Authenticity by way of the SHED load: First wave of Shed of the Year 2006 finalists announced


As a part of the annual party which honours Britain’s most stunning sheds, the first leg of the competition pulled in a file 12 of 292 public votes and crowned the two areas winners of the

Ancient and Specific Categories. This comes after a London room for hire went on the market for an exceptionally low fee- but there’s a bizarre catch. Taking domestic the prize for Exceptional Ancient Shed, the Anglo-Saxon stimulated Wychurst Longhall, Europe’s largest privately-owned medieval reconstruction, fought off stiff competition to be crowned the standard class winner on Channel Four’s Incredible Areas Shed of the Yr.

Owned by Roland Williamson and friends from Kent and created entirely from English very well harvested from the county, Wychurst Longahll was constructed to experience lavish banquets, clay pottery, and medieval-stimulated sports.

Other contenders blanketed a shed complete with Vietnam War memorabilia, a hut wherein creator Dylan Thomas penned some of this maximum famous works, and a “guy shed” on a decommissioned RAF base – a nuclear attack bunker.

In the meantime, Bryan Lewis Jones from Denbighshire beat three different dazzling shortlisted sheds to win the High-quality Unique Shed for his Rotating Shed, which follows the solar to revolve a complete 360 stages at some point of the day.

Other contenders for the Precise shed category protected the “fastest shed in the global”, a shed city, and a nautical-themed shed in Wick in Scotland.

George Clarke introduced The two winning sheds this night at the Channel 4 collection Terrific Spaces Shed of the Year, produced by way of Plum Pix.


Category winners are being announced during each episode of the 4-element series, with the final winner being reported in the remaining episode in August. Wychurst Longhall and Rotating Shed have secured their vicinity inside the last to see them up against six other class winners in a battle to be crowned Cuprinol Shed of the Year 2016.

First-rate Historical Shed winner, Roland Williamson, stated: “Being part of Cuprinol Shed for the 12 months of 2016 has been such an exciting journey, and to win the Ancient class is large honor. “Wychurst Longhall became constructed with the aid of individuals of our Anglo-Saxon re-enactment society to make as authentic an atmosphere a possible to carry out our hobby, The Haze. “The gap simply offers us a real experience of community

where we will momentarily get away from our contemporary selves and revel in the medieval-style manor.” Quality Precise Shed winner Bryan Lewis Jones became not assume his win with the extent of creativity and style this Yr being excessive. He said: “The Rotating Shed, with its quirky design and excessive-tech additions, certainly fits in with the opposition that’s all approximately celebrating the Nice of British sheds.”