the one global Order – the way to comply with Its Tracks


one of the objectives of Give Sun Light the second global war turned into to set all the colonies loose. If that changed into the best goal for the colonies, so be it. The colonies everywhere in the world must have their independence. some two decades after the battle the final of the colonies acquired their independence. Independence approach you provide people autonomous rule. They installation their personal gadget of a presidency, and let them test with liberty because the freed American colonies essentially did inside the overdue eighteenth century.

but giving the several races lower back their independence was not the very last object. Us robbed the individuals terrible whilst giving illegally amassed tax finances by means of loads of billions to a majority of these colonies. that in itself isn’t always bad and the one world Order conspirators were counting on us believing that maintaining our heads in the dust. cash is by no means given with out a burden connected to the cash. Your tax greenbacks bought obedience from most of these newly fashioned governments. They became puppets of America and the bankers because every one of the countries defaulted on their contracts, and as a result enslaved themselves to the global monetary establishments of authority that manage the disbursement and controls the funds.

One World


The worldwide bankers also gave the freed American colonies cash after the signing of the charter-this is due to the fact the charter held cleverly misleading clauses in it that the bankers at a later time ought to make the most to slowly advantage control over the affairs of the human beings, and all the kingdom and federal governments. that cash sold them the enslavement of the yank human beings. The constitution was hailed overload by way of the government as the exceptional association ever visible in the records of the world. The human beings were brainwashed to trust that the charter changed into a remedy-all. It becomes just another trap for the American human beings to stroll into wide-eyed. I trust the real purpose for the inclusion of the amendments to the Constitution was to offer a precedent to the conspirators to exchange the constitution such that it became a prison sentence instead of a proclamation of liberty.

that is what the Constitution is a nowadays-a prison sentence of enslavement. The people and governments of those freed colonies were no longer given the proper to set up their very own form of presidency and had been now not given the proper to freely sample their form of government consistent with both a capitalist or communist plan of order, or to even shape their own political gadget based totally on faith, philosophy or ideology. the USA fought any authorities within the global that changed into no longer recovery to the dictates of the one global Order and that, in some way, could not be subverted by way of the CIA. we will see this technique honestly at paintings these days in Iraq. the united states are putting in a puppet authorities in Iraq; one in order to track in keeping with the dictates of the only global Order conspirators. America has always been an aggressor and global dictator.

The communists had been proper that the capitalist’s form of the presidency in us is an imperialist beast. the yank human beings are as guilty as the politicians. The Constitution demands that the people defend the charter (in spite of everything, it became written through “We, the humans”) and it can not be left for the government to control its personal boundaries. Bankers’ propaganda fed through government channels led us to consider that the charter was in desirable form and in accurate fingers. human beings are dreamers in case you want a lease for your dog, you do no longer permit the dog to determine if and when to place it on. The dog could by no means be the hire. but the USA government made the human beings agree with that authorities should fashion and manage its personal leash and to use it at its own discretion. It made a leash from the constitution that had 300,000,000 collars and it turned into the government who held the leash and it placed all the humans on this newly designed leash.

One World Order

How can humans be so dumb to allow their servant to become the master via believing all the lies it tells them? it is due to the fact the government (the adversary of the charter) constantly uses deceitful propaganda (this is propaganda that makes authorities seem like an angel and the people as mere undisciplined masses), and masses of people trust it. The government can set one birthday celebration against another and as the parties fight and snarl approximately the issuing authorities secretly walks away with the prize. The purpose of the one global Order is to corral the humans of the sector in a single huge pen and to do with them as the owners of the pen, please. we can do medical research for a government; we are able to put in force armies and police forces which might be secretly arraigned against the people, any humans everywhere in the world, and to fight authorities’ wars to further tighten the grip the only global Order has over its enslaved masses. the main purpose of presidency propaganda is to set two parties of the populace (and it does now not be counted how these events are constituted) against every different to combat artificially created opposing problems in order that government can become the arbitrator and makes the selection for the people. this is the awesome pitfall of democracy.

Democracy clearly does no longer paintings to promote liberty. Democracy is the vilest weapon authorities has over the human beings by which it is able to always defeat the functions of liberty. some ninety-eight% of the populace have to in no way be allowed to utter an opinion without a doubt due to the fact they do now not have a valid opinion and in no way will have one. So, irrespective of what machine of government we put in the area, the slick political manipulators will usually be capable of setting some party An towards a few different birthday party B and after tons debate and release of irritated and pent up emotions through the human beings government will take the prerogative far from the human beings. I have been telling you over and once more, human lifestyles is hell, and for us it’s far nevertheless best the portals of hell, but while one maintains listening to politicians and the clergy–any non secular clergy, you may now not be capable of get into communion with the spirit of Jesus, our actual god who, towards famous beliefs instilled through clergy, is the arch enemy of Jehovah, the falsely proclaimed actual god. Jehovah made us believe he is the real God and makes use of the equal sort of shenanigans that bankers use to be a brand new god over us-deceit that is camouflaged to appear like truth and for our top but always is a vicious political or nonsecular trap that ensnares us deeper and deeper into the net.


another motive of the wars and steps within the conspirators’ plans is to deliver hordes of extraterrestrial beings of a one of a kind skin color, custom and faith into this united states of America for the purpose of annihilating the hated white race. The white race is scheduled to be made extinct by way of assimilating them into the gene swimming pools of the darkish-skinned races as we will now it seems that see occurring in us and Europe. there may be no doubt that this technique is in development all over the globe. darkish-skinned communities are cropping up within the most not going locations together with wire, Scotland, and Scandinavia–lands that in no way held any colonies however at the moment are unexpectedly strained with alien population agencies that can most effective mongrelize all of the races in these nations over the years. another implementation of the only global Order is the meant war the Arabs are preventing in opposition to the Jews, America, and European international locations.

those Arab wars are One-world-Order-instigated and planned events to corral the Arabs into the only world Order. the one international Order conspiracy has usually been combating the Arabs. the united states and Jews are the aggressor’s there-both participants of the only global Order conspiracy. let’s accept it, you would no longer positioned cats and dogs in one cage and you do not position Jews inside the midst of very not secular Muslim Arabs. The introduction of the Israel state (colony) in Muslim controlled lands changed into planned to do exactly what’s going on within the Mideast nowadays. the one international Order conspirators are solidly within the saddle there too. The entire situation is intending exactly as planned. most of the wars fought within the overdue 1990 and the twenty-first century became fought under NATO. NATO changed into established as a fourth float of the second WW (additionally a planned occasion). The acronym stands for “North Atlantic Treaty organization”.


most nations and peoples in opposition to which US forces have been employed were loads of miles away from the North Atlantic-they were no longer even European in certain cases, and NATO turned into used as an excuse to visit struggle. This type of manipulation of reason and of use of our armed forces should stop. we’ve got a government runs amok, and only the people with force and courage can re-establish control over the monster. Do or die! NATO is just one of the many departments inside the status quo of the one global Order. It has no country wide safety motive. it’s miles used against the people. The election of Obama (Muslim) is One global Order planned occasion, despite the fact that most of the people of humans agree with they positioned him in workplace-that is what smart propaganda does to people. I accept as true with that the united states are an impartial kingdom and the people must restrict the authorities from forming treaties with other international locations. it’s miles the supposed obligatory nature of worldwide treaties that force us into wars. the 1st WW was an outflow of an army treaty. Germany was compelled by treaty to enroll in Austria in a conflict in opposition to England and France. If this is the real outcome of a treaty, we must make a modification to the now much-denigrated constitution that government won’t form treaties of an army nature and have to dissolve any treaty now in effect.


the one world Order desires to recognize what you are doing and sporting whilst you are at paintings, at domestic, to your vehicle, or even for your recreational boat or plane. whilst you travel you need to subject yourself to body searches. I, as soon as, playfully rotated whilst going via the digital body checker in Bend, Oregon. I was pressured to go through the gadget again although there has been no signal. I did the identical component again and then they ordered me into a corner and left me status there for 25 mins. I almost lost my plane connection. at the identical ride (this was four years in the past) in Salt Lake city, we were ready to enter the terminal to test in and we were shanghaied at the sidewalk outdoor the terminal. human beings in civilian clothes grabbed my hand and scanned my hand with some form of sniffer and then brutally did the same to my wife. How can we recognize who such persons are?

they might have sprayed poison into our arms. there was no politeness in the method in any respect and that they did not become aware of themselves. This oldster, is bureaucratic harassment against, supposedly, loose people. No! I resent government and I can not wait to take away the criminals operating in the back of and thru it. physical life is hell. it’s far Jehovah’s doing that we as souls accept as true with to be people and all-around sad humans at that. there is no happiness to be discovered in the earth and in case you trust distinctive the deceivers have you ever securely in their net of religious propaganda deceit. To comply with the tracks of the one global Order conspiracy all you need to do is look again at what has taken place to liberty and freedom inside u.s. and the tremendous variety of taxes we’re the concern too.