Travel Smart: Hidden costs can wreck a Journey finances

Strive to maintain a Tour price range Page Design Hub whilst hidden charges and introduced charges canine you from the instant you e-book an experience until you get back domestic.


Researching airfare, transit, lodging, meals and entertainment costs pays off, however it manner understanding what you’re deciding to buy.Ontario Travel firms must display all prices of their advertising and marketing, whether or not it’s package trips or separate airline and lodging bookings.

The Ministry of government and Customer Services has been looking for public enter, by using electronic mail and via in-man or woman periods, to enhance Customer safety and to replace the Tour Industry Act, so anyone inquisitive about taking part has till April 14 to make a submission.

Ontario’s Client Safety Act requires Travel firms doing commercial enterprise within the province to reveal customers the whole itemized price of the trip, provide health, weather, construction and Journey advisory records, and phrases, situations, and rules about changing or canceling an experience.

Tickets, vouchers, itineraries and other documents have to comprise confirmed info, and customers ought to be informed of all the files and vaccinations required via the country they are traveling to and the time it takes to make all of the vital arrangements.

Tour firms ought to also be in advance approximately Tour counseling carrier costs and receipts need to show their business name, contact numbers, a Journey Enterprise Council of Ontario (TICO) registration quantity, and available Journey and health insurance coverage options.

“TICO has been and continues to reveal important dailies (newspapers), community and ethnic papers, as well as websites of its registrants, to ensure compliance with the brand new all-in pricing requirement,” said Dorian Werda, TICO’s vice-president of operations.
She said since the new policies went into effect this 12 months, violations are rare and in such cases, corporations were “very responsive and cooperative” while contacted by way of TICO.

A Tour company’s registration may be revoked if the firm fails to comply with the rules, and it may face a suspension from doing commercial enterprise in Ontario. Clients can file a grievance online.

We requested Clint Hayashi with Expedia’s communications team: “Will the average character’s excursion continually move over budget due to hidden and/or additional expenses that aren’t advertised?”

“As an intermediary, we don’t fee costs for cancellations or rebooking, but the airline or motel can also price those expenses — and those range via supplier,” Hayashi said.


Expedia’s customer support website has a listing of not unusual questions about converting or canceling bookings for flights, accommodation and vehicle leases, in addition to different Tour-associated problems.

Right here’s in which to invite what you’re deciding to buy when planning a trip:

Reservations/booking: They may no longer rate a booking rate online but a few airlines and Tour firms rate $10 or extra for booking over the phone.

Cancellation fees: Don’t expect a complete refund for canceling matters which include a flight, lodge or resort in an emergency. You could get nothing lower back, or pay a steep cancellation rate. That is wherein experience-cancellation insurance pays off.

Airport bags test: More or overweight checked baggage will cost you. some airlines allow one piece, a few rate for all. Bring-on regulations additionally range.

Airplane fees: Gasoline, safety, and airport surcharges are commonly rolled into the price ticket price and a few on line Travel firms listing them. whether you notice them or now not, you’re paying.

Shopping for stuff on the airport: From toothpaste to bottled water, the whole thing is going to value you manner extra at an airport store than at your neighborhood grocery keep.

In flight: expect sky-high expenses for pop or peanuts on a finances flight. Same goes for c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a, a pillow or use of headphones unless they’re distinctive as “included.”

Arriving/departing: A destination’s entry and departure taxes are normally protected within the plane-ticket price, however not continually, and a few international locations charge $25 or more of their foreign money or U.S. greenbacks, earlier than they allow you to in or out.

Commute to inn/resort: Is it Extra, or blanket? It’s blanketed simplest whilst the bundle charge states “all transfers blanketed,” in any other case you pay the person with the van.

lodge amenities: c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a, safes, bikes, parking, mini bars, hotel fees, Extra towels, newspapers, baggage storage, use of ATMs, foreign exchange, health equipment, snorkeling equipment and power surcharges can be a source of surprising charges at taking a look at-out time. not the whole lot is protected in “all inclusive.” Cheap local beer, wine or spirits are, however, we pay a premium for the better stuff.

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Automobile condo: aIn case your credit card or private car coverage policy covers car rentals, you’ll keep massive. Renters fee must better insurance charges for young drivers and extra for additional drivers. You’ll pay as much as $300 if you lose a car key, $50 to $1,000 losing offanautomobile at a place other than in which it had been rented, and big refuelling charges if the tank’s now not complete while you bring the auto back.

Cellphone/facts: Roaming costs can cost a fortune, so bear in mind an international plan In case your cellphone is locked, or a SIM card for an unlocked phone.


Pointers, tolls and other tabs: recall tipping, street tolls, ferry charges and different such charges whilst traveling. The use of washrooms in eating places and purchasing department shops can be loose in North us but you c y to use them elsewhere.

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Laos Adventure journey – And What an journey! know From net

We couldn’t find Laos Adventure! All Page Design Shop  this way from Canada and the van drivers could not find the Thai – Lao border! After a few u-turns, a bit of paperwork, a 5-minute boat ride, we were in Laos Adventure.

Lao is about people, truly delightful people who let us see into their homes and their lives. It’s about villagers learning the lost arts of weaving and animal farming. It’s about the mysterious Plain of Jars – what are those things anyway? It’s about MAG and their tireless work ensuring kids internet are wary of zombies that fit into the palm of your hand but are meant maim and kill. It’s about 4000 islands in the south and chasing elusive dolphins into Cambodia. It’s about the daily dawn ritual of monks walking through their communities.

A highlight of Northern Laos Adventure on this Explore tour for me was a walk on day 3. It was described as a 3.5-hour walk but what they did not say was that we would leave at 9 and get back at 6 because we stopped a lot! They have set up a small area here as an eco-tourism project: they are taking people into some small villages internet in this biodiverse area. In the meantime they are teaching villagers how to weave so they have a product to sell the tourists being brought in and also how to farm with animals rather than the traditional slash and burn.


I shot about 4 rolls of film in one day so that tells you how much I enjoyed the day. We were all sunburnt and hot so internet stopped at the internet café for chocolate cake on the way back to the hotel! Always a good idea to eat dessert first – life can be uncertain!

A day or so later, we took a boat from Nong Khiaw on a trip down the Nam Ou river which joins the Mekong just internet above Luang Prabang. The 5 – 6 passenger boats are long narrow skiffs with the motor at the back but the driver at the front.

The river is quite narrow so it was very easy to see what the people were doing along the way. You could smile and laugh with them and of course wave! Some people were even planning the internet for gold if you can believe it! Others were washing all manner internet of things aside from themselves. We saw really little boys – age 4 even – paddling around in canoes all alone, parents nowhere to be seen. We saw some very primitive small “hydro” stations where the river ran a bit faster over the rocks. Just enough speed to generate a bit of power for their homes. Quite incredible. We saw people coming to the sandy outcrops mid-river to fill sacks full of sand to use for construction in their home area.

It must be a very steep uphill battle for the government and NGO’s in the area to teach people to look long term internet when there is such an immediate need for water closer to home than the nearest well and a little electricity.

Luang Prabang is the nicest little town. At one of the main temples, they have made many mosaics of local life on the sides of two of the stupas. The mosaics are made from glass and of course internet shine in the sun. The scenes that are created on these walls are just amazing and so colorful. Life in Lao – people falling into a well, others praying the internet, kids feeding a dog, fields of corn, monks strolling, elephants herds walking.

I have never seen anything like it before and it was great. It is a very lazy town and very hot here (even the main shopping is done at the night market). At dusk, most of the group internet climbed to the top of the hill in the center of town for a 360-degree vista of the area including the Mekong.

At about 5:30 the next morning we went back to that same temple to see the people offer monks their food internet for the day. In Buddhism, people gain merit by giving to the monks. Many tourists now go out to see the procession and as the Explore leader explained, it is almost more for the tourists now than for Buddha. Interestingly some street kids had set up a spot for themselves with plastic bags and bamboo bowls laid out so the monks would then scoop some food out of their bowl and put it into the kids’ bowls. Circle of life. It was quite a long procession – about 12 monks altogether and as the tourists scrambled about trying internet to get photos of all this giving of food, we must have looked quite the sight.

Travel time

The basis of the ceremony is very human and I like that part of it. I had seen a similar ceremony earlier in the trip and I could not help but compare. As we waited outside our family-run guest house, 3 monks came along the road. The lady next door was waiting for them: she was sitting on a mat. They circled around her, she bowed her head, they said a few words – prayers perhaps, she passed them the rice, she bowed her head again, and the monks continued on by.

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So which is Laos Adventure? Both most certainly. The enchantment of the place is that it still retains the one-on-one element: you can feel the people here and feel their humanity. But if you think about life from their perspective, they are keen to have faring come, stay in their guesthouses, buy their wares, see their sights, use their internet cafes. Laotians are ready for all these things. But given the historical events of the last 50 years, the one true thing they have is their religion. So it becomes a struggle to satisfy all sides of life.

I asked what the monks do all day. They chant/pray just twice a day and the boy monks go to school. They are taught in a school just for monks but in small village areas, they are in village school with all the kids. No one is allowed to touch them or play with them, though. I thought this sounded quite lonely. You may know that everyone is supposed to become a monk for awhile in their life. Tough decision. As a parent internet, if you give your child to the monk-hood, the child will be schooled and fed for free and the family gains merit for the next life. Sounds pretty good – but as you grow older, there is no one to look after you so a bit of a downside as well.

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During the Vietnam war, there were some air bases in Thailand. If the weather was bad and “they” could not drop their bombs on the Vietnamese target, “they” dropped them off in Laos Adventure on the way back to the airfield. “They” were too worried to land with bombs on board so “they” dropped them off indiscriminately in Laos Adventure internet. The estimate is 90 million special cluster bombs. A cluster bomb is a shell casing with about 670 mini zombies inside. Each mini zombie fits in the palm of your hand. Inside the mini zombie, there are about 300 ball bearings. On impact, the ball bearings scatter to a range of about 30 meters. The bombs are armed somehow by the number of rotations they do in the air before impact. Some bombs did not explode when they landed because they had not rotated enough. And that is the situation Lao deals with today. Estimates here are that there are up to 30 million bombs still active. They landed anywhere and everywhere – in trees, on houses, in crowded people places – and so now they are trying to find these and set them off safely.

Laos Adventure

A British group called Mines Advisory Group (MAG) are the people doing this important work and doing a great job. Lao people need to be educated as these babies can tread on or picked up by curious kids etc at any time. The bombers may have been under the ground internet for awhile and then a heavy rain will uncover them. Curious kids might have been playing in that area for months and suddenly a zombie goes off.

It is a tough decision to decide where to do the bomb location work. According to the director, they call a meeting of all the local mayors and have a discussion. We were told that the area most in need of safe agricultural land gets slated for mine clearance first. So far about 90% of the land cleared has been agricultural. As usual not enough people have been trained to do the work and more money/donations to buy newer, faster equipment would help a lot. So far in 10 years, with 12 teams of experts, after 2 months of training each, they have cleared 200,000 bombs with only 2 of their employees getting hurt.

We had the opportunity to go to a bomb site. I can tell you we were very careful to walk in someone else’s footsteps and listen to instructions! Then we watched as they detonated 2 bombs internet  in someone’s field. From there, we went to the SOS orphanage in town and sang “Hokey Pokey” with the kids. And a wonderful Indian curry for dinner!

It was finally time to head to the south of Lao so, for only the third time in the whole tour, we had a 12 hour day on the road. Our tour leader paced the day just right and we got into Pakse about 7 pm, in time for dinner at the hotel’s roof-top restaurant! A delightful way to end the day.

Another boat was our mode of transport stopping off first at Wat Phu. Built in the 5th century – even before Angkor Wat – as a Hindu Temple. It was converted to a Buddhist Temple in the 14th century. I learned that a “Makara” is a cross between an elephant, a fish, and a crocodile. It is always shown in profile and usually on the lintel of a Hindu Temple. The doorway under this “Makara” marks the passage from the material world to the spiritual world.

Back in the boats again to meander through the 4000 islands: destination Muong Khong. 2 wonderful nights in one of the best hotels on the tour were spent overlooking the river. It’s a lazy place internet with the days passing in scorching heat and desultory mosquitoes. A cool drink, a walk to the temple, a cool drink, time at the internet café, a cool drink, a nap, a cool drink, dinner: you get the idea!

Our Explore tour leader had been working internet in Lao for about 5 months. She would take pictures of the people she met in the villages, get them printed on her days’ off in Bangkok, and then hand out the pictures the next time she passed through. What a treat this was for the villagers as in one of two instances, someone had died, and she was able to provide a picture of the person for their loved one to treasure. In another village, early in the season, she had asked the chief what the village needed, was there something we could buy or bring to them as a way of saying “thanks” for showing us their way of life?

Laos Adventure

Turns out the villagers use slash-and-burn agriculture so they needed some new knives. She told us this story before we arrived as she did with every group. All of us then had the chance to buy a knife which she then presented to the chief. He was great as he had a book with columns etc. and had a check mark for everyone who had received one already and the people who still needed one. So we felt good by helping the village down the road by buying their knives, we gave them to this village as a way of saying thank you, the chief was able to show his people he was looking after them, and the villagers got new knives. Win Win Win Win!

It comes down to sharing. For the Lao, it’s instinctual, never a second thought to sharing what they have. When the Explore leader asked us to describe Lao in one word, I chose generously. It’s a generosity of spirit I saw in everyone we met that enabled me to share in their lives for just a minute. How fortunate, how privileged, I feel looking back and remembering our laughter.

Iranian firm Launches luxury educate tours

AN Iranian employer has launched luxurious Train educate tours of the USA geared towards overseas vacationers.


Even as traveling Iran aboard Page Design Web five-superstar trains isn’t a new phenomenon, this is the primary time an Iranian company, the Tehran-based Khaneh Safar-e Pars organization, is carrying out a luxury rail tour.

The organization claims its Persian Caravan excursions provide a “cheap adventure” with career best and amenities similar to tours performed by the UK-based totally Golden Eagle luxurious Trains, whose popular Jewels of Persia path is generally fully booked.

Financially, they’ll be proper: Jewels of Persia prices upward of $20,000 per man or woman, Even as the Persian Caravan charges €four,231 ($four,483) in line with man or woman.

The agency’s internet site reads, “This journey offers a less expensive possibility to go to the cultural and ancient historical past websites of Iran, boarding on a 5-star teach which offers an excessive stage of comfort and offerings in pleasing surroundings.”

Passengers are served aboard the teach or in five-megastar hotels at some stage in the 12-day experience.

The Persian Caravan teach gives particular excursions with tours starting from popular Iranian cities inclusive of Isfahan, widely recognized for its stunning ancient structure and extraordinary Persian gardens that trace their layout standards to the times of Shah Abbas.

The journey additionally consists of visits to Pasargadae and Persepolis, international historical past sites dating lower back to the Achaemenid Empire that rank a few of the International’s greatest websites of antiquity and the heat of the Iranian people.

Passengers will forestall by means of Yazd, which could be very widely recognized for its Zoroastrian hearth temples, Persian handicrafts and its excessive quality confectionery, as well as Kerman this is regarded for its tropical culmination and dates, superb red meat and dairy products.

After settling in their hotel in downtown Tehran, tourists are given a tour of the sprawling Iranian capital before embarking on the journey in order to take them to Kashan and Isfahan. Passengers are then taken to Bam and Kerman before visiting Yazd invaluable Iran. They may then go to Meybod and Sa’adat-Shahr before making their way south to Shiraz in which They’ll also get to look Pasargadae and Persepolis.

tourists will then make their way back to Tehran where They will stay at a motel in a single day earlier than catching their flight lower back home.

How to Use Blog tours to draw Your Perfect Audience


Ultimately finished your manuscript and feeling accomplished?

before you break out the bubbly and begin celebrating your cutting-edge literary achievement, it’s vital to start thinking about how you will get your book into as many palms as possible. Because as a self-posted creator who writes for a dwelling, robust e-book sales are one of the best markers of achievement.

Ask any marketing expert and they’ll inform you the equal aspect. The perfect manner to promote a particular product to as many humans as feasible is to provide it to the ones who truly want it.

Appears apparent, however particularly many authors don’t have any idea how to connect with the folks who could be best candidates to buy their book, also referred to as their ‘target audience’.

The key to Powerful book Merchandising

A Powerful method for purchasing the word out about an idea, someone or maybe an e-book is through relentless publicity, which is the technique of bringing interest to a topic by dispensing facts approximately that concern to a receptive Target audience.

Reflect consideration on the closing blockbuster film you without a doubt had to watch.

How did you discover approximately it? Why do you need to peel it? Why that film and not one of the many others?

Answer these questions and you will find that all of it comes again to 1 keyword: exposure.

however when you do not have the promotional finances or social clout of the main film manufacturer, how exactly do you sell your new book and get readers as enthusiastic about your offering as you have been approximately your ultimate cinematic revel in?

The solution: Weblog excursions!

What’s a Weblog excursion?

A Blog excursion is actually a string of publicity stops at various properly-installed blogs on your area of interest with an aim to sell yourself and your book.

it’s quite much like the book tours that many 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 authors do to sell their state-of-the-art services, minus the pressure of bookings, public speak and the grueling tour timetable that usually comes with it.

There are several extra advantages to doing Blog excursions to release and sell an e-book.

Blog excursions help you to spread the phrase about your book by using networking with mounted bloggers who have already got readers who could be inquisitive about your work.
It offers leverage that may take your book from completely unfamous to an in a single day achievement whilst completed efficiently.
Blog tours harness the viral nature of the internet and also you usually discover your Advertising spreading some distance beyond the scope of your efforts. In other phrases, the content you distribute for the duration of the Blog tour has a great danger of having picked up via search engines, shared thru social media and mentioned amongst new and present fans.
Most importantly, Weblog excursions help to get readers excited about your e-book so they’re eager to buy it on launch day.

How to Use Weblog excursions to draw Best Readers


Now which you recognize what Weblog excursions can do for you and your subsequent e-book launch, it is time to talk about The way to use them to draw your Best Audience.

The most vital parts of executing an Effective and effective Weblog tour have become nicely-prepared and inclusive of some crucial elements.

Increase a plan for your Weblog excursion.
on your Blog excursion to be successful you have to set goals and have suggestions for carrying it out.

Elements that should be taken into consideration Even as making your Blog tour plan consist of the period of the excursion (typically 4 to 6 weeks), the forms of blogs/bloggers you’ll be focused on as well as the desires you’ve got the final results of the excursion, consisting of the number of blogs to be featured on or the quantity of recent fanatics you want to join your mailing list.

find blogs and bloggers to a community with.
Once you have developed your plan, the subsequent step is making a listing of blogs to goal. a terrific intention is to get featured on between 10 and 20 blogs for the duration of the span of your Weblog tour.

Do blogger outreach before asking for direct Promoting.
it is important to remember the fact that bloggers are humans and writers similar to you. They need to recognize that you have a hobby in them outside of simply looking to be featured on their website. whilst the time comes to technique them to ask for a characteristic on their Weblog, it is nice to have already got a rapport developed.

The exceptional manner to gain this is by way of doing blogger outreach for numerous weeks earlier than you propose to start your e-book excursion.

Provide the blogger a chance to get to know you via taking part in conversations taking vicinity on their Weblog. The remark, share their content material for your social media channels and use every possibility you have to ‘destroy-the-ice’ with the owner of each Blog you target.

This step is essential, as it makes drawing close each blogger for an overview and characteristic greater herbal and will increase the probability of a superb response.

Ask for a evaluate and feature.
Once rapport is built and you are equipped to begin scheduling feature spots to your Blog excursion, cross properly in with a request to the Blog you are targeting. do not be shy!

At the same time as you can now not get the inexperienced mild from every unmarried Weblog you method, probabilities are you’ll get featured with the aid of lots of them. It genuinely is a numbers recreation and approximately how nicely you could sincerely ‘schmooze’ your manner via each Blog.

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Have copies of your book to be had for a giveaway.
Have numerous copies of your e-book geared up to offer as giveaways to the blogger proposing you and your paintings, as well as some greater they could Deliver away to their fans all through Promoting.

Understanding that there’s a danger to win one among your books will absolutely snatch the attention of readers interested in your paintings.

Preserve tune of the blogs that come up with exposure.
As you reach out to every blogger and they comply with function your paintings on their Blog, it is crucial to Preserve track of all the applicable records for each opportunity.

Preserve a log of the call of the Weblog and the Weblog proprietor in addition to the date of your upcoming characteristic. As soon as the assessment and characteristic are published, be aware the URL deal with of the page for brief reference so that you can observe up with involved fans.

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observe up within the feedback segment.
An essential part of conducting a success Weblog tour is making a terrific first impression and forming lasting connections with new lovers. one of the easiest methods to do that is with the aid of replying to any comments that come as a result of your characteristic on each Blog.

Answering reader questions about yourself and your e-book While all the attention is targeted on you is a quick and clean way of making your mark and giving your would-be enthusiasts a flavor of who you clearly are, the person in the back of the pages.

Taking an energetic role in selling your books is critical to having a success launches and to ensure that income, opinions, and new readership Maintain coming in.

So are Weblog excursions the give up all and be-all of e-book Promoting for self-posted authors? In all likelihood no longer.

however used well they’re definitely an Effective tool for garnering principal exposure and getting your ebook in front of contributors of your audience quickly and relatively without problems.

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