Unexpected Causes of Fire and Water Damage: Everything to Know


A natural disaster like a fire or flood cannot be controlled. However, there are a few things that one can note around the house or office that can effectively help avoid potential property damage.


Several residents’ bad habits may lead to severe fire or water damage. While the apparent issues are much discussed, a handful of out-of-the-ordinary causes are usually overlooked. Eventually, they may be catastrophic, and the homeowner may not have the option to fix them without the help of reliable professionals providing the most effective and innovative restoration service. This post explores those uncommon causes of fire and water damage to avoid unfortunate, devastating scenarios.

Four Uncommon Causes of Fire Damage

Any household’s kitchen typically acts as the origin of a fierce home fire, usually occurring while cooking. However, a few other objects, except the burner, can call for a fire if not handled carefully. They include the following.

1. Dishwashers

Indeed, dishwashers are among those handy home appliances that make living easy. However, they can act as deadly fire-starters if not handled with utmost care. When a faulty dishwasher has water dripping onto the machine’s internal wires, it can lead to a fire. So, observing if it’s working optimally is essential while using a dishwasher. Schedule maintenance of the appliance can ensure no surprise fires start in the house.

2. Dust

The dust balls may ignite when they travel close to a heating appliance or wall socket. Next, the sparks fly towards them, catching fire, which may spread to nearby furniture and flammable elements in no time. Regular vacuuming is the best way to prevent this unwanted hassle.

3. Glass Objects

It’s almost like the old-school science experiments, which revolved around the concept of ‘solar ignition.’ If the glass items are pointed at flammable objects, they may start a fire. Refracting light from an empty glass jar or any other crystal object may induce fire. So, one needs to be careful about storing glass objects.

4. 9- Volt Batteries

9-volt batteries are not that powerful to cause a fire. However, they may catch fire when one doesn’t dispose of them properly and gets exposed to flammable objects.

Fire Damage – How to Recover?

Emergencies occur, and if someone has already experienced the unfortunate event of property damage because of fire, the individual should contact professionals providing the most effective and innovative restoration services. They are well-equipped with the techniques, knowledge, and technologies to restore damaged property. Naturally, this enables such professionals to have the power to turn a fire-damaged property into a new-like one.

2 Unexpected Reasons for Water Damage

Undoubtedly, the most common causes of water damage include adverse weather conditions and natural calamities, burst pipes, and sewage backups. However, there are two unexpected causes as well.

1. Fire

When it’s about extinguishing a fire, water use is inevitable. But in many cases, it can cause severe damage to the property. The mix of soot and water can radically damage the furnishings and the property’s overall health. If left unattended, this damage may later lead to mold accumulation.

2. Gutters

Usually, people don’t keep an eye on the condition of the gutters. Due to this reason, preventing them from clogging looks impossible. Later, this can lead to severe water damage. Maintaining a periodic gutter maintenance routine is the best way to avoid this.

Fixing Water Damage

Just like fire damage, fixing water damage may also look like an overwhelming job. Some professionals offer the most effective and innovative restoration service, and one can leave the job to them to get it done hassle-free.

There are several good reasons to hire professional fire and water damage restoration services. The most vital ones among them look like the following.

Why Hire Professionals for Fire and Water Damage Restoration?

Put, fire, or water damage restoration is not the ideal subject for running a DIY experiment. This job is challenging as well as hazardous. The reasons for leaving the job for professionals include but are not limited to the following.

The Restoration Job Needs Exclusive Pieces of Equipment

Cleaning up after a fire is not child’s play. Household cleaning products alone are not adequate to perform a comprehensive cleaning. The soot used for extinguishing the fire can’t be removed with domestic scrubbers. In addition, deep cleaning and sanitization are essential to remove residual odors.

Only professional fire and water restoration training can perform the job correctly. Additionally, such professionals are always equipped with the tools, training, and technologies required for fire restoration.

Mold Remediation Is Essential

Fire and water damage create room for mole accumulation, and it’s known that moles are unsuitable for human health. In addition, they can aid in degrading property health. When an individual opts to hire professional services for water and fire damage restoration, they perform mold remediation. This helps avoid potential health hazards.

Professionals Can Identify the Salvageable Goods

The trained professionals have an eye for detail and can identify the belongings one can salvage, repair, or clean. They will also dispose of the contaminated items properly, avoiding any health hazards.


Often, repair after a fire or water damage can be huge. Sometimes, one may notice structural cracks, which necessitate reconstruction. For example, a damaged ceiling always risks collapsing, and there remains no other way to reconstruct it. These services will always require a professional hand.


To get water or fire-damaged properties restored or repaired, one should always reach out to trustworthy professionals rendering the most effective and innovative restoration service. This will allow the individual to make a justified investment. A reliable and authentic restoration service provider prioritizes customer experience and satisfaction.