The Ultimate Website Design Checklist: What Makes a Great Website


There are about two billion websites active today. That is a massive pool in which you’ve got to try to stand out.

Website Design Checklist
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The success of your business online depends on your website design. You need to create a smart, functional, and aesthetic website that sets you apart.

Check out this website design checklist to help boost your website!

  1. Keep it Simple

The best website design embraces simplicity and a clean layout. When you clutter your page with plenty of features and elements, it becomes distracting and difficult to use.

A simple design improves ease of navigation, and users will find what they want or what you’re promoting quickly and easily.

Fun design features that don’t serve a purpose will only slow your load time and distract your users.

  1. Images are Power

Images and visuals convey information effectively and quickly. If you’re smart about your website design, you’ll be able to use pictures as a call to action and to guide your users to different pages gently.

Think about how you place images to direct users’ attention to targets on your page.

Images should be high-quality and high resolution, as well as mobile-friendly.

  1. Fantastic Aesthetic

Overall, website design ideas should always focus on looking good. Try to create a unique and distinctive site that is also visually appealing.

Carefully consider colors, typography, and balance. Choose a color palette that represents your site well. For example, are you going for a tranquil effect with greens and blue or an energized feel with bright yellows and pinks?

Don’t use too many colors as you don’t want a kaleidoscope effect that is overwhelming and chaotic.

Use easy-to-read font and break up chunks of text to be digestible.

  1. Be Consistent

If you’re wondering how to design a top-notch website and high-quality, remember to be consistent. Your design elements across your website and different pages should follow the same style, colors, and visuals.

If your home page is designed in a completely different style from another page, it can be very confusing and comes off as sloppy.

  1. Logical Formatting

Your pages should follow the western language reading patterns. This means that your user will start scanning your page from the upper left corner and move towards the bottom right corner.

So, your target information, that which is most important, should be placed in the upper left corner.

  1. A Good Design Works Well

A great website design is not just about how it looks. You need to think about user experience. You can have a beautiful site that takes ages to load or is difficult to navigate, and you’ll lose users quickly.

Your design and entire website should be functional and easy to use. So, while designing your website, think about your user wants rather than what you want.

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How Does Your Business Fare on the Website Design Checklist?

Do you feel that your site ticks all the major boxes on this website design checklist, or have you got some work to do? A great website design takes a little work but offers a huge reward. Use this checklist to up your business’ site and success.

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