Get Photochromic Blue Blockers To Protect Your Kids Eyesight.


Every year, an increasing number of people need to buy eyeglasses. For many people, the prescription is mild, but there is another more vulnerable group, for which the prescriptions are ever-increasing every year: children. Sure, some of the prescription can be attributed to genetics, but some of it is caused by other factors such as eye damage from prolonged exposure to a source of artificial light like a TV screen. I remember, as a child, I would sit with my eyes basically glued to my tv. I was four inches away from the screen all the time and this, my friends is where your kids are making a huge mistake. That is how you turn near perfect eyesight into a myopia that will plague you all your life. If you did that as a child, then you are in no position to do anything without your glasses in adulthood. Imagine that. It’s a really sad situation to be it, but luckily it can be prevented.

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Get Lenses That Will Protect Your Child’s Eyes

The best thing you can do in terms of protecting your child’s eyes is to get lenses for their glasses that are specially made to filter out harmful light such as UV light and HEV light. These lens variants can go for a pretty penny at popular brick-and-mortar stores, but if you shop around smartly you’ll know that you can get a good quality pair of glasses for no more than $40, with the special features included. One more thing to consider is that certain features are not available in combination at some stores, but you don’t have to settle for just one protective feature because right now, Payne Glasses is offering their Kids eyeglasses with photochromic and HEV blocking features combined. And their most expensive kids glasses variant sells for $22, which makes it a great value offering and arguably the best blue light blocking glasses on the market. For more information on how they combined photochromic and blue blocking into one lens, check out this page.