Best Practices of a Good eCommerce SEO Company


Dallas is the largest city in Texas, U.S.A. With an estimated population of 1 343 573 in 2019, the city is the 9th most populous city in the country and the third most in Texas after Houston and San Antonio. With that in mind, if you have an eCommerce business running in Dallas, you’ll have many prospective customers to whom you can offer your products or services. Since Dallas is a vast city, the internet is the best way to reach more consumers.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the best online marketing strategies to enhance your online presence. SEO is a complicated task, especially for those who don’t know how to do it. SEO covers multiple processes, improving your search presence, including a well-designed website, optimized URLs and page titles, and keyword-rich content.

You can always get a good Dallas seo to help you with this daunting job. However, there are tons of SEO companies online offering the same services. This could make it hard to make a good decision in choosing the best one for your company. Below are the best eCommerce SEO professionals’ best practices to know if the agency is good at what they do.

They use important keywords.

Your product info should be friendly to both shoppers and search engines. The sizes, measurements, prices, colors, and other details make it easy to find, read, and understand. They must consider including measures in standard and metric if your website accepts an audience from different regions.

Moreover, you need to keep your product information updated. If there is an information update from the manufacturer, you need to include it. The new report is not only crucial for shoppers. It will also provide more keywords to improve your rankings.

The design with consumers in mind.

The overall design of your website should add to the customers’ shopping experience. Regardless of what you offer and how good your deals are, shoppers may get frustrated and leave your site if your website can’t provide a good user experience.

Design is crucial to SEO, too. If the search engine detects that your website visitors leave quickly on their first visit, or what they call bounce rate, your rankings will surely drop. A well-designed website helps alleviate bounce rates. Moreover, it may encourage visitors to browse more pages.

An eCommerce website should have easy navigation with well-written menus or navigation options that tell visitors exactly what they should expect upon clicking the buttons or links. Moreover, the images should be limited since they could affect your website’s loading time. The longer your website takes to load, the higher the chance visitors will leave. So, you must ensure your website loads as fast as possible.

Reliable SEO professionals know what to do in this matter, so you have to trust them to handle your website designs.

They avoid complicated and cluttered URLs

The address on a browser’s address bar is called a URL. The website visitors use it to access a page on your eCommerce store. URLs can hold huge amounts of information in such a small space. It contains a category name, product name, file type, and actions.

It is advisable to keep the URL as clean as possible, and it should have relevant keywords to what you will see on the resulting page. The search engine can never pick up any information from a cluttered URL that looks like this:

Make sure that your URL looks as clean as this:

With a clean URL, the search engine can obtain vital information, and the visitor can tell where the URL leads them. Moreover, if they send the link to another person, they can tell what the URL is about at a glance.

They use alt text in images.

Alt-text is essential if you are adding images to your website. It is an alternate text that can be used in different ways. Alt text can be displayed, replacing the image if the browser cannot display it. Also, this alt text appears when you hover the cursor over the image. Furthermore, alt text is another good way to get your important keywords on your website.

Running an eCommerce business will be impossible without the help of SEO. If your business in Dallas is not reaching as many leads as you want, you must seek help from the best Dallas seo service provider. These are just some of the best practices of eCommerce SEO. If your prospective SEO agency does these things, you can give them a go!