10 quick questions about installing Microsoft Windows 10

Download length
How lots statistics do I want to Download to install Home Microsoft windows 10? Brian

The Download length depends on the model and varies from Pc to Laptop. Home Windows 10 Home is currently around 2.6GB, but 3GB is a good round range. Updates, patches and apps will add to that.

Time taken
How lengthy does the upgrade take to install? G James

Image result for windows 10 installation disk
installation disc

It depends on at the version, the rate of the Laptop and, in particular, the velocity of the hard disk or SSD (solid country power). It can take from 30 to 90 minutes; normally it takes approximately an hour.


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Saving documents
While Windows 10 is established, will it maintain everything I’ve in Windows 7 or do I need to make a backup disk? Bryan

Nearly all of your old documents and downloads will remain in the area unless something goes incorrect. For this reason, you ought to backup your files to DVD or an external USB strong power. (You ought to make a backup even if you don’t circulate to Home windows 10.) Otherwise, see my in advance answer: How have to I put together my Laptop for the improve to Home windows 10?

I stated “Nearly all” due to the fact a few Home windows functions might be eliminated: see Function depreciation for full details. Also notice that “Windows Media Middle” is a very particular program from Windows Media Participant, and the Media Participant isn’t always eliminated. (You possibly don’t understand what Windows Media Center does, and infrequently everyone used it.)

Direct downloads
I reserved Home windows ten a while ago, and that I received an email with a link to upgrade. The update button does in reality not anything. Wherein do I am going from right here, please? Cary

Visit the Windows 10 improve the page and click the button that announces “Download now”. It must upgrade your Windows 7 to Home windows 10. If not, see the following solution….

Direct enhancements
Can I installation Home Windows ten from an ISO using Home windows 7 product key? I lost Home windows 7 While my hard disk failed. James

Sure, that has to work. At launch, Home windows ten did not realize old product keys. However, it does now.

You can Download a “media introduction device” and an ISO of Home windows 10 and installation it from a DVD or USB tool. Start here.

Activation keys
I was given the unfastened improve Home windows 10, but I did no longer get an activation key. Cora

Windows 10 does no longer use man or woman activation or product keys. While you deploy Home Windows 10, Microsoft creates a hash out of your hardware and shops the wide variety online. Your Pc have to spark off automatically While you connect with the net.

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Attempt again
I established the Windows 10 upgrade and reverted to Windows 7 after a quick duration. Can I set up it on my PC again? Papawnana

While you upgraded, Microsoft saved your Laptop’s hash code on its activation server. You can now upgrade to Windows 10 each time you want, even after the loose improve offer ends.

Saving emails
I updated a few months ago, and all my Outlook emails had been gone, so I reverted. Now it seems to make sense to move ahead with upgrading to Home windows 10. Any hints on backing up the emails nicely? Josh

You could return up your emails by way of finding the Mail app’s folder and copying the contents to an external hard drive or USB thumb power, then copy them back later if important. The folder is hidden, so you will need to change the View choice to reveal hidden files and folders.

If a seek doesn’t locate Mail, you’ll need to dig for it using going to the Customers folder, your person name, after which App data, etc. The complete address will consist of a few particular random names, for protection.

The similar approach will work with emails saved by way of the Windows Live Mail program.

Notice which are rare types of e-mail carrier. In case you are the use of a POP3 (Publish Office Protocol) carrier then emails are downloaded to your Laptop and deleted from the server. If you are the usage of an IMAP (net Message Get entry to Protocol) service, the emails are retained at the server, so that you can Download them once more.

Whether Vista?
I have an HP Compaq 6720 strolling Home Windows Vista Enterprise. Is there a loose improve to a more modern operating device along with Windows 7 or 10 or maybe something else? Miguel

Sorry, you cannot develop without delay from Windows Vista to Windows 10, even if you pay. You may, but, deploy a unfastened alternative within the shape of, as an example, Linux Mint 17.three. But, Linux does now not run modern Windows software program along with Microsoft Workplace, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, Apple iTunes, most games and so forth.

In case you need to continue with Home windows, you may upgrade to Home windows seven first, then to Windows 10 earlier than July 29. Lamentably, you ignored the danger to shop for a cheap upgrade however You may save around for offers on Windows 7. Otherwise, see my earlier answer: While and the way have to I upgrade my old Windows Vista computer?

There is no assure that Home windows ten will paintings on a vintage Computer, so seek the web in your particular make and model to look how others have fared. A short look indicates you ought to be Ok.

Enterprise troubles
I am presently strolling Windows 7 Organization and would love to upgrade to Windows 10. What would be the most efficient way to try this? Gary E

The free improve provide handiest applies to Desktops jogging the home and Seasoned versions of Windows 7/eight/eight.1, not the Organisation versions, which might be best available through a Microsoft Extend License.

You – or the corporation that took out the Quantity licence – will improve it thru the Quantity Licensing service Center. You may need a legitimate Corporation product key.

You may do an upgrade, but you can not do an in-area downgrade from an Enterprise version to a Home or Seasoned model. That could need a clean set up from an ISO.

Stopping the upgrade
Bonus solution: I couldn’t find a latest electronic mail asking this query. But, the modern-day answer is: search for the line of textual content beneath the date that announces “Click here to alternate improve agenda or cancel the scheduled upgrade.” in case you need to reverse the update inside 30 days, Go to Settings, pick Replace & protection, after which Recuperation. Click on the option that says “Go returned to Windows 7” or whatever.

In case you need to dam Windows 10 from being installed, Download GRC’s free software, Never10. This isn’t always a software. It changes the settings following Microsoft’s instructions, which human beings either don’t understand approximately or can’t follow.

Microsoft’s remaining version of Windows is sooner or later right here: Home Windows 10 is arguably the satisfactory text of the ever-present operating system. However, the query is, need to you upgrade free of charge right now? Or will or not it’s any other Home windows eight second?

Home Windows 10 is a massive step in the direction of the Microsoft current turning into an always-connected running machine for every device, not just Desktops, that’s constantly up to date free of charge. It’ll run conventional laptop Home windows apps, like Home windows 7. but it will Additionally run new “standard” apps downloaded from the Windows Save, which Microsoft hopes will become a trusted supply of conventional Home windows computing device packages as properly.

Home windows ten on Almost every tool
“time-honored” is the key word for Microsoft’s ambitions. Home Windows ten will run on the whole lot from smartphones to large servers, via drugs, convertibles, laptops, all-in-ones, laptop Pcs and Surface Hubs with 84in displays. Standard apps will run on all Home windows ten devices and the Xbox One games console, eliminating the pain of getting to know different user interfaces for various incompatible equipment, and making it less complicated to percentage things between them.

Obviously, this could depend upon how broadly followed Home Windows 10 turns into. Microsoft hopes to draw one thousand million Customers in 3 years using presenting loose improvements to Home Windows 10 for devices running Windows 7, eight and eight.1. That’s Also why it’s a chunk of a hybrid, skewed to attraction to the general public of Home windows 7 Users while preserving a pill mode acquainted to Windows 8 Users.

Image result for windows

installation should take 20 to ninety minutes, relies upon in your hardware.

The Start menu is back, child

The Begin menu is Home Windows 10’s most notable Feature, and it will please Home Windows, 7 Users. It combines a listing of packages just like Windows 7 with one or two panels of Stay tiles pulled from Home windows 8. Choosing “all applications” suggests them in alphabetical order, But the seek field acquainted to Customers of Vista and Home windows seven has been moved to the taskbar, Where it’s far more Obviously available.

You could run your traditional computer applications from either aspect of the Start menu, from the taskbar, or from XP-style icons at the laptop. In case you sincerely don’t need to trade the way you figure, Home windows ten won’t force you.

Microsoft’s pre-set up apps are progressed over Home windows eight variations, particularly Mail and Calendar, Microsoft Photographs and the PowerShell command device for power Users. Home Windows Media Middle, games and gadgets from Home windows seven are long gone, but Home Windows Media Player continues to be there. Loose replacements for lacking apps are to be had in the Home windows Save.

Web and Computer Security

Well, if that would have been said to me by my father when I was 2 years of age, I would have understood. But when today, my own computer tells me that when I am 34, I wonder why I spent $1500 on my computer hardware and software just to enjoy the (unrealized) benefits of this great and revolutionary information technology?web

Today’s cyberspace is hazardous. None of the today’s PC users can claim that they never had a computer virus issue or a PC security breach. Now, if you count today’s number of PC users worldwide, they will soon be 1 billion by 2010 according to analysts. When I see all the computer viruses, infections, trojans, and what not around me, and compare it with the 1 billion innocent computer users around the world, I simply feel sorry not only for those billion users but for myself too. But again, as a common user myself, I must admit it was not all doomsday for the whole industry since 1987 when I started to use computers. So, as a responsible member of this great IT revolution, I must share some of the best tips and tricks that I learned to use to make the minimum room for productivity on my computer.


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Please note this is a tutorial for someone who has the basic know-how of computer usage. For those who are newbies, I would recommend asking a local expert’s help before trying anything out mentioned in this tutorial. In that case, make room for payment from a deep pocket. For your own convenience, print this tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Whenever my computer is infected, I act on any of the following options;

1. FORMAT HARD DISK: I backup all of my data on a CD-Writer if it is still accessible. And then format the whole hard disk drive and re-install each and every application

2. USE SOFTWARE: I exhaust all anti-virus and other software options. This is usually my first priority as compared to formatting the whole computer hard disk drives.

Now, let me explain both options in detail;

PRE-REQUISITES: Make sure you have a CD-Drive (Writer), empty writable CDs, Windows OS CD (bootable) that contains files such as Format.exe, Scandisk.exe, FDisk.exe, and Attrib.exe files. Microsoft Office CD, Anti-Virus CD, GoldenHawk CD Writing Software in DOS (copy2cd.exe and cdtools.exe), Serial Numbers of your License, Driver CDs of Motherboard, VGA, Network, Sound and Modem devices. Optionally, download (using http://www.download.com or http://www.tucows.com) this software from any Internet Café when your own computer is inaccessible and save it on a CD so that you can use it anytime for security purposes;

Golden Hawk DOS based CD Writing Software

HTech Fireman Windows based CD Writing Software

Driver Genius Pro

Partition Magic

AVG AntiVirus

SpywareBlaster & SpywareGuard

Spybot Search & Destroy




HiJackThis & CWShredder

I have intentionally avoided mention of many commercially good and more friendly software’s mentions here as I wanted everything to do FREE without any additional costs apart from the usual OS licenses. For your own convenience, you can research Google or Yahoo search engines find further information about such commercial software and their availability/pricing.


I know it is the painful and surgical type of solution, but sometimes, it is the ONLY solution left after exhausting all of our efforts to revive our computer machine after a virus attack. Follow this procedure;

Booting Up: Try booting your computer normally first and see if you can log in easily. If you can’t or your computer hangs up, try holding the F8 key when starting Windows and you will get the Safe Mode. Even if you don’t get the Safe Mode, don’t worry.

Power up your computer and press DEL key or F2 key to log in your CMOS. In CMOS, go to Boot Preferences and make CD Drive as the boot drive as your first boot drive and change the hard disk drive as the second boot drive. If you don’t see your CD Drive in the boot-up options, your CD Drive is not properly installed. Check the connectors or ask your CD Drive provider for instructions to install the CD Drive. Now, when your CD Drive is ready, insert your Windows OS CD in the CD Drive and restart your computer machine. When prompted, select the option “Boot from CD with CD Option”. When you get the prompt, Notice the CD Drive letter that was allocated to your CD Drive when it installed the CD Driver. It is usually D: drive or the last drive letter depending on the number of your partitions. Note it down as it is the actual drive letter where you will have to type a DOS command like:

You should now be able to run all software utilities such as Format, Scandisk, FDisk or Windows Installation Setup.exe files. Right now, simply make sure they exist by typing a DOS command dir at the CD drive letter. If you don’t find it with this simple directory command, use dir/s filename to search the file. For example, to search fdisk.exe file, type dir/s fdisk.exe.

BACKING UP YOUR DATA: Before formatting your hard disk drive, please make sure you have the proper backup of your critical data files such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc files on a CD or any other media for backup that you have access to. In this tutorial, we assume you have a CD-Writer installed for taking backups on Writeable CDs. Their capacity is usually 700MB or less. Here, you should seriously consider using Zipping software like WinZip or WinRAR.

VIA WINDOWS: If you can luckily login to your Windows OS, you should run the CD-Writer software such as HTech Fireman to backup all of your data on an empty CD. If you don’t know how to do it, read their user manual for detailed instruction set. If you can’t access your Windows OS, read on.

VIA DOS: Some of the files that you wish to make the back-up, may be hidden. To un-hide them, use attrib *.* +r +s +h.

Now, use the software from Golden Hawk file named as copy2cd.exe to backup your data files or directories on a writeable CD. Before using this command, make sure you are in an appropriate path on the computer such as E:/ where the actual file copy2cd.exe file resides;

Copy2cd c:data*.* f:

Here we assumed that f: is a CD Writer drive. Now, repeat the same for all of your files to back up. When finished, run cdtools.exe command i.e. cdtools f: to finish by selecting option “Disc Finalization”.

If you can’t back up your data using the above-mentioned procedure, either ask an outside expert’s help personally or via the internet. If all fails, forget your data forever and carry on installing a new OS as mentioned in this tutorial.

Backing up Your Drivers: An interesting tool to mentioned here is a software that automatically backs up all of your drivers of CD, modem, sound card, vga, usb, printer or just about anything that is currently installed on your system. But this software works only in an operational windows OS, and not in DOS. It is a good and time-saving practice to keep a backup of all of your drivers on a CD by using such a software. Its name is Driver Genius Pro and it is commercial software, not a freeware.

technical help desk

the helps program

help help help help

USING FDISK: You may skip this option and go straight to Formatting Hard Disk option if you wish to use other useful partitions that may contain your data. Before going ahead with this option, Make sure there is no useful data left on your computer to be backed up. This option will delete all of the computer partitions and create new ones.

security guard jobs

computer security


i) Boot up your computer using Windows OS CD.

ii) Run this command

iii) Press option 3 to delete all current partitions.

iv) To create a new partition, select option 1 and select Y to answer the maximum size question by the program.

v) Next, select option 2

vi) Press Esc key to quit and restart your computer to

See the URL [http://www.compguystechweb.com/troubleshooting/fdisk/fdisk_scr.html] for detailed instructions alongwith screenshots. Now, that you have created the primary partition, you can continue to format the newly created partition. There is a very user-friendly but commercial software called Partition Magic by PowerQuest to manage your partitions easily after installation of Windows.computer

FORMATTING HARD DISK: Now that you have created new partitions, It is time to format them so that you can start installing Windows. This is how you make your C: drive usable by your Windows OS for installation. Boot up your computer with Windows CD and type format c: command at the prompt. When prompted for maximum size, press, YES. After complete processing, you will be presented with the successful report about the formatting of the C: drive. Select your new drive name and press ENTER to finish.

INSTALLING WINDOWS: Microsoft has made it very easy for a newbie to install a completely new OS on a newly formatted partition. It is all wizard based and you simply have to click NEXT each time whenever asked a question. Boot up your computer from the Windows CD and select Start with CD Option. When on DOS prompt, change to the CD Drive that it just created which is usually d: if you have only one partition C. Now type command setup.exe to start the windows installation process.

During installation, make sure you properly name your PC as per your preferences and select your regions and Time zone. When finished, the computer will reboot and during next reboot, it may ask some drivers of your Sound Card, VGA, Network, or other devices attached. Provide the requisite driver CDs and locate the paths of the appropriate drivers. If you are not sure, leave it like that and press NEXT to ignore. When your windows installation is complete, you can install Microsoft Office, set up internet connection and start using it as normally as you would. Please make sure you install all the security software such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, adware, and other software as mentioned in the next section.

laptop computers

desktop computers


Installing Anti-Virus: Download free AVG Antivirus software and install it. Make sure you get its free key from their website by registering. This software is not auto-updated for critical viruses and for an auto-update version, you will have to pay. If you wish to pay, we would recommend world’s most popular brands Symantec, McAfee, and Trend Micros instead. No matter what Anti-Virus software you install, make sure you enable its Auto-Protect feature for automatic protection of your computer’s resources and incoming or outgoing emails from any virus attack. Some software even allows you to setup silent detection and destruction without any disturbance to your work. Further, they are auto-updated via the internet at the regular interval that you setup. Hence, you can rest assured that whenever a security threat is spread all over the world, your software will automatically download the requisite updated version and install its defense on your computer.

BROWSER SECURITY: To setup your browser (Internet Explorer on Windows) for maximum security against the usual threats, follow this procedure;

i) Start up your browser

ii) Go to IE > Tools > Windows Update > Product Updates, and selected Security Updates to be automatically updated. Microsoft releases patches and security patches from time to time to make sure your system’s security is up-to-date.

iii) Now, go to Internet Options/Security/Internet, press ‘default level’, then OK. Now press “Custom Level.” In the ActiveX section, set the first two options (“Download signed and unsigned ActiveX controls) to ‘prompt’, and ‘Initialize and Script ActiveX controls not marked as safe” to ‘disable’. Now you will be asked whether you want ActiveX objects to be executed and whether you want a software to be installed. Sites that you know for sure are above suspicion can be moved to the Trusted Zone in Internet Option/security.

If you use another browser such as Firefox or Netscape, see their documentation on how to securely set it up against any such internet threats.

Installing Anti-Spyware: Spyware, adware, browser hijackers, and dialers are some of the fastest-growing threats on the Internet today. By simply browsing to a web page, your computer may become a victim. You can install SpywareBlaster and SpywareGuard to effectively guard your computer against such internet threats.

It includes Fast Real-Time Scanning engine for known spyware and heuristic/generic detection capabilities to catch new/mutated spyware and Download Protection along with Browser Hijacking Protection in real-time.

Simply download the software (free) from their website and install it on your system. Make sure you download its latest update to or enable its Auto-Update feature to be updated automatically in the background. Now, when you are ready, run the software to check the spyware on your computer. When spyware is found, it reports accordingly. Press “select all”, then press option “kill all checked”. Although it won’t protect you from 100% spyware, But it is a very important extra layer of protection.

Next, install another software that is called Spybot Search & Destroys. It works exactly like SpywareBlaster, but it never hurts to have a double layer of spyware detection alongwith Spybot R&D.

Installing Anti-Adware: Adware is a common term used to describe potentially dangerous websites and scripts that do data-mining, aggressive advertising, Parasites, Scumware, selected traditional Trojans, Dialers, Malware, Browser hijackers, and tracking components. There is a very good software called Ad-Aware available to scan and remove such nuisances from your system.

To start using it, simply visit Lavasoft USA website and download its free non-commercial version of Ad-Aware Personal Edition. Run its setup program and install it. When prompted, ask it to scan your computer. If there are any adware found, it is detected and removed automatically by Ad-Aware. Run this software on a weekly or daily basis, if possible to keep your system clean.

In addition to the Ad-Aware, Internet Explorer comes with a very handy tool that allows you to block specific sites that may carry well-known advertisers, marketers, crapware pushers to the Restricted sites Zone. If you had to input 50000+ of such sites manually yourself, it would take years. Luckily, there is a software that does it all automatically and it is called IE-SPYAD. Once you merge this list of sites and domains into the Registry, the websites for these companies will not be able to use cookies, ActiveX controls, Java applets, or scripting to compromise your privacy or your PC while you surf the Net. Nor will they be able to use your browser to push unwanted pop-ups, cookies, or auto-installing programs on your PC. It is not an ad blocker. It will stop top unwanted crapware from being installed behind your back via “drive-by-downloads”; prevent the hijacking of your home page.

This Restricted sites list is based in part on info from discussions in the SpywareInfo Forums and other forums that specialize in crapware removal major crapware reference sites: doxdesk, cexx.org, Kephyr.com, PestPatrol, and SpywareGuide.

To start using it, simply download it from their website and run its install.bat file. Make sure you run its update as well soon after its installation.

INSTALLING FIREWALL: A firewall software acts as a defense shield against hackers, intruders, and blocks access attempts to your computer. ZoneAlarm is a professional firewall software that works in a stealth mode automatically and makes your computer invisible to anyone on the Internet.

Download it from ZoneLabs website and run its setup for installation. I recommend you use its Express Settings which automatically configures your most commonly used software like browser, chat messengers, ftp software to access the internet, while blocks every other internet traffic in real-time. If any software or service tries to upload or download any data, it pops up an alert whereby you can allow or disallow such internet traffic.

Computer Slow Down: It is very common to see many complaining about their computer slow-down. The fastest and easiest cure is using Windows’ built-in Defragmenter utitlity that you can find in Startà Programs à Accessories à System Utitlities à Disk Defragmantor and run thorough defragmantation. It will take a while before it ends.

If your system’s performance does not improve after running defragmantation utility, consider scanning your computer via a software utility called HiJackThis which you can download and install on your system. Use this tool carefully as it is intended for advanced users only. HijackThis is a tool, that lists all installed browser add-on, buttons, startup items and allows you to inspect, and optionally remove selected items. The program can create a backup of your original settings and also ignore selected items. Additional features include a simple list of all startup items, default start page, online updates and more.

CWShredder is a utility for removing CoolWebSearch (aka CoolWwwSearch, YouFindAll, White-Pages.ws and a dozen other names). This tool will find and destroy all traces of the CoolWebSearch (CWS) hijacker on your system including redirections, IE slowdowns, start page changes, a un-authorized addition of sites in IE Trusted Zone, and blocking access to IE options or setup.

Download CWShredder from their official website only as there is a similar named virus/trojan on the loose at various websites which you may accidentally download and install, hence become more infected than being cured instead. When it is installed successfully, run the software to scan your local machine. Select the fix button & it will get rid of everything related to CoolWebSearch. Close ALL other programs & windows, including IE, before running CWShredder. Reboot after doing this.

I know there is still a lot left, but as I wanted to keep this tutorial as brief as possible, hence I covered only the critical elements here. I am sure you will have fewer breakdowns (if not ZERO0 and more productive hours on your computer. I would recommend you to setup all the software’s auto update and auto-check options to free your time for more productive things than just playing hide and seek with spywares, adwares or viruses. Happy and safe computing!

Windows 10: tips and tricks for Microsoft’s most powerful operating system yet

1. Speak to Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant, inside the vein of Siri and Google Now, and with Windows 10 it’s breaking out from Windows Telephone directly to desktops, laptops and pills. You could turn Cortana on and tweak its settings from the Start menu, then use your voice or the hunt box at the taskbar to run Web queries, set reminders for yourself, test the climate forecast and extra. It’s to be had within the US now and coming to other components of the sector soon — to test it out in advance, set the machine area and language to US within the Time and Language section in Settings.

2. Log in with a finger press
Microsoft has added a new feature called Windows Hi there to its latest operating device: it helps you to log in using facial popularity, a fingerprint or maybe an iris experiment, in case your laptop has the necessary hardware connected. To alternate the way you gain get right of entry to for your device, go to the Settings app, then follow the Money owed hyperlink and pick Signal-in alternatives from the menu on the left. The options listed will range relying on the various bits of tech attached to your PC. However, new laptops and computer systems made mainly for Home windows ten should consist of at the least some the brand new alternatives.

3. Save on battery use
For PC customers, Home windows 10 ten comes with a notable Battery saver feature for the primary time, which You could discover within the machine section of Settings (there’s also an estimate of how long your battery is likely to last). You can turn the Battery saver mode on or off manually, or have it kick in routinely whilst your cell receives all the way down to a decisive stage — click on the Battery Saver settings hyperlink to change this degree from the default 20%, and to specify sure apps that are exempt from the diverse


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strength-saving features.

four. Add greater desktops

Home Windows 10 brings with it local support for “digital” computer systems — meaning You may set up your app Windows across a chain of information systems in preference to sticking with one (the taskbar and computing device shortcuts stay steady). You could have one computing device for paintings and one for amusement, as an instance. click on or tap the Project View button (after a search at the taskbar) or press Windows Key+Tab on the keyboard to see, create and cast off digital computers. You may also click on on the man or woman app thumbnails to replace them.

five. Snap to corners

Sticking with the subject of display screen layouts and company, Microsoft has upgraded the window snapping function introduced with Windows eight: in addition to locking Windows to either facet of the show, You may now snap them into the corners too. To try it, drag an open window to the neighbourhood of the display; You can also hold down the Home Windows Key and tap the cursor keys if you select. If you like having your Home windows 10 apps precisely arranged and needed to make complete use of your screen’s resolution, it’s an available function.

6. Shop maps for offline use

That is a tip that’s greater useful on smartphones. However, drugs and laptops can gain from it as well: Home Windows 10 lets you Save maps on your tool in case you need to lose an or statistics connection at the same time as you’re seeking to scout out the close by location. Head to the Settings app then select machine and Offline maps to choose which maps to download (each site comes with an estimate of the way much garage space can be taken up). You may then release and use the Maps app whether or not or no longer You can get online.

7. Analyse the steep drive

Windows 10 brings with it a brand new interface for viewing the contents of your strong power, making it a great deal simpler to see how all of these gigabytes are getting used. From the Settings app, click on or faucet on machine, select the storage option and choose the drive you want to take a better look at — the next display screen breaks up used storage area into pics, documents, movies, electronic mail, tune and so on, provided all of this content material is saved into the right folders. click on or tap on a particular entry in the listing for more information.

eight. Fix default app institutions
The default app for a particular report kind is the one that opens while you double-click on a document saved in that format (so Word opens for .doc files, as an example). The Home windows 10 improve technique can destroy some these institutions, and the perfect way to get them again is through commencing the Settings app from the Begin menu and following the machine hyperlink. Head to the Default apps web page and You can make any necessary adjustments, in addition to resetting document associations lower back to their “Microsoft encouraged” ones if required.

Image result for microsoft

9. access the alternative Begin menu

Proper-click on the Begin menu button to convey up an opportunity one — it’s no longer pretty as person-friendly, but it offers quick get entry to some of the maximum critical areas of the system, together with the Device Manager utility, the command activate the window and the old legacy Control Panel. You can get admission to the Mission Manager as well as the system seek and the Run container from here too. This opportunity menu becomes to be had in Windows 8 as nicely, and You may also release it through pressing Windows Key+X.

10. turn off  sharing

One of the extra arguably new features in Home windows 10 is  Experience, which helps you to mechanically percentage passwords along with your contacts on Facebook and Skype. The concept is that they can quick get online when they visit your private home or office, but some have expressed misgivings approximately the characteristic. To turn it off, or simply take a better appearance, head into the Community & Internet segment of Settings, then choose to Manage settings. At the bottom of the display, You could turn sharing on or off for all the networks your computer often connects to.

11. Wi-fi films of on-display screen hobby

Home windows 10 comes with an on-display activity recording characteristic — it’s mainly designed to capture your gaming exploits for sharing with the wider international, but You could use it to put together a presentation or Begin up your Windows how-to video collection on YouTube. Press Home windows Key+G from inner any app after which take a look at the tick field to get the game DVR utility up and jogging. Any clips you Wi-fileWireless are available from inside the Xbox app; use the Home windows Key+Alt+Print display keyboard shortcut to Shop a static screenshot to the equal place.

12. Timetable Windows 10 restarts
In case you’re running the house model of Windows 10 (and also you possibly are) then you don’t get a preference whether or not or not to install updates — they’re routinely carried out to maintain your PC safe and up-to-date. What You can do is save you your computing device or laptop from restarting routinely when updates arrive: from Settings, click on Replace & protection after which pick out Home windows Replace from the left-hand facet. Click Superior alternatives and You can use the drop-down menu at the pinnacle of the display to pressure Windows 10 to inform you earlier than any restart happens.

13. Turn off Quick access


In the revamped Home windows 10 Wi-fileWireless Explorer interface (formerly referred to as Home windows Explorer), there’s a new Brief get entry to a section that collects together these days opened files and regularly used folders. You may “pin” folders right here using proper-clicking and choosing Pin to Short get entry to. In case you don’t just like the new function, right-click on the short get admission to heading on the left and select Alternatives — the conversation box that pops up lets you begin Wi-fiRecord Explorer with a top level view of your Pc machine (“This Laptop”) in preference to the short get right of entry to web page, and You could additionally conceal lately used files and often used folders.

14. Get Windows 10 running together with your phone

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windows 10

Microsoft knows Windows Cellphone hasn’t set the sector light, that is why it’s making its software a whole lot better suited with iOS and Android. To see evidence of this, release the Cellphone Accomplice app (to be had at the begin menu): it will help you get your emails, photos and other documents on an Android or iOS Smartphone thru apps which include OneDrive and Outlook. Pick the sort of cellular tool you’re using from the outlet splash display screen then comply with the commands to get set up.

15. Customise the begin menu

The begin list returns with Home windows 10, but it’s borrowed carefully from the Windows 8 begin display: it’s were given colourful, “stay” tiles that frequently rotate to reveal snippets of content from the applicable app. As with the excellent start display, You could Customise the new start menu to match yourself: proper-click on person tiles to hold them static, alternate them in length or put off them from the list altogether. Right-Click on an app shortcut Within the All apps listing In case you need to pin it to the start menu.