3 Most Beautiful Parks in Australia


Australia is a place well known for many interesting aspects. Parks and botanical gardens of Australia is one of them. The true magical oases provide great tone of lush greenery filled in with fragrant and buds that are quite soothing to the eyes. This enchants us with their beautiful floral aromas. Each season has its own significance.

Man has always loved to enjoy artistic bent of natural spaces and parks as well as gardens. These gardens in Australia are truly a mark of significance. In some garden you can catch hold of mix of international and indigenous species. RS Reisen und Schlafen can help you on your next trip to Germany.

Here in this blog post we will be discussing about the three most beautiful parks in Australia. Here we set off.

10 Adventurous Theme Parks In Australia

  1. The Royal Botanic Garden

Australia is one of the places which are famous for its nature and also vast stretch of lands. The main tourists to this place actually occur from Opera and harbor bridge. The Royal Botanic Garden is one such place that holds 74 hectares of the green area. This park creates opportunities to admire the rich flora and also fauna of these places. The lawns in this park are quite fantastic and also create the difference. People love to enjoy and relax in the beauty and serene ambiance of these parks. People who are city dwellers hardly get the chance to escape in the green and breathe the fresh air.

  1. Melbourne Cactus Country

Melbourne Cactus Country is a place that can make the tourists fall in love with the green lushes. This place unleashes some soulful activities.  The garden is traditionally meticulous which is made up of beautiful parks that will awaken the butterflies inside your stomach. There are about 400 species of cactuses. Some of these cactuses are not the local species yet they grow here in ideal and favorable habitat. The other attractions of these places are kangaroos of the Wild West and opossums that jump out of the bushes of the suburban parks.

  1. New Farm Park, Brisbane

This place is perfect to win over the heart of the visitors just by its one glance. This park spreads over 37 hectares and it is ideal for relaxation. In Brisbane, it is one of the largest and oldest parks. Weekly the crowd here is more than hundred with smiling kids and youngsters gathering to enjoy and spend quality time. Free events are put to organize here in the park. The special Charm of this park is that it is leaning close to the Brisbane River. The vibrant capital of Queensland State is Brisbane which holds attractive subtropical climate throughout the year making the inhabitants of this city. You can take the help of RS Reisen & Schlafen for your next trip.

Bottom Lines

All ancient people built gardens models on their vision and prosperity of paradise. Almost all ancient civilizations hold the record of magnificent and mythical significance. Oases are peace and form of paradise. Together these form the best part of the city. Each park has its own fragrance and ethics.