Take the iOS 5 Advantage!


The iOS 5 is finally here. It’s a better, bolder, and greater operating system for mobile phones and devices.

Of course, it will only be available for devices and gadgets made and designed by Apple. So for Apple fans, here’s a new operating system you can upgrade and update.

Getting to know the iOS 5

Last October 4, Apple CEO Tim Cook released the iOS 5 simultaneously with the iPhone 4S. He said that the iOS 5 would also be available for other mobile gadgets released by Apple. The Apple community encouraged users to upgrade all their iOS-operated devices to the iOS 5, so there would be great changes in performance, speed, and efficiency.

 iOS 5 Advantage

Upon upgrading, various iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone generations will meet a new level of cloud computing, a new notification system, value-adding features, and other exciting changes.

Now that the new iOS is here, gone are the days when we have to lay down our rumor drip and enumerate the possible features and offers it can give. The iOS 5 is here to upgrade our devices to perform tasks better.

All it takes is to take the challenge of a new operating system so you can enjoy the iOS 5 advantage. Are you up for a change?

Doubting Thomas

Most mobile consumers get too attached to the ways of their accustomed operating systems. This technology and electronics consumers get the idea that upgrading to a new software might immediately result in poor navigation and complex usability for their devices.

This is Apple we are talking about. Here are some of the reasons to kiss those worries and doubts away.

Message in action

Cut Costs!

The iOS 5 introduces a new message system that connects across Wi-Fi and mobile data plans to an alternative to outdated SMS text messages. You’ll be able to send and receive chat messages with friends and family who also use iOS 5 devices without clinging to the capacity of your SMS plan. If you use a message while on a Wi-Fi network, it won’t even use anything on your mobile data plan.

No more Cables!

Once loaded with the new iOS 5, your device can automatically sync with iTunes wirelessly to get music, movies, and documents to and from your device. You can download and upgrade additions to the iOS without plugging in cables. This is wireless at its best.

The cloud Handiness

The cloud is your one-stop automatic storage of about 5GB for free. It can store your documents online and push them mechanically to all your iOS 5-operated devices. This is free, while you can get more storage than with Dropbox. It’s also wireless syncing as the cloud enables your iOS 5 devices to work more accessibly, independently, and without burdensome cables. You’ll love this kind of freedom.

Deep Twitter Integration

Twitter plays a big part in many iPhone users’ lives. As Apple recognized the massive popularity of Twitter, they baked a new Twitter functionality into iOS 5. This deep Twitter integration will enable users to tweet directly from Safari, the camera, YouTube, and many other popular iPhone apps.

  • Notifications get a makeover.
  • The New Notification Center
  • The old notification system in devices in one word: Cluttered.

To solve this, Apple bundled everything in the iOS 5 to make them centralized. This one-stop location will keep notifications in order while reminding users that something must be done or looked into.

AirPlay Rocks!

Other upgrades include AirPlay, which allows an iPhone user to make anything visible in the iPhone appear and be mirrored in other iOS-operated devices through a wireless internet connection. This can be properly done with the Apple TV.

Other Tips and Upgrades

The number of features and advantages of upgrading to the iOS 5 requires more web space as it is a long list. The iOS 5 comes with more than 200,000 new features to the iPhone and other iOS 5 devices.

The only requirement for these iOS-operated device users is not to unlock their devices or jailbreak to preserve their Apple warranty and end-user agreement.

Take the iOS 5 advantages and dare to be different from other electronic gadget owners. Experience the prestige of using the premier operating system. Upgrade to iOS 5 now!