5 Tips to Reduce Office Energy Costs


Depending upon the organization’s size, various factors impact the office’s budget, such as employee salaries, logistics, machinery, packaging, etc. Maintaining a balance among these factors and achieving profits becomes difficult at times.

While business owners are trying to cut costs, they overlook electricity bills. Electricity bills can add up to the running cost, so the owners must find a solution to reduce their monthly energy costs.

Many business owners have tackled this problem by choosing the energy-efficiency route that has saved them thousands of dollars. So here is a rundown on some tips that can help you save money and go energy efficient-

 Energy Costs

1) Upgrade to Energy Saving Devices-

Instead of using the same old devices that require a lot of power to run, use energy-efficient appliances that consume low voltage. Use energy star appliances such as laptops, printers, fax machines, and scanners that consume power efficiently and automatically power down due to extended inactivity.

It is better to use adaptors to connect the plugs of heavy devices that help create an equilibrium in voltage if power surges; otherwise, the devices can get short-circuited, increasing the replacement and repair cost. These simple changes can work for a long time to reduce your electricity bills.

2) Turn off Lights and Equipment When Not in Use-

When not in use, guide your workers to switch off the lights, computer, monitor, printer, etc. You will be surprised that doing so can cut a considerable amount from your bills.

Another effective way to reduce power use is to use smart power strips that are relatively compact and have power surge protection. These are used to run heavy appliances on a single power outlet strip. Using them can curb energy consumption and a bit of money in the long run.

3) Make Use of LED Bulbs-

Replacing 100 Watt bulbs with 18 Watt energy-efficient LEDs switched on for more than ten hours can save you a lot on energy costs. LED bulbs are trendy for commercial as well as industrial use. They do not have any harmful chemicals present in them and, therefore, are easily recycled.

LED uses less power than traditional bulbs and glows brighter, improving the aesthetics.

4) Take Advantage of Natural Sunlight-

Install windows in your office or glass facades since they improve a place’s energy efficiency by letting the sunlight pass through them. Open the blinds so that your workers can work in natural light during the day in winter. It will reduce your electricity cost and increase the focus of your employees and make them feel more active.

5) Keep the Heat in with Screens and Weather- Stripping-

Make use of films and screens to keep the heat intact in winter. Owners ignore fixing windows and doors that let airflow flow affect the inside temperature. This is the main reason for keeping the heaters switched on longer. If your windows and doors have screens and weather stripping, they can trap energy.