Sports Highlights


It’s amazing where we have come in the world of sports highlights over the past thirty years. When my grandfather was young, he found out about a ballgame or his favorite team in two ways. He could go to the game if he lived in a city with a professional sports team and could afford it, or he could listen to games on the radio. He had two choices, and now, minutes are abundant in sports highlights. Just search the internet for pre-game, live, halftime, and post-game stats with interviews. It’s amazing.

Sports Highlights

You can watch ESPN Sports Center several times a day and get the latest scores and news on all your favorite teams in all your favorite sports. Besides ESPN, there are regional sports highlights via the Fox Sports Networks that give you current info on all sports from high school to pro sports in that area from the Northwest if you live in Seattle to the Southeast if you reside in Orlando. If you have satellite radio in your car, be it SIRIUS or XM, numerous radio stations broadcast nothing but news related to various sports niches. And last but not least, the daily newspaper can be found in any city across the country. Every newspaper is different, but you can usually get a glimmer of the highlights from the major sports teams played the previous day.

So there is a wealth of information related to sports in 2009. And it keeps evolving year by year. Fans are closer to their favorite teams than ever before. That’s probably one of the reasons that athletes are so scrutinized nowadays. Everyone knows everything about them and everything they do on and off the field. A pitcher breaks up with his wife, and we know about it the next day. The star quarterback gets into a fight at a bar or gets into a fender bender. It appears on the daily sports show the next hour, and people are debating whether he should take anger or defensive driving courses.

All these sports choices are a good thing depending on which way you think about it. Sports highlight shows and websites make a lot of money off advertising. The fans get all the latest sports information at their fingertips. Leagues are making more than ever before. The athletes probably don’t like being in the spotlight all the time, but they enjoy getting those fat paychecks, partly generated by all the hype created by all these sports channels. It will be interesting to see what people come up with next.