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Why Graduate? 5 Reasons You Should Get Your High School Diploma

The average high school graduation rate was a promising 85%, the highest since 2010. If you haven't graduated high school yet, now is the perfect time to get that diploma finally. Still not convinced? These are the top five...

Why Is Machine Learning the Future of Global Business

Image Courtesy In recent years, the industry has been abuzz with reports of the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Machine learning is touted as the technology of the corporate future, and in 2021, the future has...

Why Do You Need Professional Knowledge of Cinematography?

The Indian film industry is multi-crore, with forecasts as high as INR 259.5 billion by 2024. It is based out of Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Most films produced in Bollywood are in Hindi and feature a variety...