Top Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue


Are you newly engaged? We hope you are happy and enjoy every minute of your new life. But we also know how stressful questions like ‘Where am I going to get married?’ are, especially as the marriage date gets closer.

Choosing a wedding venue is often more daunting than you’d think, but once you find the right location, chances are everything else will fall into place. The platform helps decide the tone and style of everything else at your wedding. However, one thing to be sure of is that you also like the people you’d be working with alongside the place.

For stress-free planning and implementation, great service is crucial. Here are certain tips and questions that will help you decide the venue for your dream wedding better:

Make a Guest List

The venue needs to handle the number of invitees, so before deciding on the forum, you need to make a rough guest list with your fiancée and your families to help determine which platform will best suit your requirements.

Talk to a Wedding Planner or Co-coordinator

Wedding planners do this every day. They know the venues inside out and may know of media you haven’t heard of. Talk to them and choose a platform that has successfully hosted similar events in the past. The planner should, however, be someone who understands your requirements and helps you through them.

Do a Little Research

A beautiful venue on Instagram may be sweeping you off your feet, but how the forum looks is only a part of the story in the real world. The pricing, the service, and the location are all important.

Have a Date in Mind

You cannot book a venue without a date. However, to decide which platforms to consider, you need an approximate date, as some offer seasonal pricing. So, the date must be given to give you a clear idea of the cost.

Make an Appointment to Tour the Wedding Venue

You cannot randomly visit the venue and expect them to show you around, as it may be booked for another event. Hence, you must book an appointment for a venue tour, and only then can you see around the venue and discuss your requirements.

Think About What is Included

Full-service venues include furniture, pottery, etc., whereas other platforms may require you to bring everything. So factor in those costs before finalizing a platform.

Talk to Previous Clients

One of the best ways to decide on a venue is to talk to a past guest who has just held a similar event with them. Most reputable outlets will gladly offer you a list of references to contact.

Ask About a Rain Plan

Unpredictable weather can spoil an event. Ask for any rain plans the venue has, and be sure you are comfortable with them. Be Sure That the Venue Aligns With Your Wedding Vision Check the venue’s social media platform or ask for photographs of weddings they have hosted previously. You will see how other couples used the space and if the play goes well with your wedding vision.

Ask How Many Events are Held on the Property at a Time

You don’t want your guests to be attending another person’s party. Ask whether they hold multiple events at a time. If so, enquire whether there would be proper signboards and enough staff to handle all the possibilities without chaos.

Think About Food and Beverages

Ask whether the venue is self-catering. If so, ask about their food policy and menu. The per-plate pricing, too, needs to be discussed. You may have to mention to them if you have certain requirements from the menu.

Think About Your Budget

While the wedding must be grand, the budget must also be considered. You could choose a less expensive venue or reduce your guest list if you go over budget.

Have Fun

The whole intention of the wedding is for you as a couple to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. As long as that is done, the purpose of everything is well served.