Drew Binsky in Pakistan – Meet the tour blogger on a task to go to all international locations on the planet


With exhilaration pulsating in each ounce of my body, a huge smile unfolded across my face as I came to phrases with the reality that I just had the tremendous opportunity to talk to famed American tour blogger and YouTube star Drew Binsky whose recent adventures in Pakistan are serving primary touring thought to the teens across the world.

An acclaimed tour content material producer, Drew is an eminent YouTube persona who enjoys a massive fan following that transcends borders and spans throughout territories.

At 27, he has been to a document-breaking 162 countries throughout the globe, after taking up the baton of shattering stereotypes and pre-conceived notions regarding locations that can be deemed as highly dangerous, as a part of his journey to visit every United States of America within the international.

Not merely this, through traveling and exploring the hidden elements of those states, Drew objectives to highlight the image approximately this facet of the sector that doesn’t currently persist inside the media.


He knew he needed to visit Pakistan, although he had been trying to acquire a five-year visa, and I knew I needed to interview him.

During an extraordinary chat with The News, Drew discovered his preferred thing about Pakistan.

“The humans, of direction! Everyone right here is so heating and alluring that it is wonderful. So far, I haven’t even spent any cash because no one has let me. Not handiest, my friends but road vendors and different humans too.”

He brought, “Pakistan has already turned out to be certainly one of my preferred international locations after most effective per week. There’s not anything approximately the country that I dislike to this point.”

Retaking him in time, I asked him approximately the instant the remarkable concept of embarking on an incredible undertaking struck him.

“Studying abroad in Prague, the Czech Republic, in 2012, is where I was given the journey of computer virus and teaching English in Korea after I started my weblog. When I left Korea, it just began developing, and then I picked up a digital video camera some years ago and began posting videos daily. Now I even have almost 1000000000 perspectives and over 3 million followers on social media,” he shared.

Harboring his lifelong passion for traveling and discovering each use within the global via 2020 because he changed into a kid, Drew listened to his pinnacle three international locations.

“Philippines, Vietnam, and Iran are my favorite countries, and up to now, Pakistan is encroaching on that list,” Drew said with a chuckle.

However, what’s extra intriguing is Drew’s favored town in Pakistan is Lahore.
“I just like the records of the ancient city of Lahore; it is such a magical region. If there may be one thing approximately Pakistan that I would need the United States to have is its remarkable history, the maximum of that is saturated inside the metropolis of Lahore. Also, the structure is astounding, too!” he stated further.

Talking about the country’s future possibilities in terms of tourism, the tour blogger went directly to state how Pakistan is an untapped marketplace for tourism to release lots of cultural prices.