Taxi Driver Jobs in New York


New York City has seen over 80 years of cab drivers driving the yellow taxi. While finding work as a taxi driver in the city is possible, keeping a few things in mind is necessary. Firstly, while it may not seem so, being a cab driver with a proper license is one of the best ways to earn a steady income. But, at the same time, it takes quite a bit of money to get this cab driver’s license, and you have to be ready to spend between four hundred and one thousand dollars and a lot of your time and effort to get your license.


When there is an economic crisis, you may wonder if this is the right investment. This is one of the few ways to instantly become an independent earner without working under anyone else. Not many people can successfully perform well because it takes time and effort. However, there is no harm in acquiring a cab driver’s license, especially in a city like New York.

To prepare for your test, you should be thoroughly acquainted with the city’s geographical layout. You must know every shortcut, highway, and bridge like the back of your hand. Additionally, you should know where all the major schools, hospitals, and offices are located and the major landmarks in the city, like museums and monuments.

While this may sound easy to know, remember that you probably have not traveled throughout the city multiple times since you were a teenager. Therefore, you need to learn to navigate properly in the town to ferry your customers from one point to another easily.

Once you get your license, you do not have to worry about finding work. Regardless of how many taxi driver applicants receive their licensing, there is never an excess of drivers in the city as there is a constant high demand for them.

You may also be under the misconception that taxi cab drivers are mostly immigrants. While this was how it was originally, this is no longer true. Anyone earning an income independently can apply for a cab driver’s license. In addition to maintaining a steady flow of money, it is also rewarding for those who seek human interactions. As a cab driver, you can form friendships with your customers and learn more about human behavior.

A license can also be a bigger investment in the future, with the individual expanding into a taxi service or buying his car. This is a sure-shot way to start and grow a business with time and patience. If you want to pursue this career, find out how and where to get your license.