Everything You Need to Know About Armored Vehicles


Automobiles had come a long way from when they were first introduced – from horse carriages to high-speeding vehicles; even the impossible seems possible now. Things have taken a more drastic turn with the invention of armored vehicles that has re-defined the terms security and safety for people.

Armored Vehicles

With robust protective features like bullet-resistant car parts, windows, special tires, the potential of these machines to save its passengers from threatening attacks is indeed commendable.

Earlier, armored vehicles were used by only high-profile personalities like the government officials, head of the state, political personalities, celebrities, and military personnel but now are experiencing a surging trend in the business class sector.

The majority of the businessmen have started resorting to armored vehicles when they need to move large amounts of money and other valuable assets from one location to another and their own safety and security of their family members.

Armored Car

A civilian armored car is a security vehicle created by replacing the windows of a standard car with bulletproof glass and inserting layers of armor plate into the body panels to look like any other regular car, unlike military armored vehicles that have an armor plate mounted on the outside of the vehicle and can be easily identified from a distance.

Armored cars are specially designed to provide safety to the materials and passengers riding in the car against the potential risks of theft or sudden attacks.

Defensive Features

Armored vehicles are really sturdy and bulky machinery as they are built with strong materials. The structure of the vehicle is incorporated with special features like bullet-resistant glass for windows, armor plate under the outer skin of the car, run-flat tires, powerful engines, automatic fire extinguishers, explosion-resistant fuel tank, remote starting of the car, CCTV vehicle camera systems, GPS link, a siren or alarm, etc.

However, the exterior of the car mostly remains indistinguishable from an unarmoured model.

Benefits of Armored Vehicles

Armored vehicles provide an immense level of security and privacy in this imperfect world. Also, there are other numerous advantages as well of using it –

  • Escort in Safety

Armored vehicles are handy for escorting executives, celebrities, military officers, or any other type of high profile guests. It is a sign that you care for your guest’s protection, and you are ready to take an extra effort. Armored SUVs and Sedans are a smart investment to help your guest travel around safely on the road.

  • Discreet Protection

As mentioned previously, VIP armored vehicles usually appear to be the regular vehicle from outside but have got strong armored solutions inside. That is why they are the perfect solution for navigating around even in hostile conditions without getting identified.

  • High-Class Experience

Armored vehicles are great to be used on special occasions for welcoming important personalities. They offer class and prestige, leaving great impressions on your clients and guests.

Considering the unpredictable nature and risky circumstances, investing in an armored vehicle is worth every penny. However, make sure you purchase it from a reliable vendor and take your maximum budget into account to get the best-armored car to keep you safe and sound.