How to Choose The Best WordPress Theme for Your Business


If you decided on WordPress on your commercial enterprise internet site or expert blog, properly…you’re a genius. WordPress is not simplest supported via a massive community with reputedly limitless assets for customizing your WordPress website; it’s open supply and unfastened. No marvel nearly 1/2 of all new websites run on WordPress.

But after you begin attempting to find the pleasant WordPress theme for your enterprise, understand popularity comes with a price: There are lots upon lots of topics to select from. 3,018 themes at Four,968 issues on the gargantuan ThemeForest. That’s without even mentioning loads of small foundries and different marketplaces like Mojo marketplace and CreativeMarket.

WordPress Theme for Your Business” title=”How to Choose The Best WordPress Theme for Your Business” src=”” alt=”WordPress Theme ” width=”570″ height=”324″ /> How to Choose The Best WordPress Theme for Your Business

Niche topics, do-it-all themes, free themes, top-class issues. It’s a paradox of preference and can be flat-out overwhelming.

We recognize it can be hard, so we compiled a few pointers to choose a WordPress theme less intimidating.

Know Thyself (and Thy enterprise)

recognize Thyself and that the commercial enterprise

It’s tempting to price ahead, discover the primary subject matter that looks extremely good, and phone it an afternoon. But if you pick a subject that doesn’t align along with your commercial enterprise desires, trying to customize the subject can be a high priced headache.

Earlier than you got down to pick out a commercial enterprise WordPress theme, it’s a superb concept to complete discovery of your commercial enterprise. Just a few of the things you’ll need to reflect onconsideration on:

What are your enterprise desires, and the way properly does the theme shape up with them?

What’s your emblem, and how will it be displayed within the subject?
Who’s your opposition, and the way will this subject assist you in ruining them? (yeah!)
knowing your enterprise, audience, competition, and the context around your internet site will tell each selection you are making approximately your internet site:

What content will satisfaction my target market and aid my commercial enterprise desires?
What will web page structure help my content?

How will traffic waft through the website?

Spend a little time “discovering” your enterprise, and you’ll be prepared to choose the WordPress subject matter that fits your commercial enterprise instead of fitting your commercial enterprise to the “maximum popular” theme. It gained’t make your search faster, but it’s going to cause extra fulfillment in the long run.

Have to I lease a person?

Pictured above. Tim Berners-Lee, writer of the net.
Let’s start with some questions:

What’s your price range?
How net savvy are you?
How plenty WordPress enjoy do you’ve got?
What’s your time-frame?

If you have the price range, you can shop yourself several times and handwringing using a professional WordPress designer/developer. $500 is the not unusual entry-degree rate professional WordPress designers/developers rate to select and install a subject matter with a few simple branding and customization to your enterprise. To get a fully custom designed theme that’s unique in your commercial enterprise, the value will more likely fall in the $one thousand–$4000 range.

It’s a good idea to search for a WordPress clothier, developer, or organization set up and show examples of preceding successes. Here are a few freelancers and small businesses that we will endorse without batting an eye fixed. Most people do custom paintings beginning at $2500 and going up from there, and all of them are worth each penny and more.

The flexibility institution
house of Grays
Ozzy Rodriguez
Bourn creative
internet Savvy advertising
Blazer Six
Iron 2 Iron

if you’re net savvy, have a small budget (or no price range), and don’t mind getting your arms dirty, WordPress is on the market to all who are willing to learn. However, do not forget that you’ll encounter many technical hurdles putting in place and customizing your subject matter. If your experience with WordPress and web improvement is minimal, be prepared to learn plenty and spend more time than you predicted.

“This shouldn’t be too tough” are famous last words in WordPress circles.

The high-quality WordPress subject matters for commercial enterprise

lunch-trayThere’s no such element as a free lunch. That’s what I discovered in excessive school economics. “Free” has an irresistible enchantment. However, we all know there’s typically a seize. Now and then, you grow to be with plenty greater than you good buy for when you cross the free route.

So, what ought to you do, keep a few bucks and go with a free WordPress topic or make investments of $50 to $200 in a top-class subject?

If you’re a professional blogger or business, don’t hesitate to spend money on a top-class WordPress topic. Usually talking, top rate themes have extra functions, higher support, and are less complicated to personalize and make your personal.

There are numerous top rate theme stores. We like the following for his or her professional design, build satisfactory and help:

The subject Foundry

There’s nothing incorrect with deciding on a loose topic for the frugal and intrepid commercial enterprise individual. WordPress at its middle is open source, and the network provides lots of gorgeous free topics well worth considering. Simply understand that fashionable unfastened themes will require extra customization.

We’re specifically fond of those free subject matters:

subject matter Hybrid
Anders Norén
Mayer from Tom McFarlin
matters to reflect onconsideration on whilst choosing a WordPress theme

How clean is the setup?

The truth is, this will be a bit hard to figure out whilst you’re looking through websites that need to promote your WordPress topics. Of direction, they need to pitch the setup as easy; it’s how they get you to click that buy button. What’s often pitched as a brief setup can actually take hours or even several days to shape your content to the theme demo they’re displaying on their website.

There are a few unique approaches to discovering how clean or difficult the theme setup will be.

Does the subject matter vendor provide setup documentation? How good sized is it? Does it appear complex or past what you’re inclined to strive to your own?

Does your content material match what the subject demo is displaying? If the theme demo is full of flashy images, and your website online consists of particularly textual content, you’re going to need a few high-quality snapshots of your personal to get the subject to appearance right.

Does the theme supplier have an open guide forum? If they do, how energetic is it? Do you see masses of help requests associated with theme setup?
Have you asked around? Maybe someone you understand has set up the topic you’re looking to shop for. Ask on Twitter or reach out to us for a recommendation.
Who will keep it?

That is a large one. As WordPress changes, you need to understand that the company you acquire your subject from will be round to launch security and compatibility patches. You furthermore may need to realize that a person goes to be on the opposite end of your electronic mail if you have a query in six months.

Theme shops come and pass fast, so look to agencies that have stood the take a look of the time, as a minimum to a few diplomas. Within the net international, that timeline is faster than maximum industries, but it’s still smart to search for businesses that have been around for a year or more so that you aren’t unnoticed within the cold.

How clean is it to customize?

Things-to-consider options for customizing a subject matter have become exceedingly numerous. There are such a lot of one of a kind approaches to alternate your subject matter’s appearance and experience. Some themes like Make from topic Foundry take heavy advantage of the subject matter customizer and deliver people all the freedom to customize the look and feel in their website.

StudioPress’ subject matters restrict the range of alternatives you have to get entry to and require that maximum adjustments be made via baby topics using Hypertext Preprocessor and CSS code.

OLikeexposure from Flagship, tother topics ake a greater hybrid approach and offer you simply sufficient alternatives to provide you a look that’s your very own, without requiring you have any form of coding or layout chops.

Is the subject matter mobile responsive?

At this point, you really shouldn’t be looking at any topics that aren’t mobile responsive. In case you’re no longer familiar with the term, a cellular responsive method, that your website’s appearance adapts to whichever device you’re studying it on. I know for a truth that whether you’re analyzing this newsletter to your computer, an iPad, or your Android cellphone, the fonts look quality, and it’s easy to use. We’ve optimized our design for each one of those devices with the usage of mobile responsive techniques.

It’s 2015. It would help if you had to be the best purchasing for cell responsive issues, no exceptions.

Google has even started using “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking aspect of their search engine set of rules, not to say an experience that isn’t pleasant may be using your visitors away.

Wrapping Up

As you may see, selecting the subsequent subject matter for your enterprise is a lot more concerned than finding something that appears high-quality and punching to your credit score card digits.

You want to assess your desires first, after which begin the shopping system once you recognize what it’s miles you’re searching out. That will sincerely cut down on ability customer remorse, and subsequently, you’ll grow to be with internet assets that you could be pleased with.

Have you ever purchased a subject matter and regretted it later? We’ve. How approximately lost your thoughts seeking to set up a new theme that turned into presupposed to be smooth? Hit us up with the feedback. We’re right here for the communique.