Where to Find the Best HSPT Tutoring


If one of your children plans to attend a private high school, there’s a decent chance that the High School Placement Test is looming. While the HSPT isn’t always a prerequisite for entry, it is recognized as a standard throughout many global private schools- particularly religious Catholic high schools. Here’s everything you need to know about the HSPT and some steps you can take to make the exam go smoothly for your son or daughter.

HSPT Tutoring

What Does the HSPT Cover?

The most basic version of the High School Placement Test isn’t that different from any other high school-level standardized tests. It ditches more complicated criteria like essays prominent in the SAT and ACT and instead focuses on a battery of multiple-choice questions. The questions are more straightforward than high school exams like the ISEE or the SSAT.

There’s a downside to that, however. While the questions are significantly less sophisticated, they make up for that in terms of sheer volume. The HPST takes roughly the same time as the SSAT and ISEE to complete, but it has double the questions. All told the testing time for the HPST takes two and a half hours, and you’re expected to answer 298 questions. These cover fundamental subjects like math, reading, and language. Depending on your school, there may be additional sections as well. These include science questions and those related to the Catholic religion – typically included in religious or specialized schools.

Is Rigorous Studying Required?

In many ways, the HPST is more straightforward than alternative high school-level entrance exams. But it also comes with its challenges. The primary one for most students will likely be the sheer wealth of questions. Finishing the exam means working through roughly two questions a minute over 150 minutes. This rapid-fire approach to questioning isn’t prevalent in standardized tests, and it requires students to study for the exam rather than just looking for the materials.

The other main concern when preparing for the HPST is that you can only take it once. That means that your score is what you’re stuck with for high school entry requirements. Understandably, that means that you’ll want to do all the studying you can to prepare yourself for the experience. It will require rigorous thinking and the ability to make decisions quickly. Since there are no penalties for wrong scores, it encourages an even more aggressive test-taking approach than alternative tests.

HPST tutoring. The HPST is a requirement for getting into many high schools, and you only get one shot. Therefore, you want to get as much prep time as possible. And you’ll want to think strategically about the actual design of the test. Working with an experienced tutor can help you better position yourself for the examination and prepare for the materials you need. LA Tutors 123 is about goal-oriented teaching focused on the individual.

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