3 Quick Yet Practical Tips for Choosing the Right WordPress Theme


I’ve been blogging for over 14 years, and it’d be hard to guess the range of topics and designs I’ve cycled through over time. At one time, I might have modified the look and feel of my private blog once each month (if no longer twice a month)!

I even started (and then bought) a WordPress theme enterprise – in different phrases, I used to be “in” pretty deep! So, with self-belief, I can tell you that selecting the proper design for your blog can be as exciting as it may be daunting but haven’t worry, as there are a few sensible matters that can help you get oriented fast.

Pen and paper for wordpress

1: keep in mind: Your content is priority #1

The maximum important element is your content. Although this seems quite apparent, we all can be so without problems distracted by using the “bells” and “whistles” that regularly accompany WordPress themes.

 Right WordPress Theme

Do not be deceived! Understand that your readers are there to read your words, and the design, while charming before everything, can fast become a non-thing when they subscribe and return to your weblog. Therefore, you should choose the right layout to showcase your content excellently without headaches and frills.

For instance, if you’re planning on spending most of it lyslowly writing long-form content, you ought to find a topic that showcases that type of fashion, especially properly. If you’re an image junkie with plans to showcase your photographs and snapshots more than the written word, you should ensure that the subject does your paintings justice.

Right here’s a two-step choice-making method:

– First, solution: What form of content material will I, in the main, be creating?

– Then, answer: Does this WordPress theme exhibit my content material surely well without distraction? Is the content vicinity beautiful to the attention, easily read, and could no longer offend the reader who may return frequently?

That ought to get you began out on the right foot. Don’t forget that your blog is constructed normally to exhibit your content, which needs to be your number one cognizance while making this important choice. Ife you want an even more reminder, here’s an apt-up I’ve written that could “get your thoughts proper.”

2: Maximize Your control and manage

there’s a developing variety of WordPress subject matters attempting to become the metaphorical Swiss military Knife – a try to be your one-forestall-keep answer, cope with the entirety, and a bag of chips to boot.

This can experience being “strategic” and smart before everything, but you need to remember that the individual that may be doing the maximum of the management is you! And, in case you do not sense security with the complexity of the WordPress subject, then you definately’re probably searching for the incorrect one.

After years of experience and a ton of private 1-on-1 blog consultations, I can let you know quite definitively that there may be a right away correlation between someone’s blogging success and their hobby in know-how WordPress as a bit of software program and their potential to manage their web page (and their subject matter). The more the blogger can “change their oil” underneath the hood, the more likely they will interact with the platform and write greater content. That, of direction, is a clear, without a doubt, accurate component.

What does that imply for you and your attempts at choosing the right WordPress topic? In a manner that you ought to attempt to discover the subject, you feel at home and comfy handling it. This can imply that selecting a theme with a restricted amount of functions and functionalities might be a better area to begin.

Even for myself, a software program developer who has created his issues in the past, I’ve applied the default Twenty Fifteen subject matter that comes “in the box” with a preferred WordPress setup! I’m not seeking paintings with anything fancy; I want something that shows my content properly (see point #1) and is simple to control.

3: select loose First

ultimately, the great component you can do is pick a free WordPress theme before throwing cash at what you consider an awesome solution. The reasons for this are many, but I’ll begin with this principle first: save your pennies!

A demo and subject matter preview can only go so far. There’s no different way of completely understanding if you like a subject matter until you use it continually for a chunk of time. Therefore, it’s hugely higher to attempt a loose one so that you don’t become shopping for one that you may no longer certainly turn out to be the usage of.

After you use a loose subject matter for a while, you’ll have hugely better information and appreciation for what works and your personal choices. Revel is a real and honest instructor here, and I’d hate with a purpose to brief-circuit that gaining knowledge of the process and waste your tough-earned dollars at the same time!

In which must you begin? There are so many bad websites showcasing free themes that I encourage you to be careful and safe. Never use Google to locate “unfastened WordPress topics” as the effects can create extreme issues and, most probable, compromise with hacks’ aid.

WordPress issues web page

instead, attempt starting in those locations:

WordPress.org topic listing

WordPress business listing

The primary is a very trusted supply of unfastened WordPress topics. The second one is a list of the industrial companions, subject agencies that do promote premium (aka paid) subject matters, however the purpose I percentage that with you is that a lot of them also have free issues indexed on their websites, which have been vetted with the same stage of attention and element. That needs to sincerely get you begun at the proper tune and maintain you busy for hours. I hope you find the next subject matter right for you and that if anything, it encourages you to write down the notable memories that have not begun to be instructed!

Move for and be bold and brave with your writing!