A Guide to Hiring New Construction Plumbing Contractors


In the majority of cases, the construction of a house is one of the most expensive investments we make. Building a house necessitates an involvement that is a lot more intimate and detailed. Every component of the house has to be taken into account. In this context, it is fitting that we mention that the plumbing of a house is one of the key factors to ensure that the house is built properly and adheres to the regulations of safety. However, choosing a new construction plumbing contractor is not that easy of a job. There are several aspects to be taken into account before you can settle down on a name.

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Listed below are a few guidelines on choosing a qualified and competent plumbing contractor which will ensure that you are in a position to make a more informed decision.

Reviews and Recommendations

If you are looking for a trustworthy plumbing service, you might ask your friends, family, or acquaintances to help you identify one. They can give you productive information regarding the company you are considering. However, remember that this review might not hold up to professional standards and, in many cases, might even be biased. For that purpose, you can look up online directories where professional reviewers present their opinion about a particular company. A series of continuing bad reviews for an enterprise should be a warning against their poor work ethics and their lack of professionalism and training. As these reviews are done by professionals, it is more likely that you will be able to choose a company with greater discretion and knowledge. This will help you to filter through the substandard plumbing services effectively. On these directories, you might also find additional plumbing contractors you were unaware of previously.

License and Insurance

You must make sure that the company you are about to hire as the required license to operate in your state. While some states do not require a license, there are many who do. You can easily find this out at your state licensing board to verify if the enterprise in question holds a valid license. Alongside this, the presence of a valid license also signifies the presence of state mandated insurance. When you are screening these companies, make sure to ask for a proof of insurance. Additionally, permits and inspections are required for every phase of the construction. Usually, this is taken care of by the general contractor a subcontractor, but in some cases, the hiring party is responsible for it. Keep in mind that these inspections and permits take up a lot of time and money, and therefore you must make it a point to include this into your schedule and your budget.

Bonded Plumbing Service

It is imperative that you hire a company that is bonded as it is necessary to protect the client against any mishaps done on the side of the hired services. It is a potential financial risk to hire a company that is not bonded as you will have no security in the event of any harm done owing to the poor quality of work. The bond agent could be a private bond company, or even the licensing municipality which possess a pre-existing recovery fund.

Commercial Experience

Eliciting the services of a plumbing contractor with considerable experience in the field will ensure that you are given the best service. When you hire a company that is used to working in commercial situations, there will be zero room for beginner’s mistakes and they will know how to navigate through a situation with ease and expertise.

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