Here’s What The Makers Of ZEE5 Global’s Kashmir Files Unreported Have To Say About The Series


The year 2022’s spine-chilling surprise blockbuster, The Kashmir Files, told the story of the horrors the members of the Kashmiri Pandit community were subjected to during the early 90s in a way that was never done before. It is perhaps safe to say that the feature film took the nation by storm. While it was creating waves at the box offices all over the globe, it also attracted its fair share of controversy, with some viewers branding it as a propaganda film that was part truth and part fiction.

ZEE5 Global’s Kashmir Files

In response to these allegations and in a bid to tell the story of the heart-wrenching event much more deeply, the director and co-producer of the film, Vivek Agnihotri, decided to collate all of the video footage he collected while researching for the film and turn it into a series. This ZEE5 Original series is now called The Kashmir Files Unreported, which will make its streaming debut on ZEE5 Global in select countries soon. This article will look at everything that Agnihotri and his co-producer, Pallavi Joshi, have to say about the web series and the event in general. Read on to know more.

Speaking about the personal significance and intention of releasing The Kashmir Files Unreported on a platform like ZEE5 Global, Vivek Agnihotri, the National award-winning director of the web series, said, ‘It was important for us to open all the research and interviews we did in their purest and rawest form for people to understand that the truth is difficult to handle. I can guarantee that ‘The Kashmir Files Unreported’ will shatter your heart. Still, the intention is so that we learn from history, we develop a temperament of zero tolerance for terrorism, and we stand up for humanity and our people.”

While addressing the stir caused by the 2022 film, co-producer Pallavi Joshi, who has also played a pivotal role in the 2022 film, said: “Whe,n a section of society started saying that this (The Kashmir Files) is untrue and a propaganda film, we realized that the truth in its true and naked form needs to come out in front of the people.”

Additionally, while speaking about what one will get to see in the series, Joshi added, “So here we are presenting The Kashmir Files Unreported, which shows you the extensive research we have gone through, and you can hear the stories of unimaginable horror and terror that these pundits have gone through, from the horses’ mouth.”

The Kashmir Files Unreported will soon be available for streaming on ZEE5 Global in select countries. You can either view the web series upon its release on the official website of the streaming platform or download the ZEE5 app for the same, depending on the device you will be streaming it on. You can download the application for Android and iOS devices. The software is also available for various smart TV platforms and streaming devices, such as the Amazon FireTV stick and Apple TV.