Dryer Maintenance Tips


Whether you’re using a heat-pump condenser, vented condenser, or gas clothes dryer, there are some steps you can take to keep your unit running well and extend its life expectancy.

Dryer Maintenance Tips

The clothes dryer is an amazing home appliance that makes one of the peskiest household chores easy and stress-free. Living without a dryer would mean hanging your clothes on the line to dry or visiting a laundromat. With a dryer, you can dry your clothes more conveniently whenever you want, and you can wash your favorite shirt on the same day you plan to wear it!

Considering the great convenience that clothes dryers bring to our life, we want to make sure that they are always in good condition—Tampa appliance repair specialists from Hartman’s share some dryer maintenance tips.

Lint can cause major problems to dryers. This makes regular cleaning of the lint filter and traps very important. It is recommended that you clean the lint filter after every load. But the lint filter doesn’t catch all the lint in your clothes. Lint can also be found in other dryer parts, such as the ventilation system’s interior and the hose. So, it’s best to cleanse the dryer’s interior or get a professional cleaning once a year.

Lint buildup can cause the dryer’s motor to burn out early, stuck up, and even lead to a fire. To cleanse the filter, remove it and wash it using a mild cleaning solution to eliminate lint. Dry the filter completely before replacing it in the dryer. Also, clean the lint trap by removing the screen and using a dryer lint brush to remove the lint.

Avoid overloading the dryer.

While dryers are designed to be tough workhorses, you should never overload them. To save time, many people squeeze in more than the recommended capacity of the dryer. But what happens is really the opposite. Overfilling it could lead to a longer drying time instead of cutting it. This can also cause the dryer to break down and work inefficiently.

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Clean the interior

With the appliance unplugged, inspect its interior. Wipe down the inside at least once a month. Use a diluted mixture of vinegar or a mild cleaner to remove stains and dirt inside the dryer. Alcohol wipe is effective at removing residue and grease.

Regularly cleaning the inside of your dryer prevents dirt from accumulating and possibly transferring onto your clothes. It should also help ensure that your unit is working more efficiently.

Clean the exterior

Unplug from the electric source or turn off the gas supply before you begin cleaning the outside of your dryer. Use a dry cloth to remove dirt, debris, lint, and residue around the cover. Make sure there is ample space between the dryer and the walls to ensure proper ventilation.

Check the venting system.

Keeping the venting tube and cap free of obstruction, debris, dirt, and lint can help improve your dryer’s efficiency. A clean venting system is also crucial to avoid the possibility of fire and problems with your unit. Use a cleaning brush, a feather duster, or a soft cloth to keep the area clean.