Top 6 Health Beauty Tips


#1: Make your personal black eyeliner by using blending charcoal and coconut oil.


• Take one to a few capsules of charcoal,

• Pour the powder into a small bowl or empty eye shadow field,

• Then including in half of a teaspoon of coconut oil.

• blend the contents collectively, and voilà!

• The result is a long-lasting pot of gel liner to be able to nourish your skin additionally.

#2: give your skin a dewy glow by including a few drops of face oil into your foundation.

Blending only a few drops of face oil into your foundation will now not best hydrate your pores and skin but additionally provide you with a smoother utility.

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#three: Stimulate hair growth with castor oil.

Jamaican black castor oil works wonders for scalp and hair-increase problems. In reality, rub down it into your head and run it via your hair. The oil will produce paintings. It is a magic moisturizing, thickening, and stimulating hair boom. You may even use it on your brows and lashes!

#4: practice a powder earlier than a liquid basis for ideal coverage that lasts all day. We realize this is going in opposition to the whole lot we have been taught approximately make-up utility, but this trick can be a savior for people with oily pores and skin. Start with an excellent amount of moisturizer, set it with a powder, and end using adding liquid basis on top. This can give your skin a completely hydrated feel, but with a matte finish. For maximum, this software method has to nix the need for powder as a final step, leaving you with a budge-proof base to last all day.

#five: a bit of vaseline (or eye gloss) and a cotton swab are the names of the game to a lived-in smoky eye.

We understand going to a mattress with makeup on is a big no-no. However, if it takes place from time to time, we do not hate while we awaken the next morning with that horny, lived-in(uh, slept-in) appearance. We’d never suggest ditching your nightly cleaning recurring, so this little tip will teach you how to attain the identical effect without wreaking havoc on your pores and skin. You may use a bit of eye-gloss on a cotton swab to smudge your black eyeliner and deliver it a more “rock-‘n’-roll” aesthetic.

#6: how to create full eyebrows when you infrequently have any to start with. In case you be afflicted by sparse brows (ahem), you know that filling them in with product may be tough, to mention the least. The trick is to draw on the product in teeny-tiny strokes to mimic the appearance of herbal hairs. If you stick with this method, your brows may not look drawn-on or faux.