Tips on Finding the Right Home Renovations Contractor


Planning home repair and renovation is definitely, not an easy task. A lot of planning and research is needed before you finally decide to hire a contractor to get your work done. Regarding home renovation, you want the best job at the most reasonable cost.

This is possible only with proper planning and a knowledgeable, ethical home renovation contractor. If you don’t want your next home renovation project to become a nightmare, ensure the contractor you hire is licensed, registered, insured, or sufficiently competent to do the work properly. People often get cheated as the contractor disappears after taking a deposit. Sometimes, they extend a project for months after the expected completion date.

It is common to find customers unsatisfied with contractors’ substandard work, unethical business practices, and complaints about damaging the property. Consumers can protect themselves from corrupt and incompetent home renovation contractors by following tips to get the most out of their contractors.

Obtain multiple bids:
Getting bids from various contractors is important to get the most competitive price. Once you have multiple estimates, you can easily compare the total project cost, quality of the building materials, and time duration to complete the job. Remember, the lowest bid is not always the best. Find out the best one based on your thorough research.

Know your contractor well:
Before signing a contractor, check their business profiles to know how long they have been in business. Investigate your contractor’s work history and check if the firm has a current state license, including certifications from national trade organizations. Find out reviews from the verified customer, whether any formal complaints or legal actions have occurred in the past or are pending, and how they responded.

Be cautious of sales pitches:
Often, people get trapped in clever sales tactics and sign a contract with general contractors. It is easy to get lured to avail discount by signing the agreement today. Usually, the motive behind such offers and schemes isis to make you sign a contract quickly or deposit the amount without allowing you to do your research.

Get your contract in writing:
Make sure to get every detail in writing for your home renovation contact. This should include start and completion dates, the total cost, payment arrangements, your contractor’s license number, project description, parties’ names, and how to handle additional charges, if necessary. Ensure that all verbal promises regarding construction and renovation work are contained in the contract.

Know what permits are required:
Generally, you require permits from the town or municipality for construction and home renovation work. Find out what permits are needed and what regulations must be followed before starting your renovation project. Remember, applying for and acquiring all necessary permits is the contractor’s responsibility, and your renovation contract should specify all such details.

Never make full payment or a large deposit in advance:
You never know how things will happen, and making the full payment or a huge deposit initially may put you in trouble. Ideally, you should follow the “Rule of Thirds” payment schedule. When signing your home renovation contract, you make the first payment. This will enable the contractor to pay for materials.

Once the work starts, you pay the second installment, and the final amount should be paid after the work is completed and you are satisfied with its quality.

Home renovation is essential occasionally, but without proper planning, you may create a mess for yourself. So, make sure to hire the best contractor. Going by the expression, “Prevention is better than cure,” it is always better to do a little research.