Tips to get the best deal while selling or buying a used car


Shopping for or promoting a used vehicle has never been this smooth. If dealers are unsure about the value, they can visit a famously used vehicle web site and locate the approximate rate.

If a person plans to buy one but is involved in mechanical health, he can opt for an automobile licensed and springs with a guarantee. Online portals are aggressive, including new offerings to offer quite-to-stop answers. For this, many have also partnered with lenders to permit customers to practice for a mortgage—some plan to introduce services to contend with the paperwork involved in the transfer of vehicles.

buying a used carAtul Tewari, chief operating officer, says all this has helped reduce the transaction time. “A yr ago, the common time to complete a transaction was 10-12 days. It has come down to 6-eight.”


Based on transactions on their platforms and offline surveys, almost all websites provide an indicative charge that a purchaser and a dealer can count on. Take.

A person can specify the auto variant, year of production, and area.

It then throws up a result for the optimum selling charge (MSP) of the automobile, depending on its circumstance, and even online automobile discussion board crews- offer this feature. A few even inform the fee distinction someone can assume while coping with an individual or a provider.

Parameters that help determine the charge are dynamic. Based totally on each enterprise’s enjoyment, those are changed frequently.

The pricing of the identical vehicle, however, differs on every platform. If a person is promoting a CNG version of a 2013 WagonR in a notable situation, CarDekho’s encouraged charge is Rs 3.78 lakh if bought by a dealer and Rs 4.02 lakh for a character.

Quikr’s MSP is Rs 4.59 lakh, and team BHP ranges between Rs 3. sixty-two lakh and Rs 4.01 lakh.

To get a higher price, experts say, a seller must provide as many records as viable, together with various proprietors and repairs executed, and keep the service records.

“Listings with images of the vehicles get two instances extra reaction than the ones without,” says Vikram Alva, product and virtual advertising head.

Rush Parekh, the founder of crew-BHP, indicates sellers additionally make certain that the auto seems top earlier than displaying it to anyone. If minor mechanical paintings are required, the vendor should fix them.

Sprucing the outdoors allows for creating a great first impression. For customers, he shows they visit one kind web sites to check the price at which the desired automobile is listed. For the actual charge, “knock five to eight in line with cent off the median value.”


Online portals offer licensed cars. This means the vehicle has gone via diverse assessments on the engine, suspension, transmission, and air-con, indoors and outside.

Licensed vehicles also include a warranty. But, most websites offer certification on automobiles that belong to sellers.

CarDekho, for instance, has a Trustmark for cars bought by sellers. Such vehicles are subjected to a 120-factors check.

It additionally assures that it has in no way met with a twist of fate, became by no means damaged because of floods, and has a warranty between a hundred days and twelve months or four,000 km to fifteen,000 km. It varies with the certification plan chosen by the vendor (provider).

“The certification no longer handiest helps customers get a car that may be trusted; however, also helps the seller command a higher rate and negotiate better,” says Umang Kumar, president,

Quikr is a website offering automobile inspection to a personal vendor. It’s far currently free. But, the organization doesn’t have licensed vehicles.

The vendor can get a fitness file of the car. However, there is no guarantee presented with it.

While a person lists his automobile, Quikr’s associate, Carnation, calls the proprietor and gives an inspection. The document is then put with the listing, and customers can study it.


Websites have tied up with creditors and loan aggregators. When a person clicks on the choice that they desire to avail of a loan for a used car, the lead is shared with finance groups, which name the customer at once. The mortgage for a used automobile starts at 14.25 in step with the cent and can cross as excessive as 18 in keeping with the cent.

Kumar of CarDekho says the time to shop for a used vehicle is between September and December.

“Most proprietors put their 4-wheelers on sale within the remaining four months of the calendar year. As quickly as the new year starts, an extra year gets delivered to the age of the automobile, and its fee depreciates,” says Kumar. If you plan to shop for a used vehicle, the quality time to begin searching out one is now.

Parekh of crew-BHP says if a dealer is upgrading, they ought to first method an approved provider than searching out a consumer online.

“Producers constantly have alternate schemes, where someone, not the handiest, gets honest fee but additionally trade bonuses,” he explains.

  • Pointers for consumers
  • studies very well earlier than shopping for
  • choose an automobile with fully documented service records
  • pick vehicles certified by using employer sellers
  • Unpopular motors are available at a bargain
  • avoid changed cars, discontinued fashions
  • recommendations for sellers
  • Ads consist of at least 5-10 photographs
  • preserve carrier records
  • continually present a smooth and serviced vehicle
  • don’t allow potential customers to take a test drive by myself
  • signal documents most effective after the full price
  • the consolation of certification, warranty

Licensed used cars are the modern suppliers on maximum websites. The function is for customers inclined to pay a top class for vehicles that might be thoroughly checked with professionals’ aid for defects.

To reinforce purchaser confidence, online portals offer warranties varying from a few months to a year. But, all licensed vehicles sold online belong to dealers.

In most instances, this indicates the purchaser will need to shell out more, as sellers also charge in their earnings. For example, a licensed Maruti Suzuki 2010 Ritz is available for Rs 4.35 lakh on one of the websites.

A non-licensed car may be offered for Rs three.7 lahks. For sought-after fashions, the distinction is wider between licensed and non-licensed automobiles. In non-famous ones, it is one-3 according to cent.

If a man or woman wants to get his automobile licensed earlier than promoting, it is no longer viable for the time being. Quikr gives free inspections. However, this is more like a record card of a vehicle’s health.