Top Places to Visit in Sapporo


Sapporo and many other destinations in Japan are famous for their aesthetics. Most buildings are designed for high-frequency earthquakes due to the high frequency and intensity of earthquakes in Japan. For this reason, all travelers to this country should consider this fact when organizing their trips to Sapporo. If you are a business professional, you will know a lot about investing your money because the stock market is this country’s main source of income, and you have profitable capital and high returns. Here are some of the Top Places to Visit in Sapporo


Sapporo Snow Festival

Sapporo is also famous for the Yuki Matsuri Snow Festival. It takes place for a week every February. It continues to grow every year. It started with snow sculptures and has since evolved into a significant event in several locations. Many come to the International Snow Sculpture Competition. The Sapporo Snow Festival is one of Japan’s most notable winter events. Many foreign teams are coming to Japan to participate. The Japanese saw this as an excellent opportunity to improve international relations.

If you ever get to go to the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, go for it! Around two million people come to admire the distinctive ice sculptures and artwork made of ice and snow. Every year the event has a new topic or several. Usually, the issue is based on a building or a celebrity who caused feelings in the previous year. Not only does its community take pride in its sculptures, but it also helps tourists – there’s always a translator and interpreter. Your famous respect for people with disabilities is impressive. So don’t let anything hinder you from attending the festival. This is a widespread event. If you want to bring the festival to life, book your hotel at least half a year in advance.


When it snows, Rusutsu can only be described as epic! This resort is located within three mountains: West Mountain, East Mountain, and Mountaineer. Isola has 37 slots (if you didn’t ski or snowboard in Japan, it would be a run or trail run) spanning 170 acres. However, off-piste and snowboarding make Rusutsu unique for all skill levels, with great tree skating within seconds of an elevator jump. But the most important thing is that when you step out of the trees with a huge smile, you will most likely return to the barber, who will take you up the elevator and do it all over again.

There are a lot of safe areas off the right track. There are a lot of certain regions off the right way. If you do duck ropes and find warning signs in the results, you may be in the wrong position. If you are lucky, it may take hours to get out. So don’t let the true magic behind your strand get better. Rusutsu is a famous resort town among the locals who live in the area, and day travelers in Sapporo make up most of the hill dwellers. The problem with Rusutsu is that the city facilities and infrastructure outside the leisure hotel are minimal. Hence, it is not attractive for the traveler to spend two nights.

Shiretoko National park

Also, don’t miss visiting the Shiretoko National Park on the Shiretoko Peninsula. Known as the most beautiful and beautiful national park in Japan, this park is also one of the most secluded. As a result, various animals live in this area, including brown bears, deer, and foxes. Other attractions include Kamuiwakka Waterfalls, a natural thermal pool at the waterfall base that climbers who want to swim and relax in a stunning location can enjoy. Those looking for a less uphill hike can take advantage of the beautiful Cheritoku Fife Lake District, where easy-access trails around the Five Lakes provide a fantastic view of the landscape surrounding the climbers. If you stay in Sapporo, try Teine, which is about 30 minutes away from the Susokino theme park. Time has a lot to offer for the whole family. Olympia is an excellent place for beginners. Highland is a beautiful place for people less experienced in the steep and park terrain to entertain you for hours. Also, try the Mirror Ski Slope for a day or two outside Utaru.

Hokkaido for backpacking

Hokkaido, Japan’s second-largest island, known for its wide-open spaces and stunning scenery, is an ideal place for visitors to escape the barriers of city life and reconnect with the natural way of life. With only five percent of Japan’s population, Hokkaido is one of the last remaining desert regions in the country. The national parks have plenty of outdoor enthusiasts, from skiers and snowboarders to cyclists, mountain climbers, and campers. One of the most popular destinations for those looking to discover a great outdoor experience, Daisetsuzan National Park is the largest park in Hokkaido. From a densely wooded area, the unspoiled desert allows climbers to witness abundant wildlife.

Makomanai Park

The 1972 Winter Olympics were held in Sapporo at Makomanai Park. These days there are over 13,000 cherry trees and two different types of cherry: Sargent cherry and Yaezakura or double cherry blossoms. Each type blooms at other times, but if you are lucky, sometimes both types can bloom just in time. It is also home to 50,000 trees on 85 acres of parkland. With all the flowers, greenery, and square, walk around the patio and immerse yourself in the scenery! Best time to visit: Late April to late May

Moiwa Ski Resort

Moiwa Ski Resort is a small resort next to the Annupuri Ski Area. In winter, it is a 10 to 15-minute drive from Niseko. In my opinion, Moyawa is a hidden gem in the area. If you are powderless in a few days, hopping towards Moiwa can find healthy powders that you and your crew can enjoy for hours. The vertical is only 470 meters long, but as they say, “There are good things in small packages!” And this is one of those little packages. This ski area has two lifts, an indoor quad, and one person for two people. You can travel or step into the trees from these two lifts and enjoy the myriad of power lines.

Odori Park

Odori Park is full of 400 great talent shows. Everything from 50-foot-tall dinosaurs, dragons, ice girls, and more. The work and precision in creating these ice sculptures are excellent. SpongeBob was released in 2008. SpongeBob was released in 2008.


these are some of the areas of interest you need to put on your list when planning to visit Sapporo. To get this and more information, you can see the Cathay Pacific website, where you will learn more about their packages.