Four Tips to Keep Your Workplace Safe


In the current socio-political climate, the rising crime rates come as no surprise. People fear for their safety, and considering how a major portion of the time everyone spends at their offices, feeling safe and sound in the premises is necessary.

If you are an employer, then it becomes your responsibility to make your employees feel secure in all aspects. Whether it is imparting regular training for using equipment and tools correctly or deploying security measures for keeping the building safe – you can surely make your employees feel happier and more productive if you adequately protect them.


Following are some general tips to follow to make your business premise as secure as possible:

Use Alarms and Security Systems

Equipping your office building with an alarm system is the first thing you can do to enhance security. They are a deterrent for malicious intended people and alarm you if there is a fire breakout. These monitored systems help you transmit emergency signals to the monitoring station and protect your building when no staff member is around. You can install these systems on entrances and exits and car parks and stairwells to alert local law enforcement and dispatch them to places where they are needed.

Install Access Control Management Systems

Using access control systems such as automatic doors and gates is another way to manage ‘who gets access to what and when.’ It helps you limit the people’s access to certain office areas and keep a close track of the visitors. Today, there are low-cost software solutions that come with a basic visitor logger system to let you monitor who is in your office building and which individuals have entered or exited the premises throughout the day.

Have Enough Lighting

Everyone knows that burglaries and crimes happen mostly at night or in the absence of lighting. It is so because an evil mind never wants to come into the limelight. Knowing that you must have effective outdoor lighting at your office so that the culprits don’t find it easy to break into. If they do, you or your security guard are better positioned to identify them and have them caught by the police.

Store Away the Confidential Documents

Losing your intimate business information is like losing a part of you. It can be detrimental to your company and employees, and as a business owner, you are supposed to ensure that no critical files fall into the wrong hands. Thus, lock away any legal or sensitive documents of your office and always have their virtual copies for extra safety. Also, have secure password systems and security software on all devices so that only employees who have clearance are only granted access.