Importance of Trolleys and Their Different Types


Working in a warehouse is not easy, as it is quite an effortful job. So it becomes necessary for store managers to ensure that employees are equipped with all the essential tools for an uninterrupted workflow. A trolley is the most critical and affordable thing when talking about equipment. It is necessary for transporting both heavy and light items in the warehouse. Trolleys can enhance the efficiency of the warehouse by enabling employees to load and locate items quickly. Additionally, it contributes to the safety of workers.

 Different Types

A huge variety of advanced trolleys are now available in the market to serve every purpose. They are of different types and are designed for specific tasks. Some of the commonly used trolleys are cage trolleys, platform trolleys, shelf trolleys, and tool trolleys.

Now, let us discuss these popular trolleys and their usage –

1. Platform Trolleys –

The most commonly used trolleys in warehouses are the platform trolleys. Its structure includes a flat platform mounted on four wheels with handles on one side or both ends. Their capacity to carry weight varies greatly; they can be caged or open. Trolleys designed to carry lightweight are made of aluminum, while the ones devised to bear heavy weight are made of quality steel. These trolleys make transportation from one place to another very easy.

2. Cage Trolleys –

Cage trolleys are a kind of platform trolleys only. The only difference is that cage trolleys have meshed walls that prevent items from falling off during transportation. These trolleys increase the safety of workers, and for a better organization, they feature departmentalized shelving. Like platform trolleys, their durability depends on the type of material used for the mesh and the platform. Their capacity to carry weight also depends on the material only. Usually, steel is recommended for both mesh and medium as it is quite durable and can move heavy-weight items efficiently.

3. Tool Trolleys –

An ideal choice of a trolley for technicians and maintenance crew is the tool trolley. Technicians need equipment to be collected in a place that can be easily moved. And tool trolleys are the ones that have storage capacity, and they are easily portable. They are small and have well-organized shells to store tools and essential items systematically. The molded tops provide space for smart devices, laptops, or diagnostic equipment, while small molder spaces are for small things like fasteners.

4. Shelf Trolleys –

The name itself reflects that shelf trolleys consist of shelves. This shelving facility allows workers to carry multi-sized items or boxes effortlessly from one corner to another. The frames are sloped to the back, so you need not worry about things falling off during transportation. These trolleys are open from only one side for loading, and the other three sides are surrounded by bars.