Forget In-House: 5 Benefits of Managed IT Services


No matter your industry, your business relies on secure, efficient IT services. You can hire an IT staff, but using managed IT services offer many benefits for the average small business. You can save time and money while increasing security and reducing downtime.

Managed IT Services
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Please keep reading to learn five reasons you should look into managed IT service providers for your company.

  1. Cost Control

Hiring a full-time IT person as an employee costs you more than just the yearly salary. It typically costs a company 1.25 to 1.4 times the base salary for each employee with all other expenses, such as payroll taxes and benefits.

Managed IT services typically have a fixed monthly cost. You can easily plan on the amount without fluctuations for things such as training or new equipment.

  1. IT Expertise

If you’re trying to handle IT issues yourself, you likely spend a lot more time than you need to and aren’t sure how to handle many situations. Finding the right candidate with relevant experience, certifications, and training to work for you full-time can be challenging.

Outsourcing IT to a company like Ascendant gives you instant access to IT experts who can perform the work much faster. You can easily verify the certifications and qualifications of the company and take advantage of that expertise. They stay current on the latest IT developments, so you don’t have to research the latest in IT yourself.

  1. Reliable Performance

It would be best if you had your network perform reliably. With managed IT services, you can have 24/7 monitoring of your network. If you hire one person to handle your IT in-house, there’s no way for that person to monitor things constantly.

A managed IT service provider can immediately identify the issue, even at night, and quickly get your business back online. They can often fix the problem before it becomes something major with little disruption to your business. It reduces your company’s downtime, improving the customer experience and productivity.

  1. Increased Security

Managed IT companies use the latest technology and stay on top of the newest threats to your IT security. Cyberattacks cost businesses an average of $200,000, and small businesses are the targets of 43% of online attacks. A professional IT company protecting you from those threats can save you time, money, stress, and lost business.

  1. Ability to Scale IT Services

Your IT needs might be small now, but you have more IT needs to handle as your company grows. If you’re using in-house IT, it can quickly become overwhelming for your staff. Hiring new team members and getting them up to speed takes time you don’t always have.

You can instantly get the extra support you need when you use a managed IT service provider. The provider has a full staff of experts who can jump in and work on your account when you need to scale.

Choose Managed IT Services

Managed IT services let you focus on your core business. Your IT experts keep your systems running smoothly to ensure you can keep your clients happy.

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