Is a Career in Marketing Right for You? 9 Signs the Answer is ‘Yes’


If you enjoy being creative, reaching people, and telling engaging stories, people may have told you that you would be suited for a marketing career. A marketing position is truly one of the most dynamic office positions you can take on.

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If this is something you’re beginning to consider, this article will go through the signs that a career in marketing is perfect for you.

1. You Are Creative

One of the essential elements to flourishing in a career in marketing is thinking outside the box.

In a marketing position, you will often be expected to develop ideas to reach your customers. Since everything is digital, the amount of content online may be overwhelming and may drown you out if you don’t find new ways to be original.

This means producing the type of content that is unique and useful to your audience and finding better ways to reach them. This can happen through using more visual designs, uploading Instagram reels, and more.

As a creative person, you understand that there is no end to the possibilities, and you know how to tap into that!

2. You Can Analyze Trends

It’s not enough to be creative if you have a career in advertising. You also have to make use of your more mathematical brain to understand what the numbers tell you. For instance, social media platforms can show you how many people you reach every day and how many people actively engage with your content.

As the marketer, it’s your responsibility to connect these numbers with certain advertising campaigns’ effectiveness. Does posting more videos increase user engagement and lead to more customers visiting your site?

Pinpointing what’s going right and what’s going wrong will allow you to spend more time employing the marketing techniques that are bringing you the most money. It’s not enough to discover new ways to reach the audience – you also have to know how to reach the type of audience that will end up purchasing something.

3. You Never Stop Learning

Their mindset only limits a person. The marketing field is constantly changing as technology keeps advancing. What works a few months ago may no longer work today.

Are you ready to face this challenge and keep learning how to engage your audience? It’s not enough to have a formulaic approach to your marketing strategies. You have to be open to learning new things and applying that knowledge to how you reach the crowd.

The dynamic nature of a marketing position may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly not boring if you are open to re-evaluating your methods every few weeks.

4. You Understand or Enjoy Working With Technology

Most marketing positions today will involve a heavy lean towards digital marketing. The market size of digital advertising agencies in the US grows at an average of 8.6% every year from 2016 to 2021. This shows a high demand for marketers who know their way around technology and the digital world.

To fully embrace a digital marketing strategy, you will have to understand how search engines work. Your day-to-day job will involve engaging with technology, improving digital illustrations, and even some coding.

While it may all seem foreign for you now, what’s important is that you know you’ll get to enjoy working so much with technology and social media. If you truly want to find out more about how to get around the job’s technological aspect, you can sign up for advertising and marketing courses online.

5. You Are Good With Design or Editing

When you have a marketing career, you’ll have to be a jack of all trades to remain competitive. This means that you will have to know how to do a little of everything, including doing design work.

If your website needs a visual upgrade, your employer will approach the marketing department to find out how best to attract customers. Simultaneously, the newer ways of reaching a greater audience – with photos, videos, and useful articles – will involve you knowing your way around editing these different modes of advertising.

If you’ve been cultivating these skills throughout the years, you’ll be excited to know that a job in marketing will be one of the best ways that you get to engage in those creative endeavors almost every day. Being proficient in these areas will be a big plus when you want to know how to get a marketing career.

Again, if you don’t currently know your way around designing and editing work, you still have the time to learn. Whether or not you end up choosing a marketing position, these skills will make you stand out from everyone else in many industries.

6. You Work Well Under Pressure

A marketing position is always open to sudden changes in strategies or working under strict and short deadlines. If you can keep your cool in high-pressure situations, you will likely flourish in a marketing position.

Public relations is a possible pathway in a marketing department, which means you will have to deal with difficult clients and customers all the time. Not everyone can do this well, which is why it’s important to cultivate your patience and ability to think clearly under a lot of stress.

7. You Communicate Well

It will come as no surprise that you will need excellent verbal and communication skills to make it in marketing. Some roles (such as public relations) will require you having to engage with your customers directly, so you will have to know how to carry a conversation while promoting your business.

At the same time, a major aspect of the digital marketing role will involve written communication. These days, most successful businesses will have a blog that needs to be constantly updated, and you may be required to write the content. Not only will this have to be written well, but it also has to be engaging and relevant.

At the same time, you need great communication skills to flourish on social media truly. You may need to directly engage with your followers, respond to consumer reviews, or churn out more content that will attract more people.

8. You Are Flexible

Are you someone who has to really go by the books to succeed at a task, or are you open to improvising and relying on real-life situations to determine the best response to an issue?

Being in a marketing role will require you to be flexible. Customers are all different from one another, so you will have to adapt to this to appeal to them all. Simultaneously, social media is a fickle place, so being flexible in your responses or your strategies can allow you to succeed.

This goes the same way for how you utilize your skills. If you are great at writing, you not only need to be able to write long and informative articles, but you will also need to write short and snappy captions for social media. There is no one-size-fits-all in marketing, and that’s actually a good thing!

9. You Have Great Research Skills

It’s not all fun and games with marketing, unfortunately. Some of your days will be dominated by doing research and looking at numbers. Before you can truly use your skills well in a certain industry, you will have to know what people are looking for.

Before you develop a marketing strategy, for instance, there are plenty of things you need to consider. You have to research your closest and most successful competitors. You need to find out which social media platforms most of your customers use. You need to research what products they are actually looking for.

If you are okay with spending some time going through research, a career in marketing will work for you.

The Bottom Line of Having a Career in Marketing

Have you found out whether a career in marketing will be suitable for you? Know that a marketing position is one of the most exciting and dynamic corporate roles you can take. It’s instrumental in this day and age, and you will most likely have less difficulty finding a job than in other sectors.

You also have to make sure that your personality and skills match what’s necessary to thrive in marketing, though. If you find that you resonated with the signs above, you would likely be great in a marketing position.

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