3 Things to Look for Before Hiring a Mold Removal Company


Mold is a common problem in buildings that an earthy or musty odor or visible signs can identify. Buildings with high moisture, inadequate ventilation, or stagnant water are vulnerable to mold growth. Mold looks terrible and leads to serious problems like damage to your property, health issues, and odors problems. Mold growth is commonly indicated by discoloration and leaching in drywall.

 Mold Removal Company

Suppose you are concerned that mold is present in your home. In that case, you need to hire a trained professional to conduct indoor air quality (IAQ) investigations and determine what structural issues may be causing mold problems. The mold removal must only be done by a trained and licensed mold removal expert. With so many untrained contractors, finding the right expert for the job is necessary.

To ensure you hire the right mold removal professional, here are some easy things to remember when choosing a restoration contractor.

  1. Know how they conduct pre & post-indoor air quality testing.

Most professionals conduct pre and post-indoor air quality testing for mold as part of the mold removal process. If necessary, some of them use an independent, 3rd party mold inspector to perform air quality testing before and after the job has been completed. Whether the company calls a mold inspector or does its testing, ensure a qualified and approved lab verifies the air quality reports. Moreover, if mold is visible, it is not required to conduct air quality testing as soon as the remediation contractor arrives on site. This is simply a waste of money.

  1. Please get to know their credentials, training, and insurance.

Mold removal companies are required by law to get industry certification. The remediation companies must obtain a license and share their industry certifications and the organizations they belong to. They should belong to a relevant association and have a comprehensive insurance policy. Ensure the company you hire has insurance to protect your home, and their technicians should also be insured if an accident happens in your home. Checking for the right credentials for their expertise and insurance is necessary to ensure that the company knows various cleaning and restoration techniques, surfaces, cleaners, chemicals, etc. Properly certified contractors know cleaning and restoration methods and chemicals and use only non-toxic, Eco-friendly natural products.

  1. Ask for references and check reviews.

One of the best ways to know the level of experience and quality of work is by looking at the company’s past clients’ references. Moreover, check a company’s website for testimonials and read online reviews. Please find out how long the company has been doing business and how much experience their employees have.

The reviews will let you know about the mold removal process they use. The best mold removal company uses safe cleaning agents during remediation. Also, before hiring any mold remediation company, ensure no complaints are filed against them. You may also contact the licensing office to verify any record of work practice violations against the company.