Awesome SEO Tips

To survive in the competitive e-marketing world almost every small e-commerce business is implementing Search Engine Optimization technique. From the pile of SEO tips as well as strategies selecting the best strategy is pretty tough. You must have basic knowledge of SEO and what is the latest update on this field. Here are some of the most praiseworthy and efficient SEO tips framed for you.

Before applying any strategy try to know the current rank of your website. There are few tools like Google toolbar or Alexa that help you to know your site rank. Also, you require checking the log of your website’s referrer to get the knowledge of searching process they are following to get your site.
One of the best SEO tips is keyword consciousness. You may be required to modify the content, HTML, coding, image name or URLs by fitting lots of keywords. But you should remain within the limit of keyword density. Otherwise, the content of your website will not attract the users and search engine spiders can consider it as spam.
Build exact back links to your main archive while writing new article or creating new content. It again should not go beyond the limit and all the internal links must be integrated properly.
Create a good site map for your website so that it will take few clicks to reach to a particular web page. Even search engine spiders will easily search your site.
Given URL should be reasonable and readable easily. It’s advised to make URL based on keywords to make it SEO friendly.
Describing images in your website with proper keywords is no doubt one of the best SEO Tips as search engine spiders don’t search image text.
Refresh or modify the content of your website on regular basis to be search engine optimized. Content that best describes its service along with adequate information and images can make the website attractive and user friendly. To get content regularly you can create blogs. Blogs are the excellent source of communication with the client about your product.
Make good rapport with the other existing websites. Add their URL in your website and also tell them to use yours to increase the number of hit of the web page of your website. This is again linked building concept. Always make sure that links of your website are submitted to trusted and authorized site or directory like, etc. This is one of the most considered SEO tips.
If possible take the help of social media like Yahoo Answer, Flick depending on the service you provide. For example if your service is related to any physical product which customers want to see, post as many as quality photos of the products on Flick. If you provide any specific service then take help of Yahoo Answer to show your expertise.
Make your website local search optimized. It means you as a business owner after all want as many customers as possible to buy your product or service. Hence, put all the contact details regarding your office addresses, phone numbers in an organized way. Add Google map option or ‘Get Direction’ facility to make customers get the proper idea of your office location.
In the nutshell, it’s concluded that you create your magnificent Search Engine Optimized website keeping in mind all above mentioned SEO tips.

SEO Tips

When someone uses a search engine they type in a keyword or key phrase and the search engine returns relevant results. The traffic you receive from this is referred to as organic search engine traffic. Search engine optimization increases traffic to your website and you will not have to pay one penny for it. Does that sound like something you might be interested in?

SEO can get pretty tedious and complicated but do not let that stop or scare you from optimizing your website. The effort will be extremely worthwhile when the free organic traffic starts rolling in!

Here are some basic SEO tips that you can use on your website right now.

SEO Tips
SEO Tips

1. Picking keywords of two or more words can increase your success rate. Choosing to single word keywords usually have a higher amount of competition associated with them.

2. Insert keywords into the title tag of your web page so search engines know what your page is about. Failing to perform this simple step can result in your web page being ranked in a lower position when it does not deserve to be. Try to create titles containing the two or three choice key phrases that you are targeting. Make your titles relatively short and interesting. Your title will serve as a method of getting the visitor interested in reading your page further and increase the chance of the visitor clicking the link.

3. Another major SEO activity involves evaluating the link popularity of your website. Creating good quality links also improves your ranking with the search engines. The goal is not to link with any website, but link to websites that complement your content. Your website will get penalized by the search engines for linking to low quality websites such as free for all link farms. Link farms are websites that were created for the sole purpose of increasing the link popularity of a website Attendant Design.

4. Use the HTML bold tags or highlighting around your most important keywords appearing near the top of each page. You only need to do this once or twice. Do not use them everywhere the keyword appears because that does not help. Your most important keywords and key phrases should appear in the first few paragraphs of the text on the web page.

5. Submit articles to ezine publishers that archive their zines. This creates high quality long-term links that stay active in the archives for years to come. You can also exchange articles with other website owners. The content of the articles should complement the content contained on both websites. This is much better than doing a simple link exchange because of shared content and search engines love to deliver high quality content in search results.

Top 10 SEO Tips


Search engine optimization is the process by which search engine rankings are increased for a website. There are two types of SEO’s – White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO follow the guidelines of the search engines and work accordingly whereas the Black Hat SEO do not follow the guidelines of the search engines and try to spam the results.

Here, in this article I am going to explain the top 10 White Hat SEO techniques to improve the search engine rankings. These SEO tips are discussed below:-

1- Smart on page changes-First and the foremost thing in SEO is doing proper on page changes according to the selected keywords. Changes on the meta tags are very important before any further optimization tricks are executed.

2- Directory submission- Till today, directory submissions are considered as one of the popular techniques to increase search engine positions for a website. One should always try to submit on all the available web directories only once.

3- Forum Posting-One of the oldest and the popular ways of getting a back link is by having a link of your website on the signature of the particular forum. Most of the forums allow signatures and this is the area where you can post the URL of your website to get a back link.

4- Blog creation- Having a blog of your website helps a lot to increase the popularity of a site. So, blog creation is really necessary but one thing which should be kept in mind is that regular blog posts should be done to tempt the visitors as well as search engine bots to visit your blog.

5- Blog submission-After creating your blog, submit it to blog submission directories to increase the back links of your blog, it will surely give a boost to your SEO campaign.

6- Article submission-One of the greatest ways to increase back links related to your niche is by submitting high quality original articles to high pr article submission sites.

7- Social Media Bookmarking-Social Media sites not only give you back links to increase your search engine’s rankings but also they can increase your site’s popularity. Social Media presence is extremely important nowadays because of the explosion of web 2.0 sites.

8- RSS Feed creation- RSS feed i.e. really simple syndication feeds are gaining popularity these days. So, create RSS feeds regularly and help your website grow.

9- RSS feed submission-Submission of your RSS feeds to various RSS feed submission sites is important to make your website presence even more important.

10- Blog commenting-Why not make use of available blogs for SEO purpose. For blog commenting it is necessary to first collect some good pr do-follow blogs related to your website. Then you have to start posting comments on it to gain back links, but one thing which must be remembered is that do not spam the blogs, always post proper comments after reading the post.

Thus, these were the top 10 SEO tips which can give a head start to your SEO campaign, but remember one thing do not overdo anything or else Google sandbox is not far away!