8 Things You Never Knew About Instagram


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With over a billion users worldwide, Instagram is among the most popular apps today. It’s become the prime platform for influencers, photos, and videos for the chance of going viral and exploding all over the Internet. However, as many users as the platform has, it still has some interesting facts that most don’t know about.Never Knew About Instagram

To learn what these Instagram facts are, read what’s below. Discover the things that you didn’t know about the platform or that you could do on it!

1. Customizable Notifications

Instagram can give you so many notifications that you may miss the ones that interest you the most. Most of these alerts tell you to follow another profile you may find interesting. These can be frustrating and exhausting to filter through, so getting rid of them is a must.

What’s great is that you can customize Instagram notifications per profile. This way, you can only get notifications if a specific profile uploads a post, posts a story, or goes live on the platform.

2. Untagging Yourself From Unwanted Photos

Tagged photos can appear on your Instagram profile without prior notice. This means that even unwanted images can appear on your profile, too. Instead of contacting the uploader to take it down, you can untag yourself from the image.

Once you select a photo, tap on it and choose your username. You’ll then see the option to remove yourself from the post or hide it from your profile.

3. The Platform Has an Auto-Censor Function

Are some comments making you uncomfortable when you see them? Instagram has you covered! You can head to your settings, select the Comments tab under the Privacy option, and hide offensive comments from here.

4. You Can Minimize Data Usage

Instagram can also use up a lot of your data since it downloads photos for you to view. This can be a problem if you’re not interested in most posts. To deactivate this, you can turn on your Data Saver mode under Cellular Data Use in the app’s Settings.

5. View Your Messages on Desktop

For the longest time, Instagram was a mobile-optimized app. The website version lacked many of the app’s features, particularly viewing private messages. Check out this guide to learn how to check Instagram direct messages on a PC.

6. You Can Control Who Sees Your Stories

Being able to hide them from people is among the facts about Instagram stories that most don’t know. If you don’t want someone to see your accounts, you can add them to the list under Story in your Privacy settings. This way, they’re excluded from viewing every Story you post until you remove them from the list.

7. Archiving Your Posts

Do you want to have a fresh start on your profile? Deleting all the previous posts on your account may feel like a big loss and prevent you from doing so. Instead, you can archive them, keeping them hidden from the public while saving them on your account.

8. Control Multiple Accounts at the Same Time

Are you running a business profile on Instagram, too? You don’t need two devices to do so! You can also easily sync your business account on the same app and switch between them!

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