Why Nursing is the Rewarding Career You Should Be Considering


If you’re looking for a rewarding career, then nursing has to be one of the best options out there. It’s certainly not an easy thing to do, but if you’re prepared to work hard, then nursing offers you a perfect blend of challenges and rewards that can keep you motivated for many years to come.

Here are some reasons why nursing is the rewarding career you should be considering.

You Get to Help People

It’s an amazing feeling to know that you’re helping people every time you go to work. There are many jobs where you get to help people, but with nursing, it’s done through such a direct link with patients that you can’t help but take pride in it.

As a nurse, you’re there for people when they face some of the most challenging, scary moments of their lives, and your presence can make a huge difference. It’s nice to know your work matters, and this is something you’re always aware of as a nurse.

See the Results of Your Work

You don’t always get to see the results of your hard work in life. There are many jobs where you can be a part of a puzzle, and it’s hard to see exactly what you have achieved.

However, with nursing, it’s clear to see the results of your work every day. Whether it’s making someone smile through a painful time or seeing a long-term patient discharged from the hospital, you can see your hard work pay off in a very tangible way.

There’s no better motivation for coming to work the next day when you see these positive outcomes.

Challenge Yourself

Nursing is a challenging profession.

It’s fast-paced, hands-on work that, at times, can be emotionally charged, but there are so many opportunities to challenge yourself. There are always new things to learn, new technology to be mastered, and no two days are the same.

Not only does this keep you on your toes, but it also keeps things exciting. If you don’t want to work in the morning just for every day to look the same, nursing is a perfect option.

Neverending Learning Opportunities

The field of nursing and healthcare, in general, are always advancing. Today’s technology may look very different from what we use in 20 years, which means there are always learning opportunities in this career path.

Whether you take up an entry position or reach the very top of the career ladder, there will always be new things to learn and opportunities for self-improvement.

We’re always striving to make the healthcare system better, which brings lots of opportunities for people working in the industry.

Opportunities for Advancement

There are so many career paths you can choose from in nursing, allowing you to maximize your skills and forge your own journey.

No matter what point you get to in your career, there’s always more to achieve and options to take your career to the next level. Whether you’re starting as a Registered Nurse or becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner, there’s always something to aim for and ample opportunities to advance your career. For more information on the benefits of becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner, click here.

Ample Support

Everyone recognizes the importance of a good healthcare system, and to facilitate this, we need to make sure we’re looking after the people who work in the system.

When you become a nurse, you become part of a huge industry that plays a crucial role in society, and you need the support that reflects the importance of this role. This is why it’s important to make sure nurses have everything they need to succeed, and a great number of employers are extremely good at this.


Nursing isn’t a 9-5 profession. Healthcare never stops, no matter what time of day or what day of the year, which means there’s lots of flexibility for workers.

There’s always a high demand for full-time and part-time nurses, giving you greater control over how you set your schedule. Life isn’t as straightforward as 9-5, so setting your hours around your schedule is vitally important for many people.

The level of flexibility you have will vary depending on your position, but there’s plenty of scopes to be flexible with your hours.

Job Security

Nurses are in high demand, and this is almost always true.

With growing, aging populations, healthcare systems worldwide have to expand to keep up, and one of the key requirements for this is nurses. This means that there’s a strong supply of nursing jobs for the foreseeable future, which is great if you’re planning for a career in this field.

We all want to know we’re on a career path that’s still going to exist in 30-years’ time, and nursing offers a high level of job security in this regard.

It Can Take You Anywhere

The other upside to the high demand for nurses is that it doesn’t matter where you go globally; countries will always need your skills.

This offers great opportunities to travel and move around, as you know you’ve always got the ability to pick up a job. You might have to take some extra tests in your host country, but the fact is, few professions are as universal as nursing.

Wherever you go, your skills have the ability to get you a job, and this is a great thing to have.

Good Salaries

All of these points are great, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to earn money to live.

One of the great things about nursing is there are so many opportunities to further your career and boost your income. The average annual pay for a registered nurse in the US is $75,510, but there are many opportunities to improve this by furthering your career.

Nurses do excellent work for society, so it’s only right that they’re well looked after, resulting in good salaries.