4 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor


No matter how old or new it is, every house will have some maintenance issues over time. They can range from normal window repair to complicated renovation services. Doing it yourself is a sheer time waste and can cost you more if not done correctly. But by hiring a contractor offering expert renovation services, you get an assurance of completion of tasks timely and efficient. The professional contractors are experienced and have the desired skills to carry out various household jobs, maintenance work of commercial buildings, and other renovation services.

Not choosing the right contractor can take a toll on your budget and property. But wasting too much time setting up appointments with different contractors is also not recommended. Rather, have a checklist of a few questions ready and shortlist the best from the lot easier and hassle-free based on the answers you get.

Question 1: How long have you been in the business?

Asking this question is important as an indicator of their experience, quality of work, and service reliability. A contractor, who has been successfully running the business for a long time, typically does good work. An experienced contractor would be seen to be more committed to the job. However, not treating this as the only parameter to judge the best one, keep reading through for more questions to serve as a better parameter.

Question 2: What will be the cost and time duration of the project?

Be sure to ask the contractor if they charge per hour or project. If the work scope is small, paying per hour is better, whereas paying per project will be more beneficial with a series of tasks in line. Ask the contractor if the fee must bmustsited in parts or in full after completicompleting the job. A contractor demanding full payment before the job completion is a red flag and should be immediately dropped. Moreover, do not forget to ask about the estimated time duration when the job will be completed. Be sure to stipulate them in your contract.

Question 3: Can you give me a list of your previous clients?

Asking for the contractor’s work portfolio is a great way to check its authenticity and professionalism. You can do online research and look out for customer ratings. The best way would be to contact people who have had prior dealing with the contractor and can provide you first-hand reviews and give more details regarding the contractor’s ethics, punctuality, flexibility, and quality of services. A contractor refusing to provide you with references shouldn’t be relied upon.

Question 4: Do you have a license and liability insurance?

Ensure the local government duly licenses the contractor to undertake renovation projects. Bogus contractors tend to lie about their license numbers, so double-check with the concerned authorities. Additionally, make sure they have liability insurance to free you from the liability of any injuries caused to the contractor or the team while on the job. It protects them and keeps you safe, from any legal charges that may arise in case of a mishap.