Benefits of Breaking Down a Project into Tasks


While there is joy in securing a project for your company or being made a project manager, you will likely feel intimidated by the bulk of it. You might end up even doubting your capabilities in terms of implementing it. Project kick-offs can, at times, be overwhelming and could leave you filled with doubt.


Breaking down projects into tasks and including them in your annual calendar template can help you move the project efficiently. Here are ways a breakdown project structure can be beneficial.

1. Helps with prioritizing

Projects are made of multiple small tasks. Breaking down a big project will list the functions and actions necessary for its success. This makes it easy to pinpoint what is critical to the job at a specific time.

This information can help improve your team’s focus and attention to urgent tasks. As a result, you will meet the project deadlines with ease and satisfy the stakeholders.

2. It will make your strategy more measurable

A project’s direction is informed by goals set before it kicks off. The goals must be measurable so that the progress and success of the project can be measured. A project standing on its own can be hard to measure progressively.

Project teams must not wait until the completion of the project or deadline to evaluate progress. Breaking it into smaller tasks makes it more measurable throughout the different phases.

Independent tasks can have clear individual limits that are easy to oversee.

3. Makes delegation easy

It is usually impossible for a single person to effectively handle an entire project alone. At the same time, without a good plan, the collaboration of team members on a project can be challenging.

Breaking it down creates room for collaboration and support. Smaller tasks can be delegated to different team members that can deliver effectively. This eases the burden on the project team lead, allows the participation and inclusion of more people in the organization, and helps achieve KPIs much faster.

4. Makes work more organized

Breaking down tasks facilitates the creation of a roadmap that demonstrates how the individual functions will help achieve a bigger goal. In addition, this creates a sense of organization around the project.

The project team takes ownership of the project and is more accountable. With such an organization, the risk of failure is eliminated. It helps people be on the same page and clarify what is expected of the different team members.


The best way to manage a project is to break it down into smaller tasks. A breakdown structure increases the success rate in several ways. For instance, it makes it clear which areas should be given priority. It also makes project management more organized, whereby roles are clear.

Delegation and support in implementation are also easier if several tasks are distributed to the team. Break down a project to make undertaking easier and achieve the timelines.