Five Cost-Effective Kitchen Makeover Ideas for the Upcoming Year


The kitchen is usually the most favorite part of every home. You cook delectable meals here while chitchatting with your family and loved ones and sometimes even carry out a few study sessions for your young kids. Thus, you must incorporate aesthetics and functionality in the space.

 Kitchen Makeover

A kitchen renovation doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket or require a big budget. A simple kitchen transformation can cost you as low as $2k. Of course, it can be stretched to a few more thousand dollars depending on the improvement you want, but there are also easy and affordable way-outs.

Paint the Walls

When a full redo isn’t in your budget, painting the walls in the right color tones and hues is a cheap and easy alternative to stepping up your kitchen’s visual impact. You can even resort to trendy wall stripe designs tto gain visitors’ attention. But try to avoid dark colors or poppy shades on the walls simultaneously. Instead, highlight a single wall to make the kitchen space more expansive and luxurious.

Reface the Cabinet Doors

If you have indulged in kitchen remodeling before, you will know how installing new cabinets in the kitchen can eat up a big chunk of your entire budget. Most of the time, only the front cabinet doors need updating. Hence to save your hard-earned money from spending on pricey cabinets, it is best to buy only the fronts from the manufacturer or repaint or stain the existing ones.

Revamp the Backsplash and Wall Tiles

Kitchen tiles can cost you dearly, and replacing them completely when they wear out can take a toll on your finances. Therefore, a creative and smart way to save money on buying new tiles is to refurbish the existing ones by simply painting them. All you need is a tile stencil, good quality paint, and some prep work to revive the condition of your old, plain, and boring tiles – without having to undergo the hassle and expense of replacement.

Pay Attention to the Little Details

Sometimes, the smallest changes can bring the biggest differences. Painting the old window frames, changing the faded doorknobs, updating the worn-out drawer pulls, and installing a few floating shelves can bring the much-desired change in your kitchen.

Upgrade the Lighting Fixtures

Bringing in more lighting is a great way to make your dull and gloomy kitchen look lively and fresh. The traditional lamps and incandescent bulbs hanging from the ceiling may look outdated and featureless. On the other hand, using well-designed pendants, strip lights, and spotlights looks stylish and lightens up the concentrated areas of the kitchen to chop vegetables and cook better.