Google, Cuba deal may want to deliver faster internet to the island


Today, Google signed a memorandum with Cuba’s telecom monopoly ETECSA to create a cost-unfastened connection between the two networks. Doing so will raise Cuba’s net speeds. However, this peering agreement comes with a capture. Cuba will first need a new undersea fiber-optic cable to connect its community with a Google “factor of presence.” And that could take years.

Once the fiber optic cable is in the region, Cuban citizens can have faster admission to content hosted on Google servers, and the Cuban authorities will see value in financial savings. At the instant, ETECSA ought to pay 0.33-birthday celebration expenses for passing traffic to sites like YouTube, Google Maps, and Google.Com.
Google and Cuba have a history of collaboration.

faster internet to the island

Even earlier than US-Cuba family members stepped forward, Google made Chrome freely available throughout you. S. 2016, Obama touted Google’s plans to carry a net to Cuba. Shortly after, Google set up local servers to hurry up its offerings, and in 2017, Google became the first overseas net organization to head live on the island.

Since Cuba first examined the domestic net in 2016 and released merely cell internet nationwide during the remaining summertime, the USA has come to an extended manner in a distinctly quick span. While there’s no proposed timeline for the new fiber optic cable, this agreement establishes a group of engineers to type the vital info and start the project.