What Is a QR Code and How Can You Create One?


Have you considered using QR codes in your marketing? If you haven’t, you should. They’ve seen a 28% growth in usage from 2018 to 2019. Despite this growth, many people are still asking, what is a QR code? The short answer is that it’s the new barcode. You can use QR codes in your marketing to make things easier for your audience.

This guide will explain QR codes and how you can try making one.

What Is a QR Code?

QR Code


A QR code is a new version of a barcode. Instead of looking like a rectangle with several bars, it’s a large square with smaller squares. They contain a lot more information than the standard barcode. A single QR code can have up to 4,296 characters. This lets you use them for more sophisticated linking. They can hold enough information for an email, website, or URL.

How Do QR Codes Work

Several technical details go into the creation of a QR code. However, you don’t need to understand these to understand how a QR code works. Someone will create a QR code that links to their desired link. Then someone else will use their smart device to scan the code. They can then quickly access the link that’s contained in the code.

How to Create a QR Code

Before you create your QR code, decide what you’ll use it for. It would help if you had the end goal in mind. This could be as simple as linking people to your email.

It could also be detailed with a complete webpage with much detailed information. You’ll need to make the webpage and have the URL before making your QR code.

QR Code Generator

Now that you know where you want to put it and how you want to use your code, you can make it. Start by looking for a QR generator. Enter your information and click Create. Save the generated QR code and use it for your intended purpose. There are several free generator services available. However, you may need a paid service if you have more extensive needs.

Static or Dynamic

There are two types of QR codes available. A static code has the information stored in the code. You cannot change the data once the code gets created, so it’s best for data that doesn’t change. Dynamic codes are changeable, so using a c# QR code generator is better when you have information that will eventually change. The data isn’t stored in the QR code.

Instead, it’s stored in the URL. This lets you change the information at will.

Generate a QR Code For Your Business

Now that you’re no longer asking what a QR code is, you’re ready to try using one. Think about how you can incorporate one into your marketing materials. Perhaps you use it as a way for people to contact you easily, or it’s a quick way to give people a brochure full of information.

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