Creating Google Gadgets


Google gadgets are small modules of functionality (e.g., a clock, a game, etc.) that can be added to Blogger blogs, Google’s personalized Google pages, and other places on the web. You can even add them to your website. Most users of Blogger are familiar with at least three of these objects. The default list of Blogger templates automatically comes with installed Followers, Blog Archive, and About Me gadgets. The Followers gadget allows people to connect themselves to blogs by signing on as followers. The Blog Archive gadget displays old blog posts. The About Me gadget displays a blogger’s profile.

Creating Google GadgetsHundreds of thousands of gadgets have been developed and made publicly available. Google has a directory of gadgets that can be added to your Blogger site or a website hosted outside Blogger. Google promotes the development of new devices. They have even developed an extensive programming interface to allow independent web developers to tap into their system.

What is a Google Gadget?

Google gadgets are made up of an XML file, which gives Google instructions regarding your device’s configuration. To submit a device to Google, enter the URL of the location where your device XML file exists and click submit. Google finds your device, verifies that it works correctly, and then adds it to its database to be presented to millions of gadget users across the Internet.

Gadgets can be as simple as a line of text, as in the following “Hello, world” example:

On the other hand, gadgets can be complicated pieces of JavaScript code that run Flash applications and interact with databases. The complexity of your gadget determines, to some extent, its usefulness. Depending upon your intentions for developing a gadget, you may need to improve your JavaScript, Flash, and other programming skills.

Creating an appealing gadget and submitting it to be included in Google’s directory could mean a lot of traffic for your website. Google publishes a fair amount of technical information to help gadget developers. You can read more information about developing gadgets at Google’s gadget page: gadgets /