Things You Should Look Before Hiring Packers And Movers


If you’re planning on conducting a house move, then congratulations! A house move can be one of the best things that can happen in your life, and it can be quite exciting if you’re going to finally organize one for yourself. Unfortunately, a house move in itself isn’t always the most exciting or thrilling experience out there. After all, a house move can be just as stressful if you’re not sure where to begin or if you have a lot on your plate.

Thankfully, you can actually rely on people such as moving companies to handle the heavy lifting of your move for you. Moreover, you can rely on their skillset, equipment, and expertise to be able to handle your move regardless of your requirements and needs. Here are things you might need to consider before hiring packers and movers:

  • Determine what kind of services you need to be done first. Granted, you might want to do a full-service move. However, if you find yourself on a tight budget or if you want to explore your options, you may actually try to determine what services you need first before trying to find movers that you need. After all, the best interstate moving and storage companies should be able to pull off various services outside full-service moves. However, the more specific you can get with your needs, the more reliable people you can find that can pull it off. If you know you’ll require specific services from your movers, make sure you list those down first and then take note of these when you make contact with your movers.
  • Check whether your prospective movers can accomplish those services. When you look at a mover’s profile or website, it’s best that you check whether these companies also have particular services that you need. With the particular list you’ve compiled above, it’s best that you check whether these movers can accomplish these services to fit your needs. For example, all movers can move and transport things – but not all of them have access to storage services, be able to help you fulfill requirements, or help you move certain sensitive objects such as heirlooms and fragile items.
  • Check your inventory first before talking with other movers. If you plan on reaching out to a particular mover for your needs, you might want to finalize your inventory first. It will be extremely helpful to settle your inventory virtually or over the cloud so you and your family can slowly work on the inventory as you complete it. This way, you have a better way of referencing your items and the kind of weight they have when you talk to your movers. Remember, most movers decide on quotations based on the weight of the things you want to bring with you, which means the earlier you finalize your inventory and the things you want to keep, sell, and throw away, the better.
  • See reviews left by other customers. If your movers have a website or a profile on social media, try to see if there’s a review section for you to check the comments and other reviews other customers have left for them. Granted, there’s always the risk of these reviews being generated by fake accounts. However, try to check inside groups or forums if these certain moving companies are reputable for what they’re doing and what they’re offering. If other people like their services, then you might want to consider adding this particular company to your shortlist of companies to hire.
  • Check if their quotation is accurate and on point. Before you agree to choose that particular mover, make sure you ask for a sample quotation as to just how much your potential move might cost. When they do give a quotation, ask not just how much to tip movers but also if the amount in the quotation is the right amount you should give them. Sometimes, surprise costs such as gas and food and other kinds of payments can take a toll on your budget. Before deciding on choosing a mover, make sure they’re the ones who can pull off your move at exactly the cost they’ve specified.

Packers And Movers: Here’s What You Need To Know

If you’re planning on hiring movers and packers for your move, you need to remember to hire companies and teams that are able to pull off not just moves in general, but things you need in order to properly pull off the move. Remember, all movers can actually pull off a move, but certain movers specialize in particular services and moving specifications. When looking for a mover, don’t just look at your budget or your schedule, but also the kind of things your packers and movers can do to make your move more manageable and serviceable.