5 Best Software Development Tools You’ll Want to Use


Despite the pandemic, the number of software development jobs grew in January 2021.

Experts predict that within the US the IT industry will continue to hire new talent at a rate of 11%. Those jobs include developers, managers, testers, and quality assurance.

Software Development Tools

Yet even with this increase, competition for employment will be tough.

Candidates need to stand out from others. They must have a broad range of experience using the latest software development tools. Those who don’t or who aren’t certified risk losing out.

This article highlights the top software development tools 2021 has to offer.

We highlight the pros and cons of software development tools like Embold and Slack. You’ll find out why Visual Studio Code is one of the best editors available. And how to manage Agile developer teams through the Canvas Tool.

Read on to discover the best tools you need to try before applying for those software development jobs.

Top Software Development Tools 2021

We’ve picked 5 of this year’s best tools to create, manage, test, and deploy software applications.

Each offers excellent functionality and value for its type. We’ve also considered how the tool integrates within a larger suite and its learning curve.

Whether you a developer or manager, be sure to visit each link to see how these software development tools can benefit your team.

1. Visual Studio Code

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code tool is a coding editor designed to get you developing within minutes.

You can use VS Code to write in multiple programming languages like Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, and more. The tabbing system makes working in several projects at once a breeze and the default dark theme’s great for your eyes.

The best thing about this tool is the price — Visual Studio Code is free!

It works on Windows, Linux, and macOS (10.10+) platforms and comes with built-in Github support. The free Live Share Extension Pack even lets you collaborate in real-time with your team. That includes integrated text and audio chat.

VS Code Pros and Cons

The main advantages of Visual Studio Code include:

  • Free to use
  • Automatic code coloring
  • IntelliSense auto code completion
  • Built-in code debugger and quick fixes
  • Compare changes to your code within the same window

Compared to other code editors like Notepad++ or Brackets, VS Code stands strong. It’s a feature-rich tool that lets an independent programmer or those in a team quickly develop apps.

However, there are reports of it heating-up your computer over extended periods of use. Also, the Command Pallete is a little confusing and difficult to use.

2. Embold Static Code Analysis

Embold is a static code analysis tool that flags any issues that it finds.

It detects up to thirty anti-pattern design issues that often lead to errors and unmaintainable code. It can also debug up to forty times faster than other debuggers and shows you how they affect the codebase.

Embold’s Metric system quantifies the quality of your code for languages such as Java, C, and TypeScript.

These metrics calculate the total lines of code, the number of methods, and foreign data providers. Results are then visualized for you to spot issues and include code snippets for context.

Embold Pros and Cons

Embold is an excellent debugging tool that can integrate with your favorite IDE like Android Studio.

Software architects can identify any future problems based on the current codebase. Managers can ensure the quality of projects and create high-quality releases with error-free code.

However, Embold costs $70 per month. It doesn’t work on Android or iOS devices. And its mobile app development debugging isn’t as strong.

3. Lean Portfolio Management Canvas Tool

Technically this isn’t a software development tool but is a process to create and maintain enterprise-class apps.

Lean Portfolio Management describes how managers combine Agile development teams with business strategies. It centers on three main principles:

  1. Maximizing value for shareholders
  2. Preventing bottlenecks in production
  3. Removing obstacles to improve delivery cycle times

The Scaled Agile Framework helps companies develop enterprise-class software in a short timeframe. SAFe portfolio managers collaborate with one or many Agile teams through a range of Canvas tools.

These tools help to map the strategic goals of the project to match the portfolio’s vision.

The SAFe portfolio canvas defines value streams, propositions, solutions, customers, and budgets. These values form the basis of how the portfolio is managed and ensures a quality product when delivered.

4. Slack Management

Slack is an online management tool that promises to ‘bring your team together’.

Projects are managed within Channels so you can easily group communications together. You can chat through messaging, video calls, and audio calls. And it also works on mobile devices.

Slack is best known for its Integrations.

These apps come at no additional cost but help to better connect your teams. For example, Productivity Integrations include Zendesk, Github, and Google Drive. Development Integrations cover ClickUp, Crashlytics, and Workbot.

Slack Pros and Cons

Slack has over 12 million active daily users because it lets you:

  • Collaborate with third-party teams
  • Easily share your files
  • Automate routine actions
  • Secure your data at every level

Yet some users find Slack can become a little hectic when there are lots of messages. It’s also addictive which runs the risk of less work being done.

5. Studio 3T

Managing MongoDB databases is now a lot easier thanks to Studio 3T.

This software development tool includes a visual query builder with a drag-and-drop interface. It also allows for in-place data editing. Just double-click a field, make your edits, and you’re done!

Studio 3T offers x3 ways to view your MongoDB data:

  1. Tree view
  2. JSON view
  3. Table view

You can view documents of any size and edit them directly. The built-in data obfuscation data masking tool even hides sensitive data.

Studio 3T Pros and Cons

This app is the only way to view MongoDB data in three ways. It includes SQL support and offers data migration features.

However, it doesn’t always change data types automatically. And some users report that it freezes in Linux at times.

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These 5 software development tools help to create apps, manage teams, and offer the best quality assurance.

Developers can download VS Code for a fully integrated development environment for free. Slack lets Agile teams communicate with ease to manage their lean SAFe portfolios. Studio 3T makes working with MongoDB a joy while Embold ensures everything’s working as it should.

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