Android O to be The Last OS Update For OnePlus 3 And 3T


Putting an end to various speculations over the net about future software updates for the OnePlus 3 and 3T, a senior company executive confirmed in a Q&A session on Friday that Android O might be the remaining key Android OS update for the OnePlus 3 and 3T.

Now, both gadgets will receive the imminent Android O, and consumers should not expect any important OS update after Android O, while phones will continue to receive security updates. According to Oliver Z, OnePlus’ head of product, the open beta software may move to the sparkling OnePlus 5 after the Android O update is rolled out to the OnePlus 3 and 3T.

Android O to be The Last OS Update For OnePlus 3 And 3T

“Android O goes to be the closing Android model replacement we will launch for the OP3/3T. We’ll continue to release protection patch updates for the foreseeable destiny and assist with a man or woman utility update. After the OP3/3T is updated to Android O, we will transfer the Open Beta Program from OP3/3T to OP5,” Oliver Z

brought. During the Q&A, OnePlus announced its plan to quickly push the August security patches to the OnePlus three and OnePlus 3T gadgets. Those patches will cross life in over a month, and the agency will trouble Oxygen OS 4. Five for each smartphone. As with Oliver Z, the company will best use the open beta application for the OnePlus 5 after rolling out the Android O replacement for the three/3T.


OnePlus 3/3T users can be pretty disenchanted with this declaration as both devices aren’t that old. So, there’s no confirmation from the organization about the discharge date of Android O for these gadgets. Still, as per numerous media reviews, OnePlus may additionally push it out earlier than 2017 is over.

Best Android Widgets

If you’re looking for accessible quality Android widgets, this article is just what you want. Here, I have even presented the most modern ones of the entirety. The domain of Linux has extended to the cell platform with the launch of Android smartphones. It is the exceptional Samsung Android OS that has hit the marketplace nowadays.

The first-rate thing about Android phones is the large software packages that you can run on them. You may select from over 100,000 programs available inside the Android marketplace. This includes a range of productivity and entertainment applications, widgets, and video games.

Best Widgets on Android

A cell OS platform’s strength is examined through the applications that may be run on it. Android-based phones are smoother in operation compared to most other cellular working systems and offer better multitasking functionality. Recognizing the wishes of the modern-day person, several Android programs have evolved. There are video games, productivity programs, and widgets, making your life less complicated.


If you are a regular Twitter consumer, you want the Twidroyd widget. It lets you submit your tweets at the pass and preserve the Twitterati music with whom you comply.

Android Agenda

Do you want an Android Agenda widget if you need a widget that can store songs, remind you of your upcoming meetings, and offer a reference calendar?

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One of the things you want to consider when using your phone is battery life. The battery life widget continues because of the amount of price that stays on your cell phone battery. It could be very on hand.

Data Counter

With 3G and 4G Internet connections available on Android smartphones, one needs a widget that can keep track of the number of downloaded or uploaded records using the phone. That is precisely what ‘Data Counter’ can do for you. This software can help you keep track of your net utilization.

Pure Grid Calendar

If you want a calendar reference, you need the Pure grid calendar widget. This calendar application allows you to keep track of days.

Snowstorm Weather

In iciness, it helps if you have the latest snowfall forecasts for your area. You will have them introduced immediately for your Android cell phone using the Snowstorm Weather widget.

HTC Weather and Clock

If you need to understand the weather updates, the first-class one to choose is the HTC weather and clock widget.

Stock Android

Are you investing in the inventory marketplace? Then, you will need the inventory Android widget, which can provide you with today’s data regarding stock market trends.

mac os

Post It Desk Widget

Do you forget stuff all of the time, like me? Then, the Post It Desk widget is just for you. In the form of a stick be aware graphic, it stays on display with a list of obligations that you can add daily. Install this one and overlook approximately forgetting stuff.


If you would like to convert your Android telephone into an Internet radio station, you need the Pandora widget. This one gives you direct access to Pandora Internet radio, which serves you with the song chosen according to your favorite genre. With this one, you can sign in and pay attention to your preferred artists anytime. If you’re a tuna lover, this widget is recommended for setup.

So, those are some of the first-rate widgets you ought to get mounted to your smartphone. With their addition, you could genuinely harness the energy that your cell phone provides at your disposal. As Android packages are involved, this is only the start. As the smartphone era evolves and the Android platform improves, we can count on the boxes to be even more effective in the coming years. Make sure to test several of the Android apps above and set them up on your phone.

Android OS For PC

Are you aware that there may be a model of Android OS for personal computers now? Read this newsletter to learn all about taking Android for a spin on your PC. Google’s solution to Symbian and iOS is Android. It is a Linux avatar for mobile telephones and portable gadgets like tablet computers. The Linux pedigree means that portability is inherent in this operating device.

Very few people in Android fan groups understand that Android OS for a PC has been a fact since August 2009. The Android developer group launched a stay CD for PC users, which allowed them to check the prowess of this new running gadget. Now, custom-designed distributions of the modern-day Android running structures are made available online, free of charge. The Android-x86 internet site, hosted via a community of builders, affords cutting-edge custom-designed Android apps for computers.

The idea of a stay CD lets you test a working machine despite having an efficiently installed operating device on your PC. So, people who are contemplating switching to a new operating gadget can check it out before deciding to migrate over to it completely.

If you feel like checking out the Android OS earlier than shopping for an Android phone, getting a stay CD or live USB version and jogging is the satisfactory way to test it. Making this live CD or stay USB model available increased the credibility of the operating gadget among the masses. That’s precisely what the parents at Android-x86 have done for you. If you want the stay CD version, you can deploy it to your netbook, computer, or PC as a standalone or opportunity-running gadget. Let us see how you can cross about it.