7 Jobs You Can Pursue With a Healthcare Management Degree


Professionals in the healthcare industry now have various career possibilities to consider. This results from the industry’s ongoing development and advancements in tech.

Also, there is now a greater emphasis on public health programs in local communities. There has been a trend of moving healthcare processes out of hospitals and into more community-based facilities.

Healthcare Management Degree
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This article examines seven jobs you can pursue with a healthcare management degree.

Healthcare Administrator

Becoming a healthcare administrator has to be one of the most obvious career paths to take with a healthcare management degree.

You will be expected to order supplies and plan timetables in this job role. You also might use medical software for billing, finding health records, and other administrative tasks.

Other responsibilities can include collaborating with other healthcare providers. This can increase the efficiency and quality of direct healthcare delivery.

Also, it would help if you kept up with new laws and regulations in this role. This way, you’ll ensure that the healthcare facilities where they work are compliant.

The good news is that this type of work has plenty of scope for promotions. The more experience you gain, the more likely you’ll climb the ladder.

Eventually, this role could lead to you becoming an assistant manager. Then, finally, you can find work as a healthcare manager in a facility or department.

It doesn’t have to take long to start your journey in healthcare administration. Here is a healthcare management program you can complete in 18 months!

Clinical Research Manager

As a clinical research manager, you’ll be in charge of keeping track of funding for studies. You’ll also be responsible for pointing out any inconsistencies.

In this role, you must be skilled in financial management and budgeting. So it’s a good idea to opt for more financial-related subjects in your healthcare management degree if you want to become a clinical research manager.

Furthermore, a background in research and science will be a strong advantage for this type of job. But if you manage to enter this field, it can be gratifying when your department or facility makes discoveries to help patients.

Quality and Improvement Manager

You will keep your healthcare facility to current care standards in this role.

You could also be in charge of assessing current procedures and identifying areas for improvement. Furthermore, some quality and improvement managers also conduct workshops and training seminars. They do this to keep other healthcare team members informed about best practices.

However, you likely won’t be able to start immediately in this job role. Instead, getting promoted into this position may take some time by earning specialist certifications.

Healthcare Finance Manager

In this role, you’re in charge of a healthcare facility’s day-to-day financial management.

Managing financial flow, setting budgets, and determining compensation are examples of specific responsibilities. You might also be tasked with keeping reports on your department’s or facility’s financial health.

This job could be a good fit for you if you’re interested in the business of healthcare and enjoy working with maths and figures.

Physician Practice Manager

Physician practice managers lead the business strategy of a healthcare firm.

Some specific responsibilities are budget management, devising new business ideas, and directing day-to-day operations. Also, a practice manager oversees all areas of a physician’s front office, business, and staffing.

They are in charge of billing, pay, employee happiness, and record keeping. Practice managers ensure that the business opens and closes on time. Plus, they make sure that appointments are scheduled and followed through.

Many employers prefer a master’s degree in healthcare management or similar to these positions.

And this role may require you to be on the creative side of things and offer good strategies for improving the business.

Social Media Manager

Nowadays, the healthcare industry relies heavily on social media initiatives. And it runs alongside the importance of public relations too.

Ideally, it would help if you tried to specialize in health marketing or health communications in your degree. This way, you’ll stand a strong chance of gaining a management job in social media.

Social media managers are in charge of curating social channels for their facilities. They are also responsible for managing social media connections with other businesses.

Plus, they need to:

  • Generate shareable videos and photos
  • Monitor various content published
  • Moderate content
  • Reply to the customer and patient comments

One benefit of pursuing this job role is that you will diversify into other industries. This is because many companies require social media channels and an online presence.

Nursing Home Administrator

Becoming an administrator in a nursing home can help you develop administrative skills. It will also provide insight into the unique needs of patients in need.

You’ll be in charge of an entire facility, overlooking specialized departments.

The job also entails the following:

A nursing home administrator must communicate, lead, and manage well to succeed.

Invest in a Healthcare Management Degree

Studying for a healthcare management degree makes a lot of sense. You’ll have plenty of exciting and stable career prospects to consider.

Since it is management orientated, you’ll gain relevant and desired skills from various other economic sectors.

Good luck if you decide to pursue a career in healthcare management! Please feel free to check out our blog for other helpful info.