Blogger: Advantages and Disadvantages


Prospective and new bloggers still get confused about what blogging platform to use. In the blogging industry, there are several options in terms of the best blogging platform to use. However, two platforms are widely used. and has many advantages. These include:

1. Easy for new bloggers to use.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Setting up the blog is very simple. It is just a matter of following a few prompts.

2. No need to install anything

This is very good for the non-techies.

3. Free to use

As a beginner, this platform is a perfect starting point. No special skills are needed, and no fee is required to use it.

4. Domain Name is free

When using this platform, you choose a domain name. Initially, the system will check if someone is already using it. If none, you get to use your chosen domain name.

5. Ease in Posting

Writing a post is pretty simple. It is similar to type on a Word document.

6. Theme is easy to Change

If unsure of how the blog looks, you can easily change it in seconds. This allows new bloggers to feel the different possibilities and choices in the designs or the theme.

7. One dashboard

All of your blogs can be accessed through one screen or dashboard. This allows for easy management of all your blogs.

These are some of the Disadvantages of using

1. Limited Flexibility

There are only a few designs and themes, so most blogs look and feel the same. This means it is not easy to differentiate yourself from other bloggers and does not allow you to shine in your niche.

2. Domain Name is Long

As a blogger hosts your blog, your domain name will include their brand, such as, instead of the ideal Your possible customers will easily know that your blog is hosted in Blogger for free.

3. Blog ownership remains with the blogger

You do not own your blogger blog. It means that if a blogger one day shuts down, it holds all your content and everything else in your blog. You could lose the whole blog unless you have a backup somewhere else. If blogger decides they do not like your blog, they can close it down anytime. If you plan to create an income online, you may start using Blogger to get familiar with how blogs work. Later on, you may use the other platform that most professional bloggers use.