‘Turkey must think two times before criticizing military acts of others’


In reaction to a rebuke issued Monday afternoon by the Turkish government following an army strike at the Gaza Strip, the Overseas Ministry launched a stern response calling the remarks “baseless,” including that Turkey had little range in criticizing the army moves of other nations.

“The normalization of our family members with Turkey does not imply that we will remain silent within the face of its baseless condemnations,” the Overseas Ministry said.

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“Israel will preserve to defend its innocent civilians from all rocket fireplaces on our territory, following global law, and in line with our obligation, our sense of right and wrong. Turkey ought to think two times earlier than criticizing the navy moves of others.”

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On Monday, Turkey slammed Israel for its retaliatory moves on Gaza in a single day in response to a rocket attack released using terrorists in the Strip, announcing it might now not desist from such condemnation despite the reconciliation of ties between Ankara and Jerusalem.

The Turkish Overseas Ministry criticized Israel for its “opposed mindset” while heading off any denouncement of the Gaza projectile strike that landed in a populated vicinity of the southern Israeli town of Sderot.

“The attacks, which induced accidents to harmless Palestinian civilians, aren’t ideal irrespective of their grounds,” Turkey’s Andalou News Employer quoted the Turkish ministry as announcing. The Turkish authorities vowed to again the Palestinian aspect in opposition to what it stated had been disproportionate Israeli moves that breach global law.

“Normalizing ties with Israel no longer imply that we can preserve silence in the face of attacks towards the Palestinian human beings,” the Turkish Overseas Ministry was quoted as declaring.

The IDF launched a series of air moves overnight in the Gaza Strip, hitting dozens of terror objectives in reaction to the ultra-modern rocket assault on Israel.

Simultaneously, as unconfirmed reviews claimed that a Salafi group in Gaza claimed obligation for Monday’s rocket attack, Israel holds Hamas accountable for all assaults in the coastal enclave. Meanwhile, Hamas, the terrorist employer that runs Gaza, blamed Israel for the South’s escalation.

The Turkish declaration arrived two days after Turkey’s parliament authorized a reconciliation deal to mend a six-12 months rupture in ties between Ankara and Jerusalem.

Family members between Israel and Turkey crumbled after IDF foot soldiers raided the Turkish delivery. The Mavi Marmara and May also forced a naval blockade of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, and 10 Turkish activists on board were killed attacking Israel Army commandos.

Israel, which had already apologized for the raid, agreed beneath the deal to pay $20 million to the bereaved and wounded in return for Turkey losing exquisite prison claims.
All nations are to employ ambassadors under an agreement driven in part by the possibility of profitable Mediterranean gasoline deals.