7 reasons why now is the time to buy a Windows Phone

Why windows telephone merits a second look

For a long term, the most important choice to make when weighing up a brand new phone has been whether to plump for iOS or Android.

With BlackBerry chickening out back to the services and keyboard-toting handsets that made it a hit, and home windows telephone scraping by way of on a sliver of market proportion, few users have taken the time to look past what Apple and Google (and its hardware partners) have needed to provide.

Yet there may be exchange in the air. Microsoft has a new CEO at the pinnacle of the tree, fresh ideas approximately how the business enterprise’s distinct homes have to slot collectively – and wi-fi, a massive remodel of its phone OS hidden in a ‘zero.1’ replace.

7 reasons why now is the time to buy a Windows PhoneAt the same time as the global marketplace share of home windows’ cellphone remains tiny (up to a few.2 percentage in 2013 from 2.wiwireless percentage in 2012), it’s far making massive gainswireless in a few areas. It’s now the quickest developing phone OS in Europe, accounting for 10.1 percentage of the marketplace, as an example, and outsells the iPhone in a few growing nations.

What is extra, windows telephone eight.1 is ready to be driven out to customers, bringing with it an advanced interface, better apps and a digital assistant to tackle Siri and Google Now.

With WP8.1 bringing some tremendous more capability to the table, Microsoft’s app store developing in scope and nice, and Nokia nonetheless generating pinnacle-notch hardware, the time is proper to upgrade to Microsoft’s OS – or so we suppose.

Do not consider us? Test out those reasons below to peer how Microsoft has leapt ahead with its OS.

1. Stay tiles and customisation

live tile home windows telephone

iOS has its icons and folders, Android has its widgets, but windows smartphone‘s stay tiles beat them each in phrases of flexibility and customisation alternatives.

From the home screen, you may get a smooth, animated overview of your life – snap shots of your contacts, emails in your inbox, latest indicates on iPlayer, upcoming appointments, ebooks, web sites – it’s all in the front of you right away.

WP8.1 provides in the ability to feature wallpapers that fuse with the stay tiles as well as regulate the colours. The lock display notiwi-fications are wi-fi as well, in particular in case your cellphone’s sat on the desk or the arm of a chair.

2. The brand new motion Centre

windows telephone motion centre

The motion Centre it really is arriving with home windows smartphone eight.1 brings the cellular platform’s notiwirelesscations up to speed with Android and iOS.

Whilst Microsoft can be so past due to the birthday celebration that the caterers have long past domestic, it has sincerely learnt from the quality (and worst) of the features provided on iOS and Android.

You may set up custom shortcuts in the motion Centre for the entirety from Bluetooth to the digital camera app and certain signals may be effortlessly previewed with our starting the app in query.

It doesn’t have the ability and capability to launch actions that the Android equivalent has, but it brings windows smartphone right up to date inside the notiwirelesscation stakes.

3. Cortana

windows cellphone 8.1 Cortana

Microsoft has only just were given into the ‘digital assistant’ game, however the early symptoms factor toward Cortana being extra than an in shape for Google Now and Siri.

Scheduling appointments, checking flight instances, giving guidelines and tracking new memories – all of these are inside Cortana‘s competencies proper from the off. No longer simplest that, however she receives cleverer as you spend extra time together.

Bing powers everything of direction, and it’s on hand from everywhere. In lots of ways, Cortana enables to paper over the cracks in home windows phone’s multitasking capabilities.

4. Outlook, wireless and universal apps

Outlook and wireless windows phone apps

You may get entry to your Outlook emails and wireless wiwireless on non-Microsoft platforms pretty without problems; in reality there are a choice of techniques and apps you could use.

But, those titans of productivity are built in and paintings nicely on home windows’ cellphone as quickly as you offer your Microsoft account credentials.

In case, you’re already heavily invested inside the Microsoft ecosystem, then the company’s cell OS is a natural subsequent step; as apps turn out to be widespread throughout telephones, pills, windows computer systems and the Xbox then home windows telephone should make even extra fee.

Wireless is on the iPad now, however whilst the chips are down and you need immediately get entry to on your pivot tables, windows smartphone is still the wiwireless bet – even though it’s still not quite cracked it in the tablet market.

5wireless. A consistent look

Consisten home windows smartphone layout

It is easy to spot a home windows cellphone app from a way. The identical chunky buttons, elegant lettering and design aesthetic cover the lot from Spotify to fb.

When as compared to the bizarre and amazing interfaces that pop up across iOS and Android it is a welcome exchange to dive into a mobile platform that is constant and recognisable.

Even though it’s no longer on your taste, you need to take delivery of that home windows’ cellphone has succeeded in bringing an uniwi-fied appearance to its apps and menus.

6. OneDrive


The cloud garage platform (formerly known as SkyDrive) is in direct opposition with iCloud and Google pressure, and has masses to provide.

It combines wiwireless backup, photo control and wi-filewireless enhancing, and of route it is baked into home windows 8.1 too.

There may be even a Mac client, giving it a Dropbox stage of ubiquity throughout computer systems, tablets, mobiles and the net.

Its rivals all have their personal key features and benewiwireless as well, however OneDrive is a maturing platform that is all set to head as soon as you signal into your telephone.

7. Camera technology

digital camera tech windows telephone

This is more down to Nokia’s engineering than something home windows smartphone does, but there is no question that among the cutting-edge Lumia handsets take amazing images.

The dedicated hardware button facilitates, as does the Nokia seasoned Cam app, and the windows telephone experience is evidence that you do not ought to settle for average snaps out of your cell.

And that’s not the cease of it, as there are other capabilities in WP8.1 that we haven’t had time to mention too, which include the Battery Saver and c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a experience apps that assist you get more juice out of your handset and hook up with open networks greater without problems.

And large motives why it shouldn’t…

It is not all peaches and cream at the windows’ cellphone farm of route – we’re still talking approximately an OS that fewer than one in 20 humans are the usage of worldwide.

So if our reasoning above has you charging out the door in your nearby phone emporium to buy the state-of-the-art Lumia, reflect onconsideration on those points before you snatch your coat:

1. Shifting may be an ache

Unless you are starting from scratch with home windows phone (in case you’re 12 years antique, possibly) or you are already closely invested in Microsoft’s other merchandise then transferring your records (emails, photos, contacts) from iCloud/Google may be a bind.

Lamentably, it seems like that gadget is right here to stay, as none of the big gamers want to make it easy for customers to jump deliver.

With a bit of luck wi-fiofwiwireless for iPad is an indication of an interoperable future, but we might dearly love to see a legitwireless Gmail consumer, for example.

97% of telephone customers are not on windows telephone (but), and the process of switching wishes to be made simpler. Unluckily which means Google and Apple want to place within the effort in addition to Microsoft.

2. The apps nonetheless ain’t right

Speak to every body at Microsoft and they may be predictably bullish on how many apps are touchdown within the windows telephone keep every day. And to be fair, it’s miles a wiwireless quantity: 2 hundred,000 on the quit of 2013, and that’s still growing.

Add to that the reality that the interoperability within windows telephone is powerful, and you may make a compelling case for purchase.

But in spite of a number of the bigger names still committing to the platform, the wiwireless nevertheless is not there compared to iOS and Android. Use the likes of Spotify, fb or Instagram and you may see a tremendously decrease overall performance, be it thru functions or widespread layout, which is something that have to surely play into the thoughts of everybody that relies on their cellular for social networking.

There are exceptions to the rule of thumb – Adidas MiCoach has an advanced design on home windows smartphone compared to its iOS and Android opposite numbers, as an example – so things may additionally trade within the future, but for now you’ll want to be quite cool with an undulating app revel in case you’re going to get on the WP educate.

iOS 8: What Can We Expect?


With the recent release of iOS 7.1.1 we can finally and inevitably admit the fact that Apple’s seventh iteration of its mobile platform is no longer in the center of attention. All the bug and crash fixes, UX tweaks, and other improvements of iOS 7 are now overshadowed by rumors surrounding the upcoming iOS 8, which is expected to be rolled out this fall, and possibly presented earlier at WWDC 2014.

It’s not that iOS 8 will receive as much resonance and debate as iOS 7 did. Most probably it will be the same iOS 7 with a couple of apps and tweaks added, unless Apple has some surprises up their sleeves. Meanwhile, possible changes, improvements, and new features have been gathering up in rumors for some time around, coming from such Apple-related sources, the biggest being 9to5Mac. Here we would like to make a rumor roundup.


A rumor at its most unofficial, Healthbook even has a suggested icon (similar to that of Passbook), and furthermore, is said to be a perfect link between the smart phone and the possible watch. As almost all with Apple, it’s supposed to be a near-perfect personal health assistant: weight, nutrition, calories, heart rate, hydration, blood work, blood sugar, fitness tracking, and much more.

Along with the M7 motion co processor incorporated in the latest Apple devices, it makes sense as the logical next step. If we ever have to see the watch this year, we’ll see it and iOS 8 at the same time. The industry of health & fitness apps is blooming, and their owners have to keep an eye on Healthbook, whether it becomes a worthy default rival. On the other hand, it may bring valuable integration with a new generation of health apps.


Apple’s native Maps, even though some time has passed, still are perceived as a failure. Since then Apple has been talking about making their Maps better and better all the time. In 2013 Apple has acquired several companies concerning mapping (e.g. BroadMap, Embark, HopStop), and iOS 8 might present us the feature of public transit directions / route options, which was one of the reasons people shifted back to Google Maps after Apple’s ones became the default.

Another rumor is that the feature of indoor mapping will be also included. Let’s not forget about CarPlay which will definitely require Apple Maps at their best (and which also may support WiFi instead of using the cable). It’s also quite possible that updates will concern showing info about locations and venues, such as restaurants, bars, etc. This may open the way for more detailed guides based on Apple Maps, indoor navigation for shopping malls and large hospitals. As for the latter, it can be useful for in-house staff. If integrated with Healthbook, detailed navigation can be used by everyone. There can be a pool of various ideas actually.

Game Center

This one is rumored to stop its existence as a standalone app, with all the needed features being actually within games. This may require some additional changes and tweaks in existing games.

iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio has received high adoption since its September release, and its growth rate surpassed even Spotify’s. Now it is expected to become a separate default app, a rival to other streaming services. There is also a rumor about cooperation between Apple and Shazam that may introduce the feature of song recognition in iOS 8. This in turn can lead to the iTunes store where the song can be purchased.

Touch ID

The feature introduced in the iPhone 5S is expected to be used for mobile payments. Once you use Touch ID, you quickly get used to it and unlock your phone, as well as approve App Store downloads without noticing. Incorporating it into mobile payments is an even more interesting idea, especially providing this opportunity to third-party apps. If so, and if purchases will concern non-digital goods as well, Apple simply has to provide its best tool for online shopping – the iPad – with a fingerprint scanner. This is what we actually expect from the next generation of iPads.

Other rumors

There’s also a rather questionable ‘screenshot’ circulating around the Web with icons of such apps as Healthbook, Preview, TextEdit, and Tips. However, Preview and TextEdit don’t even have the iOS 7-like design, and are skeuomorphic. It has also been ‘reported’ that Preview and Text Edit for iOS might allow to only view documents stored in cloud (and its integration into custom apps is also expected to be simplified). Sir is supposed to get an improvement, although it’s unclear of which nature it will be. Possibly it will allow specific interactions between Sir and apps, boosting convenience and functionality.

Here we can see that the expected changes in hardware may be even more crucial for custom development, than the OS itself. For example, the rumored bigger screen of the iPhone, and the design/redesign issue to arise as a result. As for the commonplace ‘wants’ of iOS users, they still remain unsolved: such as changing and hiding default apps, extended customization, option of a guest account (for example, for children). If your iOS app concerns any of these issues, keep an eye on rumors until things get definite. But we know you already do, don’t you?

IOS 9 Expected Features: Expectation From Rumour Mill

Apple ended all speculations and rumors surrounding iOS 9 by releasing the latest version of its mobile operating system officially on 16th September. The version 9 of iOS supports iPod touch (fifth generation) along with iPhone 4S and above, iPad 2 and above, and all iPad Mini models. This also enables the users to easily install iOS 9 on their devices as the size of the update is only about 1.3 GB. iOS 9 also comes with better battery life, enhanced search options, updated apps, improved security, and new multitasking features to compete with popular mobile operating systems like Android and Windows Phone. These new features and enhancements in iOS 9 will profoundly impact both users and app developers.

10 Features that Make iOS 9 both Exciting and Different

1) Multitasking on iPad

Apple has included multitasking support in iOS 9 to enable iPad users to open two apps simultaneously. They can opt for the “Spilt View” option which helps them to open an app on the left side of the screen while running the other app on the right side. They also have another option called “Slide Over” which helps to easily swipe and switch from one app to another quickly and smoothly. The users can even chat with their contacts through FaceTime while accessing other apps. However, iOS 9 currently provides multitasking support only to Apple’s built-in apps.

2) Intelligence

Apple tries to make iPhone and iPad smarter through the new feature called intelligence. The feature inspired by Google Now, offers better search and proactive suggestions even before the user initiates any action. For instance, each time users initiated a web search; Intelligence will automatically show people, places, news and apps based on his activity. In a similar manner, it will automatically open the music app each time a user plugs in the headphone.

3) Hey Sir

While using iOS 9, users can activate Sir simply by saying “Hey Sir”. So they can now activate Apple’s personal virtual assistance anywhere and anytime without pressing any button. However, Apple requires the device to recognize the user’s voice, and activate Sir only after authenticating his voice. The enhanced Sir would thus quickly respond to more complex queries and offer more relevant suggestions.

4) Easier Access to cloud

While using iOS 8, many users find it difficult to access cloud, Apple’s cloud storage service. iOS 9 makes it easier for them to access cloud simply by creating an icon shortcut on the home screen. A user can now simply create the icon shortcut by visiting settings -> cloud -> cloud Drive, and then press the “Show on Home Screen” switch. So the users can now access the files stored in cloud directly from the home screen of their devices.

5) Get Transit Directions

Mobile development just seems to get better than iOS 9 further comes with improved Apple Maps that includes several features offered by Google Maps. Apple Maps can now provide Transit Direction to users in selected cities. The users can use the option to gather information about buses, trains, ferries, subway stations and other public transportation modes. The app also lays out the route according to the user’s trip and at the same time allows him to gather information about the places to shop or eat through the inbuilt “Nearby” feature.

6) Apple Pay and Wallet

The improved Apple Pay included in iOS 9 enables users to make payment easily and securely using their credit cards. Apple Pay also supports credit cards issued by popular stores like Discover. Apple has further re branded Passbook as Wallet. The users can access Wallet on their devices simply by double-clicking on the home button. They can even access Wallet when the iPhone is locked, along with storing credit card and reward card information. Thus, users can now use Apple Pay to make purchases securely and redeem their reward points easily.

7) Improved Security

iOS 9 comes with several features to keep the user’s Apple ID and device secure. The latest version of the mobile operating systems now requires users to use six-digit pass code to make their pass code more secure and unbreakable. Likewise, the users now have option to two-factor authentication to secure into their Apple account from other devices in a more secure way. The enhanced security features make iOS score over other popular mobile platforms.

8) Android Transfer

iOS 9 makes it easier for users to switch from Android devices to iPhone or iPad. They can use the “Move to iOS” apps to easily switch from Google’s mobile operating system to Apple’s mobile platform. The app makes it easier for users to transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, mail accounts, wallpapers, and web bookmarks from the Android device. It will further suggest the free apps the user can download from the App Store, while adding the paid apps to iTunes Wish List.

9) CarPlay

IPhone development becomes even more interesting with Apple having included CarPlay in iOS 9 to facilitate automobile automation. CarPlay enables users to connect their iPhone or iPad wirelessly to cars that support wireless connection. It can further support, and work seamlessly with the auto maker’s apps. So the users are not required to toggle between the car’s interface and CarPlay. They can simply use their iOS devices to control the car more conveniently.

10) Notes and News Apps

Apple has updated several built-in apps to deliver richer user experience. iOS 9 includes a new flip board like News app that provides updated news to the users based on their preferences and reading habits. Apple has also collaborated with major publications to provide more relevant and comprehensive news to users. iOS 9 further comes with a completely redesigned Notes app. The users now have an option to convert the note into a checklist, add photos to it, and draw doodles on it. Also, they can send content and information from other apps to the notes, and save the app on their cloud drives for easy access.

Certain features included in iOS 9 indicate Apple’s plan to enhance the worldwide market share of its mobile operating systems. Apple has included keyboards for Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi and English to target millions of users living in India, the country with world’s third largest smart phone market. The latest version of iOS further allows Indian users to key in Hindi words in Roman script, which the keyboard will subsequently convert into Devanagari script. Increasingly, this makes it easier for users to access websites and apps that use several Indian languages.