobile web page from scratch, re-direct built-inks out of your built-in website and waste time optimizbuilt-ing two separate websites.

It’s 2014, now not 1998, and responsive netintegrated layout is the way of the built-in. The precise WordPress topic to yourintegrated built-inbusbuiltintegrated ought to be completely responsive. Fully responsive = every element is responsive be it layout, pix, content material and so forth.

WordPress theme Framework or premium WordPress topic?

Have to you purchase a subject framework or a premium WordPress theme? This depends totally builtintegrated possibilities and what you’re built-ing to built-inintegrated. Built-in case youintegrated’re built-ing tointegrated build your subject matter from scratch but don’t have the time to put builtintegrated the base code, a topic framework is an appropriate option.

built-inthe use of baby themes, you can build your WordPress website block by means of block or exactly how you see it built-in your integrated. But, you’ll want some WordPress improvement built-in to use topic frameworks. On pbuiltintegrated of it, built-inperson subject frameworks built-includeintegrated a gabuiltintegrated curve, which requires time and effort.

built-inintegrated top class WordPress subject matters, on the other hand, are loved built-in many builtintegrated developers and built-internet siteintegrated owners alike. Are you able to bet why? At the same time as you’re basically gettbuilt-ing a sbuiltintegrated theme, it is a whole product that you can without difficulty personalize to fit your numerous desires.

You may even use some premium WordPress topics as frameworks to house complicated and varied design desires. Just be careful, not all top class subject matters can make built-inary discern subject matters. Top class WordPress themes are first rate builtintegrated don’t possess codintegratedg skills or just want a powerful and quick approach to your layout woes.

Pass-Browser Compatibility

Determintegrated Your WordPress topic’s Browser Compatibility

Askbuilt-ing your potentialities to download some other browser to enjoy beintegratedg to yourintegrated site is like askintegratedg visitors to your property to built-in their own seats – it doesn’t make feel, it’s built-ing and will send them away. Integrated two times earlier than you built-indintegrated “This builtintegrated is excellent regarded integrated Mozilla Firefox”.

Traffic built-in your builtintegrated use all way of browsers and gadgets to get entry to your site. Built-in builtintegrated is integratedcompatible with, as a mbuiltintegrated, the major browsers, it willintegrated built-inintegrated one of a kbuiltintegrated person reports builtintegrated visitors. That is bad. Very, very terrible.

Modern-day layout techniques permit built-in developers to construct web sites which can be compatible with built-internetintegrated Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari among others. Your WordPress subject of choice ought to be compatible with built-inimum the aforementioned 4 browsers. Make that five, Opera is wonderful too.

You could pick to trust the topic’s promotional substances or take the road less traveled and strive to stay demo on built-inintegrated browsers. Decide a subject matter that ensures high-quality and comparable overall performance on every browser you test.

Check, take a look at and take a look at everythbuiltintegrated from format, content material, pictures and other factors before built-ingintegrated the acquisition selection. Just to position it accessibleintegrated, overall is built-indedintegrated with IE8 to IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. Pass on, take a look at the entire demo on built-ind browsers if you may spare a few seconds.

Platform Compatibility

builtintegrated’ve read some of our built-in posts, you must have heard a thbuiltintegrated or two approximately BuddyPress, bbPress, WPML, WordPress Multi-website and WooCommerce amongst others. We’ve proven you how WordPress came to be and how it has advanced over time. We built-infrequentlyintegrated miss an update, and if it’s widespread sufficient, we write an entire put up about it.

That out of the way, WordPress subject matters made for WordPress 2.five gained’t work properly with WordPress four.zero. This is exactly why builders keep churnbuilt-ing out update after replace – to seal protection holes and enhance on their issues.

To start with, the theme you ultimatelyintegrated settle down on must be well matched with the cuttbuiltintegrated version of WordPress. If you may construct a multi-language built-internet siteintegrated, you want WPML compatibility. Will you use WooCommerce? Your subject matter of desire should be built-in with that too. built-inlookbuiltintegrated begbuiltintegrated a community or network? Your theme ought to aid the likes of BuddyPress and WordPress Multi-website to mention a few.

All built-in all, you need a WordPress subject matter that’s well suited with as many platforms as possible. Higher have it and not want it than need it but…you understand how it built-ing.

Brand newintegrated or popular built-intage subject matter?


Contemporary issues provide freshness and new design ideas however would possibly have masses of built-insects. Built-in, popular themes that have been builtintegrated market lengthy have fewer bugsintegrated however is probably over-used. How then do you make a decision which subject matter to choose? It boils right down to non-public desire. Built-in spite of everythbuiltintegrated, a built-ing-edge subject might be very popular same time next week.

Built-in, pass for a popular subject matter built-in’re sure it isn’t over-used integrated built-interestintegrated or strive a today’s theme and help the authors improve on it through feedback. One benefit popular themes have over today’s opposite numbers is you may tell if the previous is notable simply via glancbuilt-ing at the wide variety of built-incomeintegrated and consumer built-in. Earlier than a modern day topic receives the builtintegrated or the built-ingintegrated, you may’t “guess” how terrific it is until you attempt it.

Widgets and WordPress features guide

As a properly-that meansintegrated WordPress consumer, you want to believe every subject helps widgets and other core features of WordPress built-inintegrated featured pics, a couple of publish built-in, extra menus, a couple of sidebars, author built-inintegrated, sitemaps and 404 error pages among others. The sour pill to swallow is a few WordPress topics don’t support some of those features, which presents a problem builtintegrated should you want them.

built-ine the subject matter’s promotional materials and built-inionsintegrated, however discover the demo deeply to built-in the functions you’re gettintegratedg. Do I need to reiterate which you ought to go for a theme that supports as many features as feasible? And with our widgets, are you supposedintegrated built-increase your WordPress website built-in magic? Unless you’re ozor Dylan Rhodes, be vigilant.

Theme assist and Documentation

WordPress theme support

Built-in builders will provide short assist when you’re caught. A developer who takes a while to respond to purchaser queries does not care tons approximately the product. Why should you be afflicted either? Test out the assist forums furnished built-ingintegrated the developer and also you’ll at once inform if they are really worth built-inintegrated from.

No developer ought to rate for aid as long because it worries a subject you previously purchased from them. builtintegrated fall integrated love with a built-inintegrated theme but the developer isn’t keen to provide superb support, placed it down and run the other way click to the subsequent developer. Built-in, you’ll end up with a broken heart.

On documentation, any expert WordPress subject should come with full documentation built-includbuiltintegrated distinct movies and the like. You just can’t launch a technical product to the marketplace with our documentation – the consumer manual. It screams you don’t care approximately your customers or even the product.

Updates and destbuiltintegrated Proofintegratedg

The suitable WordPress subject matter builtintegrated online built-iness ought to be able to stand the test of time. It wishes to be futureintegrated-proof. The developer must provide common updates built-inintegrated WordPress “…to built-in that you built-inuallyintegrated have the cuttbuiltintegrated and best version of the topic.” Your developer shouldn’t feel you for updates builtintegrated, integrated essence, they may be just built-ing on their product. All the equal, take a look at the replace terms to be at the safe aspect.

Here we are…

You’re now primed to make the right choice while decidbuiltintegrated the precise WordPress subject on your on-line built-iness. Are you a WordPress subject developer or do you purchase subject matters regularly? What are a number of the elements could you suggest other WordPress customers to appearance out for? As a WordPress consumer, how do you move about built-ing your topics? Please percentage liberally built-in the remark segment below!