What is the connection between Cannabis and our Immune System?


Consumption of cannabis is much safer than other foods that we ingest. In its natural form, cannabis is among the safest substances available on earth. With continuous exposure to disease-causing micro-organisms, our bodies will be susceptible without the right protection. Smoking, vaping, and baking food are the most common ways to use the plant.

With the numerous medical and mental benefits of cannabis, more people adopt the weed into their lifestyle. Due to the difference in the plant’s legality across states, homeowners find innovative ways to access marijuana for personal use. Search online to buy the best cannabis species from a homegrown cannabis company for your home garden.

Immune System

An Overview of the Immune System

White blood cells are the most significant component of our immune system. Their work is to protect the body by attacking and destroying intruders. Our body is tasked with detecting and neutralizing external factors before they harm our health. The enhanced immunity will prepare the human body beforehand. It also helps identify cells that are not usually working and inhibits their growth. The natural body reaction will reduce the risk of the regeneration of cells.

Let us examine the effect of substances on white blood cells to understand the human immune system better.

Effect on the White Blood Cells

Tobacco components cause studies to show that cigarette smokers can have a high count of white blood cells from an oxidation process. Those who do not use it tend to have fewer protective cells. On the other hand, cannabis possesses a similar effect on receptors throughout the body. It is common to find them in the immune system and large numbers in the central nervous system.

Immune System and cannabis use

There is a lot of research on the effect of marijuana use on body well-being. Tests on animal specimens and human cells were a significant factor in the findings. The hundreds of components contained in cannabis induce the production of white blood cells in the body. Whenever the body reacts to the chemicals, there is a subsequent effect on the body’s functionalities. Such results are improved mood, pain relief, triggered appetite, and making one feel drowsy.

With the numerous medical benefits discussed later in the article, more states are pushing laws to use the plant. Eleven states have already enacted laws to govern the medical and recreational use of cannabis in their territories. You can purchase cannabis seeds in the USA by contacting the companies through their online platforms.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD is an extract from the cannabis plant that is non-psychoactive. By using the products, you are not at risk of getting high. It is free of the THC component that causes an exciting feeling. However, CBD is famous for its anti-inflammatory effect on cells in the body.

CBD Operation in the Body

The trichomes contain close to one hundred different forms of CBD in the marijuana plant. Once the components enter the body, they integrate with receptors in the human system. The action induces a body’s reaction since the body also produces the item in smaller amounts. Cannabidiol works with the endocannabinoid to affect the brain’s communication and the central nervous system.

The Endocannabinoid System

Just recently, scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system. The findings show that there is an effect of cannabinoids on the system in the central nervous system. Below is a summary;

The cannabis component limits harmful organisms in the body from moving from one place to cause damage to another site. It cuts off the infected area’s connection to the rest of the body to prevent the spread.

  • CBD kills cells that are malfunctioning through a process known as apoptosis.
  • It limits the regeneration of cells in the body.
  • The body’s functionality increases, and it responds to dangers by producing specific proteins. Cannabidiol triggers the production of cytokines that control the body’s reaction to foreign items.
  • CBD improves body defense against external hazards.

Other Medical Benefits of Cannabis Plant

In ancient times, the Chinese used the cannabis plant for its medical and mental benefits. There was a widespread belief in the healing capabilities of the plant. They would focus on the drug’s benefits rather than its side effects. Here are a few medical uses of the cannabis plant that you need to know.

Inhibit the regeneration of Cancerous cells.

Studies indicate that cannabidiol can affect cell genetics. By shutting down the gene, CBD inhibits cell regeneration. During the research process, scientists experimented on cancerous cells from the breast. The results were astonishing, as there was a significant reduction in the rate of cell spread.

Glaucoma Treatment

Cannabis has been known for a very long to treat the eye condition. After ingesting the plant, a person suffering from glaucoma experiences a reduction in the eyes’ pressure that affects vision.

Relieves Pain

Marijuana can relieve different kinds of pain in the body. With the ability to inhibit inflammatory cells, there is an increase in the number of CBD products in the market.

Reduces Anxiety and Mental disorders

About a decade ago, there was a breakthrough in studies on the effect of cannabis on anxiety disorders and other mental conditions. Using the substance improves feelings and moods. Taking it in small amounts will make you sleepy and away from negative thoughts that creep into your mind, causing anxiety.

Cannabis protects the brain.

Individuals who have undergone a specific form of trauma can use cannabis to treat conditions arising from experience. Tests show that patients who have suffered from a concussion can use the substance as part of therapy.


Cannabis is a better drug than most of the legal substances around. As we wait for the regulation of the plant’s legalization, no one can dispute the medical and mental benefits of using marijuana.