A Brief Guide to Sleeper Bus Travel In India


Bus travel isn’t convenient and comfortable in India when traveling by roadways, buses, or local inter-city mini-buses. That’s the reason sleeper buses have become extremely popular amongst the masses. Because of their utmost convenience and comfort, they have become one of the most sought-after options for long-distance travel. Whether you wish to visit Lucknow from Delhi or Goa from Bangalore, dozens of bus services are available to match your choice. But how do you book a sleeper bus in India?

It’s not rocket science, as booking sleeper buses in India is quite easy. However, you must know how, when, and what to do. So, let’s understand sleeper buses, their types, tips and tricks for a comfortable journey, how to make sleeper bus bookings, and a lot more.

Sleeper Bus Travel

What is a Sleeper Bus?

Before we delve deep, let’s understand what a sleeper bus is. Well, a sleeper bus is generally defined as a bus designed to accommodate sleeping passengers. They have bunk beds instead of regular seats and come in all levels of luxury. Ultra-luxury sleeper buses have toilets and private cabins with single and double berths. In India, sleeper buses usually have upper and lower decks with two berths on the right side and one berth on the right side.

Types of Sleeper Buses Available in India

Volvo AC buses are India’s most luxurious sleeper buses that offer you the best services. They provide easy pickup and drop-off points, cozy beds, 24*7 customer support, real-time bus tracking, free Wi-Fi, and more. No wonder they are expensive and in high demand. Sleeper buses in India are of the following types:

Express AC Buses: These are air-conditioned superfast buses with all the basic amenities one looks forward to having while traveling in a bus. Though it is not as luxurious as Volvo rides, they have everything, ranging from mobile sockets to comfortable bedding.

Regular Non-AC Buses: These buses do not have air-conditioned coaches and offer only basic amenities like decent bedding.

Semi-Sleeper Buses: These are the buses where comfort is limited, as you do not get any private cabin to sleep in. You only have a reclining seat that you need to push back to get some comfort.

How to Book a Sleeper Bus In India?

There are two ways to book a sleeper bus in India:


Moreover, booking online is quite simple and convenient. You must visit the bus operator’s office to book your tickets here. You can also find a travel agent and book your bus through them. However, as it is time-consuming, people often avoid taking offline options.


You must download a bus app like MakeMyTrip to book your sleeper bus online. Visit the Apple Sor Play stores to download the app and register your account. Once your account is created, you can book sleeper buses in just a few taps. With the help of online bus apps, you can avail yourself of seasonal discounts, promotional offers, bank offers, last-minute deals, easy EMI options, multiple payment methods, and much more.

Are Sleeper Buses Comfortable?

Sleeper coaches are extremely comfortable, and there are no two ways. And why wouldn’t they be satisfied when you get a full private cabin with enough space to stretch your body? Though the headroom is relatively small, it is manageable as you can sit straight without issues. In AC buses, travelers have all the basic facilities, including water bottles, charging points, pillows, bedsheets, mirrors, and more. And undoubtedly, all of this makes bus journeys beautiful and memorable.

Tips to Book the Best Sleeper Bus

  • Always book your bus using an online bus app.
  • Be flexible with dates so you can book your bus with low prices.
  • Always check for the facilities the bus operator is offering
  • Before bus booking, make sure you have reviewed the bus operator’s reviews and ratings. You can also check the bus photos on the bus app.
  • Do avail of last-minute deals and seasonal discounts to book your bus at the lowest price.
  • Carry water bottles and snacks for a comfortable journey
  • Get a neck pillow if you have booked a semi-sleeper bus
  • Bring entertainment options so that you don’t get bored during the journey